How To Choose Curtain Rods [You MUST Check These 3 Things]

While curtain rods are a relatively small piece of home decor, it can be difficult to choose ones that complement your home's overall aesthetic. If you're having trouble choosing the right curtain rods, you're not alone. Many people simply can't find curtain rods that go with their decorative scheme. So, what are some things to consider when choosing curtain rods?

The three most important things to consider when choosing your curtain rods include the following:

  • Your home's interior style
  • The width of the windows
  • The fabric material of the curtain panels

If you still have some questions about choosing curtain rods, don't worry. In this post, we'll talk all about curtain rod selection in more detail. Just keep reading for more information!

Brass and silver curtain rods placed on the floor with a small flower vase on the side, How To Choose Curtain Rods [You MUST check these 3 things]

Curtain Rod Considerations

Now we'll discuss some things to consider when choosing curtain rods in more depth.

Your Home's Interior Style

As with all decor pieces, you want your curtain rods to mesh well with the overall style of your home. If you have a style of curtain rod that clashes, it can disrupt the aesthetic. 

Wood and metal curtain rods are two of the most versatile material options that can go well with nearly any interior style. 

Finials are an excellent way to add in a little more of your style and get more out of your curtain rods.

The Width Of The Windows

Always measure your windows before purchasing curtain rods. Precise window width determines a lot in terms of the necessary curtain rod length. 

Since you want your curtain rods to hang past the window frame by a few inches, make sure you purchase a curtain rod that is long enough. A curtain rod that's too short for the window will throw off the balance of the room and take away from the room's style.

The Fabric Material Of The Curtain Panels

The type of fabric can determine which curtain rod works best. After all, you don't want the fabric yanking down your curtain rod. 

If you use heavier fabric material such as velvet, thermal, or blackout, a heavier duty curtain rod will be necessary (about 1-inch diameter). You need a rod that will support the weight of the fabric. If you use a lighter fabric material like linen, cotton, polyester, silk, or lace, then you can use lightweight rods. 

What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Rods?

Lucky for you, there are many different types of curtain rods. The variety ensures that you'll find one that fits your vision perfectly. There are all kinds of styles, shapes, colors, and features. The following are the most popular types of curtain rods:

  • Standard
  • Double
  • Wraparound
  • Wire
  • Tension

We'll discuss each type in a little more detail below in order to help you make the best decision. 


This is the type of rod you'd typically envision when you think of a curtain rod. It's a single rod that extends past the window and is held up by brackets.

Satin Nickel Cafe Rod

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This style has two rods, one larger than the other. This allows you to create a layered effect with your curtain panels. The smaller rod typically has the sheer or other thinner curtains, while the larger rod has the thicker, solid curtains. 

Marble Ball Double Rod

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This is a U-shaped rod that allows the whole window to be enclosed by curtains. This is a great option to reduce noise, block out all light, and even save energy.

Industrial Wraparound Telescoping Rod

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Made from wire, this type of curtain rod is perfect for lightweight curtains. It has a small footprint in the overall design of the room.  Wire curtain rods shift the focal emphasis to the curtains themselves rather than the rod.

Stainless Steel Curtain Wire

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Tension rods are spring-loaded, allowing the rod to extend between two walls or inside a window frame. This type of rod is ideal for smaller windows with lightweight window treatments. It's also much easier to install tension curtain rods than some of the others mentioned.

Gold Spring Tension Rod

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What Color Curtain Rods Should I Buy?

Purchase curtain rods with a color that complements the accents used in the same room. When accent features in the room share the same color or finish, it helps the room look more cohesive and put together with careful attention. 

If you still feel overwhelmed by options, don't overthink it. Brushed metals are timeless and guaranteed to blend with any decorating style. So, when in doubt, pick out a brushed metal!

Ensure that the color of the curtain rod and the color of the curtain panels match, or at least complement each other. Clashing curtain rod and panel colors will really lead to a detriment of the overall room style. 

What Is A Standard Sized Curtain Rod?

There are a few sizes that are considered standard. The best way to ensure your curtain rod will fit is to get an adjustable variety. These include rods that extend from 28 to 48 inches, 48 inches to 84 inches, 66 inches to 120 inches, or 120 inches to 170 inches. 

Between these options, there will be one that works for your window width. If, however, none of those work, then there are custom sizes available from select retailers. 

How Far Should A Curtain Rod Extend Past A Window?

While the answer to this question is ultimately personal preference, there is a good design formula to stick to. For the best look, curtain rods should extend 3 to 6 inches past the window frame on each side. Doing so makes your windows appear larger and more spacious. This also allows more light to stream through the window when the curtains are open.

Another way that you can elongate the look of your windows is by hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling. Hang the rod about 3 to 5 inches below where the ceiling and top of the wall meet. This makes your ceiling look higher and, by extension, the room will look larger and more spacious. Note that this may require hanging longer curtains. 

Where To Buy Curtain Rods Online

Online shopping makes life so much easier. You can shop from the comfort of your own home with thousands of options at your fingertips. Enjoy the added benefit of having the product shipped right to your door, too. If you don't know where to start shopping, we have a few options for you below.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the world's leading online retailer, so it should come as no surprise that they have a vast selection of curtain rods. No matter what style you're seeking and no matter what your budget is, Amazon will have what you're looking for. If you have Amazon Prime, you'll also enjoy free 2-day shipping on select items. 

2. Walmart

Walmart is another general merchandise retailer with both an online presence and in-store experience. The retailer has over 1,000 options to browse through. On the website, you can even check out their curtain rod buying guide. Enjoy frequent price cuts. 

3. Target

Target is the retailer to go to meet all your home and lifestyle needs. Their online inventory features thousands of different curtain rods, ensuring you'll find one that matches all the characteristics you're seeking. 

4. Bed Bath & Beyond

As its name suggests, this retailer offers all kinds of home necessities and goods. Filter through various criteria to narrow down your curtain rod options. Each week, there's a 20% coupon that you can apply to any item. 

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn provides its customers with products that have beautiful, meaningful designs. The upscale home furnishings company has expertly crafted curtain rod collections. Timeless and superior in strength, the curtain rods at Pottery Barn are excellent choices. 

In Closing

There are a lot of things to consider when buying curtain rods. As you prepare to shop, just remember to think of your home's interior style, measure your windows, and consider the fabric material of your curtains.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand what to consider when shopping for curtain rods. Before you go, make sure to check out these other helpful home decor guides:

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