30 Different Ways To Hang Curtains [Picture Inspiration]

Curtains are a fabulous way to make any room go from drab to fab. Give it a shot! There are many different styles of curtains, giving you lots of creative liberty. Curtains provide practical use and a stylish element. Enjoy the privacy and lighting control while also benefiting from the color, texture, and style of the curtains.

Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains

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Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains
Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains
Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains
Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains
Brown color themed living room with white pillows and floor to ceiling high curtains

One thing to remember when hanging curtains is this: hang the curtain rod at least 6 inches above the top of the window frame. This ensures that the room will appear larger and more open. Also, make sure that the curtain rod expands past the window frame. This prevents the window from looking too narrow and cramped.

We’ve also compiled them in this lovely video. Watch and keep reading to find a variety of ways to hang and style your curtains!


1. Set Apart

A bay window in a luxury home with two armchairs aside a small glass and chrome coffee table with a bottle of champagne, two martini glasses and a cocktail mixer

Set apart a quaint nook in your bedroom with the simple addition of curtains. They frame the area perfectly. Use window shades to gently filter light as it flows through the windows.

2. Full Window Treatment

Window with curtains made of tapestry fabric, lambreken and translucent tulle with ornament

Give your windows the full treatment with a look like this one. It looks dramatic and sophisticated, completely dressing up your windows.

3. Floor Length Curtain

Warm and cozy scandinavian style bedroom interior with grey curtains and fireplace

The length of these curtains barely brushes the floor, giving it a polished feel. Use this type of curtain to help create the illusion of having the most dramatic floor to ceiling windows and lengthening the feel of the room.

4. Valances With Decorative Sheer

Traditional pink chaise longue in the bay window of a girl's bedroom in a modern new home

Valances are a style of window treatment that hangs down to cover the top part of a window. Layer it with other curtain components or leave it on its own. In this photo, they’re paired with decorative sheer curtains that bring out the colors of both the valances and furniture.

5. Grommet Or Eyelet Curtains

Top view of a scandinavian modern living room

Grommet, or eyelet, curtains have open metal or plastic rings lining the top of the fabric, through which you run a curtain rod. This makes opening and closing them a breeze.

6. Roller Shade With Panels

Top floor apartment living room window with white curtain and nice view

Pairing roller shades with curtains is a wonderful way to filter light and maximize privacy. Having both creates interest and diversity in the room’s aesthetic.

7. Trio Of Curtain Panels

Sunlit modern living room with cozy sofa set, wooden coffee table and bookshelf

Feed all three panels through one long curtain rod, then separate them with one on each side and one in the middle. Using three panels across your windows creates harmony by using an odd number of panels. This also softens the middle of the window and creates an eye-catching display.

8. Board Mounted Drapes

Stylish lounge living room with sofa, curtains and ornaments

Board mounted curtains keep the curtains stable, neat, and in one place. Coordinate fabrics and colors throughout the room to create a cohesive look.

9. Tab-Top Curtain Panels

Spacious and bright bedroom interior with beige decorations, hardwood floor and glass windows

Curtains with tab-tops (fabric sewn into loops at the top of the panel) make it easy to slip a rod through them. Since the loops are fabric, it may be a bit difficult to slide the curtains back and forth. For this reason, Tab-tops are best for curtains that are merely decorative.

10. Playful Trim

Nicely decorated living room in beige

Utilize the addition of trim to your curtains for a playful style. Find a type of trim that will be the perfect touch to your home’s aesthetic.

11. Layering Sheer And Solid

Modern interior design of a penthouse living room

By using both sheer and solid curtains, you give yourself a few different lighting and privacy options. Keep them all open for full light exposure. Draw the sheer curtains shut for filtered light. Or lastly, pull both curtains shut for full privacy and darkness when needed.

12. Decorative Curtains

Modern house living room with cozy chairs, fireplace and large glass windows with garden view

Pull your curtains to each side of your sprawling windows. Each curtain panel is attached to a short curtain rod, not allowing for it to be stretched across the span of the windows. This style of hanging curtains is purely for decoration.

13. Sheer Curtains

Modern bright living room with white curtain window, sofa, coffee table, house plants and parquet floor

Sheer curtains are a light and airy option, gently filtering the light that flows through them. They’re sure to add elegance to any room, so don’t miss out. They’ll help soften the features of any room.

14. Classic Curtains

Modern beige living room interior with wall decorations, round mirror and window on a sunny day

Don’t overlook the allure of the classic curtain. Though seemingly simple, it features a timeless appeal and can blend with any decorating style.

15. Framed Focal Point

Luxury mansion living room with classical interiors and ocean view windows

Allow the curtains in your home to frame the exquisite view outside of your windows.

16. Curtain Holdbacks

Luxurious white living room interior of a hotel suite

Keep your curtains nicely tucked back with the use of curtain holdbacks or tie-backs. Browse through these options to find what’s best for your home and curtains.

17. Pooling Curtains

Luxurious 19th century style home interior with high quality furniture and decorations

These lovely curtains pool on the floor, giving them a dramatic length that can’t be missed. This style is reminiscent of a gorgeous trailing dress. It adds an unforgettable appeal to the room. The curtains puddle several inches below the window, giving it the extra allure.

18. Window Scarf

Lovely stylish well appointed living room with burning fireplace, elegant curtains and hardwood floors

Window scarves are a wonderful way to highlight any room. It can help hide a curtain rod or add detail to the room through color and texture.

19. Tie-Up Shades

Loft type apartment with cozy interior and garden view glass window

Used more for style than practicality, a tie-up shade adds to the overall aesthetic of a room. Use your own discretion to decide how far down you’d like the shade to fall.

20. Single Panel

Grey wall, parquet floor and window with curtain in an empty room

Use a single panel to drape across a narrow window. You’ll enjoy the utility of it and the aesthetic simultaneously.

21. Curtain Tie-Backs

Glamour dining area with cozy living room interior and parquet floor

Tie-backs hold back the curtains in a decorative way. It allows the curtains to naturally bunch up, giving them an organic feel. If you wish to pull them back, why not do so in style?

22. Consistent Style

Cozy neutral den with garden view windows

Make sure to use a consistent style and type of curtain in your rooms so the aesthetic is cohesive.

23. Seemingly Seamless

Corner of modern living room with white walls, large windows with white curtains, gray sofa and stylish wall decoration

Having slats in your walls and ceilings near your windows gives you the ability to hang curtains in a seamless looking fashion. No need to find stylish curtain rods when they aren’t even visible.

24. Formal Flair

Classic living room interior with large glass window

A formal window treatment will dress up any room and give it an air of sophistication.

25. Pleated Curtains

Classic design interior on a white house living room with parquet flooring

Pleated curtains create a more traditional or formal style. Keep this in mind if those are the style of curtains you wish to use. There are many different style s of pleats that you can create with your curtains: box, pinch, and inverted, to name a few.

26. Neutral Tones

Bright domestic house living room with wooden interior and sliding glass windows

You can allow your curtains to blend in with the rest of the style of your room by keeping the color palette the same in all the room’s elements. The curtains will blend in and serve their purpose.

27. Sleek Lines

Bright and cozy modern living room with carpet, fireplace, corner sofa and gold framed mirror

Think sophistication when you use sleek lines that accentuate the beauty of the space. The curtain panels pair and drape perfectly behind the sofa.

28. Let Light In

Breakfast on bed in a modern bedroom with balcony

Allow the maximum amount of light to spill into your room with careful selection of your curtains. Enjoy the beautiful look that curtains give your room.

29. Jabots Or Cascades

Beautiful classical living room with chair, chase lounge, window and curtain

Jabots, also known as cascades, are vertical swagged pieces of the curtain that hang down in drooping curves. Although they don’t necessarily have a practical purpose, they are a fashionable addition to any window treatment.

30. Curtain Clips

A set of concertina patio doors with silk curtains on either side and a view of a fabulous garden

Keep a measuring tape on hand so you can evenly space the curtain clips. Curtain clips are a great option if you don’t like the grommet/eyelet style curtains but want the ease that comes with a curtain ring. You can give your curtains unique pleated looks by the way you place the rings on the fabric.

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