Find Your Dyson Vacuum Model in a Snap!

You are online with Dyson's Digital Assistant and asked the question, "What is the model number on your vacuum?" Panic sets in as you have no idea where to look to find this information! Rest easy because we've found the answer and this post is going to tell you the locations to look at on your Dyson model to discover its model number.

Finding the model number on your Dyson vacuum is dependent upon which type of machine you own. Whether it is a stick or upright vacuum, these are the most common locations to find the model number on your Dyson vacuum: 

  • Behind the clear bin or dust canister
  • The underside of the battery pack
  • Behind the filter
  • On the underside of your machine
  • Underneath the wand handle

Now that you know the most common places to look for the model number on a Dyson vacuum, we will look more in-depth at various Dyson vacuum models, where each model number is located, and discuss the vacuum's various functions and features.

A disassembled Dyson vacuum, How To Find The Model Number On A Dyson Vacuum

Stick Vacuum Models

Stick vacuums are gaining popularity in the world of vacuums because they are so easy to use. These vacuums are cord-free, making them easy to use in hard-to-reach places and hassle-free. These vacuums run using a direct-drive cleaner head, which means there is no belt to worry about.

Model number location

There are a couple of different places you may look on your Dyson stick vacuum to find its model number. The first place is behind the clear collection bin.  Another place you may also discover the model number is on the underside of the battery pack.

How do I know if I have a Dyson V6 or V7?

The best way to know if you have a Dyson V6 or V7 is to locate your model number as mentioned above and contact Dyson directly or search your model number on the computer. The Dyson V7 has a slightly longer run time than the V6. Due to the difference in battery, the V6 is slightly smaller and lighter than the V7.

Dyson also makes stick vacuums in V8, V10, V11, and most recently, the V15. Each model has been built upon and improved, but you can choose which model works best for your needs.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Features

As mentioned earlier, there is a motor housed within the brush bar in these vacuums. The high-torque brush head drives he bristles deep into the carpet to capture that deep-down dirt. Let's explore some more features of the Dyson stick vacuums.

Drop-in Docking

Each Dyson stick vacuum comes with a drop-in mounting station for it to recharge its battery. Some Dyson docking stations even come with a way to store your vacuum's extra accessories.  Make sure you mount your docking station near an outlet, as a power source is needed to charge your vacuum.

Hygienic bin emptying

Emptying the bin of a stick vacuum could not be any easier. This method of emptying the canister is known as the point-and-shoot method. You simply place the bin over a garbage can and deploy the mechanism that will open the canister.

It will eject the debris located in the vacuum in one smooth and simple motion. Your hand will never even have to touch any of the dust or material collected.

Easily converts to a hand-held vacuum

A Dyson stick vacuum can easily be converted into a hand-held vacuum, making it easy to do those small jobs around your house or in your car. With one click of a button, you can easily remove the pole of your vacuum and insert one of the many available accessories.

Easily click-on a crevice tool for those hard-to-reach narrow spaces and corners or use a dusting brush to lift allergens and dust from furniture or other flat surfaces. You can also attach the mini motorized head, which is excellent for cleaning stairs, smaller surfaces, or furniture.

Various power modes with cord-free use

One huge benefit of a cordless stick vacuum is that you don't have to fuss with a cord. Most Dyson stick vacuums have multiple power modes that apply different amounts of suction.

Depending on the power mode used, the vacuum can run for up to 60 minutes on one charge. Again, that is dependent upon the suction mode and model of your Dyson vacuum.

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Upright Vacuum Models

When you think of a Dyson vacuum, an upright model is probably what comes to mind. Known for its famous ball technology, the Dyson upright vacuum has become extremely popular among its users.

Model number location

As on the stick vacuum, the model number for these vacuums can be found behind the clear bin. If you look on the underside of your machine, your model number will be displayed there as well. Model numbers can also be seen underneath the wand handle on the upright vacuums.

Dyson Upright Vacuum Features

The upright vacuums come with many features that make them so well-liked. When it comes to suction, the Dyson upright vacuums do not disappoint. Cyclone technology is used to channel airflow through the center of its assembly.

This optimizes suction power which will, in turn, pick up microscopic dust particles. Here are some other popular features of the Dyson upright vacuums.

Ball Technology

The Dyson ball is probably the most iconic feature of a Dyson vacuum. While it may look strange to have a ball on a vacuum, this ball has so many functions.

The ball, made of propylene, is glass-reinforced to protect the motor and 100 key components housed within. The Dyson ball helps with maneuverability and stability. The turning circle of the ball tightens when the axis tilts, making it much easier to steer.

Floor to Ceiling Cleaning with Self-Adjusting Head

No matter if your house is full of carpet, tile, hardwood, or a combination, the Dyson vacuum can be used on all floor types. The base plates will automatically adjust as you move from surface to surface.

The powerful brush bar ensures a deep clean throughout your whole house. Also, in one swift motion, the hose and wand will release and extend 15 feet. This can aid in the cleaning of your stairs or those high out-of-reach spaces.

Washable Filter

Don't worry! With a Dyson upright vacuum, you will never have the extra costs of having to buy filters. The filter is washable and can be used over and over again.

This Dyson upright can be viewed on Amazon.

How Long is A Dyson Warranty?

All Dyson products come with a 2-year warranty and corded vacuums come with a 5-year warranty. This warranty includes machine repair and part replacement and ongoing support of your vacuum. If the vacuum is used the way it was intended and has issues within the warranty period, Dyson takes responsibility to repair or replace your item.

How Do I Know if My Dyson Has a Warranty?

Your user's manual that comes along with your machine will state the terms and conditions of your warranty. When you first purchase your vacuum, you may also register your machine to track the length available on your warranty. Another option is to contact the Dyson team directly, and they will be able to explain the terms and conditions of your warranty.

Is Dyson Battery Covered Under Warranty?

Again, Dyson products come with either a 2-year or 5-year warranty, depending on the product. If your battery quits working under this warranty time, contact Dyson directly to see if your battery is covered.

Normal wear and tear, including parts that may wear out over time, are not covered under Dyson's warranty. Depending on the circumstances, the battery may or may not be covered.

How Do I claim a Dyson warranty?

If you have gone through the troubleshooting process and nothing has been successful, it may be time to make a claim. To make a claim on a Dyson vacuum, you will need to contact a Dyson expert who will help you decide if you need a repair or replacement.  The number or e-mail address used to contact a Dyson expert can be found on the Dyson website under "The Dyson Warranty."

How Long do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Depending on the circumstances and how often the vacuum is used, it is estimated that a Dyson vacuum can last around 7 to 10 years. This is just an estimate, and every vacuum life will be different based on use and care.


As you can see, it is fairly easy to find the model number on a Dyson vacuum. Depending on the model you choose, your vacuum will be equipped with many different features. Dyson is a popular name in vacuums, and they are coming out with new and innovative products all the time.

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How can I tell which Dyson I have?

Your Dyson model number is sometimes located on the underside of the vacuum but can also be behind the clear dust canister (if it has one) or underneath the action where the extension tube is stored.

How do I find my vacuum model number?

Depending on the type of machine you own, your Dyson serial number could be in one of several places: 1. Behind the clear bin 2. On the underside of the battery pack 3. Behind the filter 4. On the underside of your machine 5. Underneath the wand handle

How do you read a Dyson serial number?

A Dyson serial number has 3 distinct parts. The first two digits show the year of manufacture. The next four digits represent the month of manufacture, and the last six digits represent the product's serial number.

Where is the model number on a Dyson V6?

The model number is typically located on the bottom of the Dyson V6. It is usually printed in black and starts with the letters "DC".

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  1. What model Dyson have I, serial number is ZS3-AU-KKF7978A
    Having trouble with battery not holding charge, thanks

  2. I have a stick vacuum can’t figure out model to order filter. Need filter number. I have s/n u8xUsrhk2842a.
    It is about 1 year old.

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