In Which Direction Should A Bathtub Be?

Bathtubs are excellent additions to any home. By providing the perfect place for long luxurious soaks or washing splashing kids, they often get a lot of use. So you are wondering which direction a bathtub should face and whether or not it must be level? Well, you have come to the right place! We have done our research to answer that question here thoroughly.

Bathtub direction depends on several factors. For many, personal preference plays the primary role. However, according to the Vastu Shastra architecture technique, bathtubs should face north, east, or northeast. To help you decide which direction to face your tub, we consider several of the primary tub direction factors listed below:

  • View from the tub
  • Type of tub
  • Size of bathroom
  • Existing plumbing location
  • Vastu Shatra cardinal direction

Your tub should also be installed level to prevent drainage and plumbing issues. 

Stick around and keep reading; we’ll discuss bathtub direction in greater detail. We’ll also cover other common questions when it comes to bathtubs and bathtub installation. 

white cozy bathroom interior background with hanging towels and plants on the ground, In Which Direction Should A Bathtub Be?

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Bathtub Direction Options

View from the tub

The view is probably the most common tub direction consideration. Ask yourself whether you would prefer to look out a window into nature or your toilet when soaking in the tub. While most bathrooms do not provide such a clear choice, this example highlights the decision-making process.

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Corner oval bathtub full of clean water

Often the choice falls between a wall and the rest of the room. Most experts agree that facing into the room makes for a more pleasant way to relax as you soak. This way, you see if anyone comes into the room or can appreciate any art and decor gracing your bathroom walls and countertops.

Type of tub

White Bathroom in Country House

There are several different types of bathtubs, including clawfoot, freestanding, alcove, corner, recessed, and more. Each tub comes with limitations about which way they face given the bathroom they will go in. When designing your bathroom, consider your preferred view and the tub’s design restrictions to determine which way it will face. 

Size and construction of bathroom

Often, and especially with remodels, a tub can only fit a couple of directions. Determining tub directions requires understanding the size restraints of your bathroom. Do not choose your tub direction without first considering the bathroom size, which may lead to eventual disappointment.

Soaking Bathtub in New Construction Home

Further, since tubs are filled with water, they can become too heavy for some construction. Contractors and architects take this into account and will reinforce a tubs area. If you want to change a tub’s location or direction, make sure that the new spot will support the new tub plus water. For an idea of just how much a tub can weigh, read this article titled, “How Much Does An Acrylic Bathtub Weigh?“.

Plumbing location

Whether you plan your tub direction for a remodel or new construction, plumbing location makes a difference. Yes, plumbing can generally be brought to any wall or floor. However, depending on the design for the rest of your house, this can become expensive. 

Interior of modern bathroom with beautiful mirror

For instance, Plumbing a wall directly across from another bathroom does not add a high additional cost. But plumbing a wall on the far side of the house from the rest of the plumbing can start to add up quickly. This is especially true with remodels where moving plumbing around can require additional demolition and, therefore, dollars.

Further, for many northern climates, it is wise to keep plumbing out of exterior walls. While modern insulation techniques can keep pipes from freezing, no system is perfect (especially in frigid climates). It is probably not worth the perfect tub placement if that leads to frozen pipes. Ask your contractor what they recommend if performing a remodel.

Vastu Shastra Cardinal Direction

Vastu Shastra compliance is said to ensure that your home emits positive energy, which can lead to wellness and wealth. This traditional Indian system of architecture dictates that bathtub water drain to the north, east, or northeast. This means that while sitting in your bathtub, you would typically face one of these three directions. 


Failing to follow this advice can lead to imbalance and Vastu incompliance/doshas. Sometimes, homeowners follow Vastu Shastra throughout the home but skip the bathroom. This oversight is said to be unwise given the large amount of time spent in the bathroom. Further, if you want to sell your home to a buyer interested in Vastu Shastra – it is smart to keep these principles in mind.

Are bathtubs supposed to be level?

Bathtubs are designed to be level, so they efficiently drain to their drain point. Often, they do not appear level from the outside because of the built-in tilt. That is to say, when installed levelly, the bottom of the tub drains from one side to another. Installing a tub out of level can lead to drainage issues, difficulty with facet placement, and a very noticeable irregularity.

How do you stabilize a clawfoot tub?

Sometimes a clawfoot tub can be wobbly or will slide easily. Generally, the wobble stems from out-of-level floors or very slick flooring. Do not worry, though; there are several options to fix this, including non-slip pads, filing out of level legs, and securing fixing plates.

Non-slip pads should work if you have tile floors. These are marketed to go into your tub but will also work to keep your tub from slipping around.

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Non-slip pads are any type of rubberized pad that you can place under your tub legs. Ideally, purchase a pad that does not get damaged by water. These pads provide a way to keep your tub from slipping, and all you have to do is put them under each leg.

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If your tub is wobbly because your floor is out of level. First, try to adjust the set screws of your tub. Many tubs, especially older ones, do not come with these screws. For this situation, you will have to use a metal file.

Put the tub upright and mark which legs are too tall and by how much with a pencil. Then, and you will need help for this, flip the tub over. Use the file to file the legs down to your pencil marks. Do not worry if this takes a bit of trial and error. Be sure to file flat leg bottoms and err on the side of underfilling rather than overfilling. You can always take a little more off.

The final clawfoot tub stabilization technique involves using fixing plates to secure the tub directly to the floor. This requires drilling through the flooring and securing the fixing plates to your tub. Some tubs come with these anchors, while others do not. This is a more challenging project, be sure to do your research or hire a professional for this one.

What is the most comfortable bath shape?

This depends on you! Each person gets cozy in a bath in a different way. The best way to determine the most comfortable bath shape is to try a bunch out. Do not be afraid to take the time to sit back and relax in a few tubs in a showroom. Or take your friend’s tubs for a dry spin to see if you like them.

New Architecture Modern Euro Style Bathroom and Self Standing White Bathtub

Generally speaking, you want a tub that is big enough to lie in comfortably. Many prefer arm and headrests, while others like a more open design. Take into account the size and count of potential bathers, the space you have, and personal preference.

What is a left-hand bath?

The handedness of a bathtub refers to which side the drain is on. When you face your tub, if the drain is on the left side, you have a left-hand bath. Conversely, if you have a drain on the right side, you have a right-hand bath. 

Which end of the bath do you shower?

Generally, you shower on the end of the bath with the drain. The drain location is generally below the faucet and the showerhead. Also, most contractors are used to putting showerheads above the drain end of the tub, which keeps the plumbing for the standard orientation simpler and cheaper. Also, many tubs come with prefabricated holes for the showerhead, drain, and tub faucet.

Showering on the drain end also provides the bather with more standing room since this end of the tub is lower. However, you can choose to put your showerhead on whichever side of the bath you prefer. Just make sure to discuss potential limitations and considerations with a contractor or expert first. To get an even better idea of what it takes to replace a bathtub, visit this great article from HomeDecorBliss: “Do Plumbers Install And Replace Bathtubs?”.

In Closing

white cozy bathroom interior background with hanging towels and plants on the ground, In Which Direction Should A Bathtub Be?

After reading this post, you now have a solid understanding of which way your tub should face. Whether you are interested in Vastu Shatra directionality, or more in simple function, you now have the knowledge you need to make an educated decision. Good luck!

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