7 Great Laundry Room Hanging Ideas

Part of washing a load of laundry is hanging up the things that are not for the dryer. Or maybe you don't like to use a dryer if you don't have to. Either way, having a great drying and hanging system is important and convenient. We've scoured our sources to find some clever and handy ways to hang clothes in the laundry room. In this post, we're bringing you seven smart ways to think about using your laundry room for hanging clothes to dry. So please, take a look.

Laundry room with towels folded and clothes hung to dry, 7 Great Laundry Room Hanging Ideas

1. Built-in Drying Nook

One of the handiest things to have in your laundry room is a drying closet. Whether closed off with slatted doors (important for moisture to escape) or open, like this one, it gives you a dedicated space for drying clothes. This one is doubly functional because of the dual system.

The upper rod is handy for hanging clothes on hangers. The lower area is put together like a clothesline with slots for hanging smaller items using clothespins.

2. Hang A Clothes Rod Above Your Laundry Sink

Another way to create a functional and handy place to dry clothes is to utilize the space above your laundry sink. Get a small closet rod and install it above the sink. This allows you to hang delicates and blouses so that any water actually drips into the sink. Plus, it utilizes what might otherwise be dead space.

Closet rods can either be permanently installed, or you can use tension rods. With the latter, you must be careful not to hang too much weight, or they could fall.

3. Hang Some Hanging Bars On The Wall

Laundry room with washer, dryer and wicker baskets

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If you don't have cabinetry or the place for an actual drying closet, this simple idea may work. Simply hang some towel bars on the wall and use them to hang wet clothes. You may want to protect the wall behind from moisture either by tiling or installing a bit of shower board because hanging wet clothes against sheetrock is not such a great idea.

Whether double or single, towel bars are a great way to get quick and easy drying racks for your laundry room. Click here for this one on Amazon.

4. Find A Collapsible Wall-Mounted Laundry Rack

Laundry room with washer and iron

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Another option is to use a collapsible wall-mounted laundry drying rack. These handy items fold flat against the wall when not in use, but when pulled out, they give you lots of drying room. There are many different kinds of racks available to fit your home's style and laundry room design.

This retractable accordion-style laundry rack is a super convenient choice. Just pull it straight out from the wall when you need to use it, then push it back flat when you're done. It's made of sturdy aluminum and holds up to 80 lbs of clothing! Click here for this on Amazon.

Here's another style that folds flat against the wall. Click here for this on Amazon.

5. Use A Portable Garment Rack

Modern laundry room with washing machine and cleaning supplies

Here's another option if you don't have built-in cabinets and closets. Use a portable garment rack for drying your clothes. The nice thing about these is you can take them apart and put them back together if you don't want them up all the time in your room. They are sturdy and give room to hang longer items as well as shorter shirts and intimate wear.

This garment rack has a fun rustic feeling to it. The pipe and wood bottom give it an industrial vibe as well. This rack will hold up to 198 lbs of clothing. Click here for this on Amazon.

6. Make Use Of Under Cabinet Nooks

Laundry room with towels folded and clothes hung to dry

Sometimes you have to get creative. In this compact laundry room, the sliver of space between the dryer and the wall has been used for hanging clothes. A simple under cabinet hanging bar has been installed, and as a result, there's a great spot for drying delicate or no-dryer clothing items. 

This is actually a paper towel roll holder, but if you live in a rental and are nervous about drilling holes in your walls or cabinets, this works. The brackets at the top slide onto the bottom shelf without drilling. The paper towel holder can just as easily be used with hangers as any other kind of bar. Click here for this on Amazon.

7. Install A Wire Shelving System

Small laundry room with periwinkle walls, washer and dryer

Coated wire bracket shelving systems are available at almost every hardware store. In this laundry room, they've utilized these simple fixtures to create storage and hanging. There are no cabinets or fancy islands, just the appliances and this system. But it provides everything you'll need. Storage for washing materials along with plenty of bars for hanging wet clothes to dry. It's a super functional small space.

You can buy these super versatile shelving systems that come with multiple pieces, then configure them how you like. Click here for this one on Amazon.

Clean And Dry Clothing In Your Laundry Room

Whether you rent and feel lucky to have a small washer/dryer unit or own a luxury home with an equally luxurious laundry room, you're going to need a way to dry clothing. Hopefully, one of these seven ideas can work for your space.

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