9 Captivating Layouts For A Living Room With A Large Window

Having a large window in your living room not only allows you to enjoy the outdoor view, but it also brings in natural light and creates a serene atmosphere in your home. However, unless you are custom-building a new home, you don't always get to choose the placement of your windows. When it comes to designing your living room space, your layout will depend on the placement of your windows and other architectural elements of your home. 

Although you may have to work around your windows in your design, you can still create an ideal space that is functional and appeals to your style. To help inspire you, we have created a list of nine different living room layout ideas that featuring a large window.

White modern interior living room with a white sectional sofa, white dividers, and a wall mounted TV, 9 Captivating Layouts For A Living Room With A Large Window

1.  Framing In Your Window

White modern living room with a rustic appeal incorporated with the color white furnitures

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If you have enough wall space below your window, you can use low-lying furniture, like in this layout, to frame your window without obstructing your view. A light color palette will reflect the natural light and give your living room a radiant glow.

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2.  A Small, Multi-Functional Space  

White modern interior living room with a white sectional sofa, white dividers, and a wall mounted TV

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If your living room is relatively small with a large window, it may seem challenging to design, especially if you want to create a multi-functional space. In this layout, wall space is minimal, so a sectional sofa is placed off-wall to frame in the living area while leaving the window unobstructed to keep the room feeling open. A chevron pattern rug pulls the design outward, making the room feel larger and defines the living space apart from the dining area.

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3.  Bringing Nature Indoors 

Scandinavian inspired living room with wooden furnitures, huge brown carpet, and a huge sliding door in the back

If your windows or glass doors separate your living room from an outdoor space, bringing elements and colors from nature into your indoor design help pull the spaces together. In this layout, natural wood furniture and décor compliment the architectural elements of the home and patio area, unifying the overall design. A neutral color area rug extends past the living room toward the outdoor space creating a seamless flow between the two areas. Light blue furniture mimics the sky while adding a splash of color.

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4.  Flowing Together      

Rustic contemporary interior of a living room with protruding trusses and wooden framed sliding windows

Designing a narrow living room with minimal wall space due to large windows may seem difficult, but it is possible to even create a multi-functional space with the right layout. In this example, the living space lines the walls leaving the center of the room open and flowing into the dining area. A low back sofa placed under the window avoids obstructing the view. An oversized area rug in the dining room overlaps into the living area, blend both spaces together.  

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5.  Dedicated Window Space     

Japanese inspired living room archite

If your living room window boasts a spectacular view, you may want to highlight it. In this example, the conversation area is laid out in a sunken living area away from the window, designating an open pathway around the windows.  White flooring by the window reflects light giving the room a natural glow. A separate seating area by the window invites guests to sit back and enjoy the view outside.  

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6.  Choosing The Focal Point 

Interior of a huge mansion with contemporary inspired design and luxurious modern furnitures

If you want to let the natural light in but not necessarily highlight your window as a focal point, you can use design techniques to bring attention elsewhere. In this layout, a bold colored sofa draws in the eye, making the sitting area the room's focal point. The fireplace is highlighted instead of the window by centering the furniture around it. The use of mismatched furniture also draws attention to the living space.     

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7.  Let The View Inspire You

Interior of a contemporary living room with a long off white colored sectional sofa with blue and white throw pillows

Another way to highlight a breathtaking view from your window is to theme your living room around it, even if it's subtle.  In this layout example, blue accent pillows and furniture compliment the colors of the lakefront outside. A framed photograph of the lake is showcased above the fireplace mantel as a finishing touch to the room theme.

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8.  Keeping It Simple 

Interior of a contemporary inspired living room with sectional sofas, brown accent chairs, and a gray rug in the middle located in the forest

Another creative way to bring out your outdoor view in your living room design is to keep the layout simple.  Limiting artwork and accent décor, like in this example, draws attention to the windows and the view. The use of warm colors makes the open space inviting even though the furniture is minimal. Another unique feature of this layout is the use of lightweight and moveable furniture, which makes the space versatile and easily transformed on a whim.

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9.  Nooks And Crannies

A gorgeous Japanese inspired living room architecture with a huge window and Japanese inspired living room furniture

Don't be afraid to try a non-traditional layout to appeal to your personal sense of style. Although balance adds to the overall aesthetic of a room, it can be achieved in creative ways. In this layout, the furniture frames in the corner windows, creating a cozy conversation area even though the living space is large. A large area rug is centered in front of the fireplace in an open area on the opposite end of the room, creating overall balance to the design. Neutral tones add warmth to the space.  Bold accent pillows provide the finishing touch to the design.

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Wrap Up

Although windows are a permanent fixture in your living room layout, achieving a stylistic and functional design around them is not as difficult as it sounds. We hope these nine layout ideas inspired you to create your own space that is right for you.  If you are interested in more living room design ideas, we recommend reading our articles:

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