15 Awesome Lily Flower Arrangements

With spring upon us and flowers blossoming everywhere, you may want to decorate your space with those beautiful blooms. No flowers are more impressive than the lily. Coming in multiple varieties such as Stargazer, Tiger, Calla, and Easter lilies, these flowers are an innovative way to bring drama to any room. Lilies offer a lovely scent to your space and represent both hope and innocence.

Fresh lilies have a vase life of 10 to 14 days, which gives you the chance to enjoy these flowers for almost two weeks! While nothing compares to the real deal, there are some disadvantages to using real lilies versus artificial ones. There is quite a bit of pollen with live lilies, which can both affect those with allergies and create an extra mess you may not want to clean up. Another thing to consider is that lilies are poisonous to both cats and dogs if you are a pet owner.

Regardless if you decide to use imitation or real lilies, they are sure to bring a striking ambiance to any room. We've compiled 15 fabulous lily flower arrangements to inspire you to use these gorgeous flowers in your home decor.

Various varieties of lilies arranged in a clear glass vase, 15 Awesome Lily Flower Arrangements

1. Compact Pink Arrangement

A beautiful wedding centerpiece using different colors of lilies and roses

Bunching flowers closely together gives a very organized look to this flower design. The white lilies arrayed with coral roses and pink hydrangeas make a feminine little bouquet. Because of its smaller size, this arrangement would look nice on a side table. If you wanted to use it as a centerpiece for your dining room table, you might want to create two bouquets depending on your space.

2. Beautiful Tiger Lily Bouquet With Eucalyptus

A gorgeously arranged flower vase using pink lilies and red roses

Tiger lilies are superb flowers to use to create height and drama in your floral displays. This arrangement is more loosely arranged but still has good structure with the symmetrical placement of the other flowers and the sprigs of eucalyptus. Live lilies will need their stems cut at a 45-degree angle before being placed in water. If you use silk flowers, you could tie a ribbon around them and display them without a vase.

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3. Pretty Pink And Purple Composition

Beautiful pink flowers on a white background

This bouquet of varying shades of purple and pink showcases how choosing flowers in the same color family is an easy way to create a pretty arrangement. When arranging your flowers, use the larger lily as your center focal point and place smaller blooms around them like a frame. Be sure to remove all leaves below the water line to prevent bacteria from contaminating the water.

4. Colorfully Rustic Twine Arrangement

A beautiful arrangement of roses, lilies, and leaves making a gorgeous bouquet

Lilies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. This display brings a lot of color to your space with yellow lilies, orange roses, and purple flowers. The lack of symmetry lends a natural look to the bouquet, making it seem like these blooms were freshly picked from a field of wildflowers. The use of twine around the vase adds a rustic touch to the composition.

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5. Classic White Lilies With Red Roses

A beautiful mixture of white lilies and red roses

There is something stately about arranging white lilies with red roses. Because of this bouquet's size, it needs ample space to be displayed so as not to unbalance your decor.  If your real lilies have prominent stamens (the male part of the flower where the pollen is), cut that part off to reduce any mess. Pollen can stain surfaces, so you'll want to do this over your trash can or use a tissue to catch it.

6. Pink Lilies With Greenery

Beautifully arranged flower vase using pink lilies and gorgeous array of leaves

This arrangement demonstrates that you don't need a variety of flowers to create a visual impact when using lilies. These pink stargazer lilies are quite stunning on their own, and the accent of greenery elevates their untamed beauty. Make a statement by displaying these flowers on your kitchen island or your coffee table.

7. Warm Sunflower Composition

A gorgeous array or red flowers and sunflowers

Pairing red-orange lilies with sunflowers create a bouquet that evokes a summery ambiance. In this bouquet, the sunflower is used as the focal point, with the lilies framing them. Due to the large size of both sunflowers and lilies, it is important not to use too many flowers to throw off the balance of the arrangement.

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8. Autumnal Calla Lily Bouquet

Beautiful wedding bouquet using white roses, leaves, and berries, 15 Awesome Lily Flower Arrangements

Depending on your climate, some calla lilies bloom in late summer and early fall, making them great flowers to decorate with when you're feeling those autumn vibes. This arrangement of burnt orange calla lilies with holly berries and dark purple greenery make an appealing addition to your home decor when it's pumpkin spice season. Using imitation flowers for this arrangement would also allow you to use this as a festive centerpiece for your table at Thanksgiving.

9. Breathtaking Red Calla Lily Bouquet

A bride holding a gorgeous array of red and violet roses

This large arrangement uses dark red calla lilies to create an eye-catching bouquet. The darker shades used in this design make it appropriate to be displayed with your winter decor. With a little bit of ingenuity and some silk flowers, you could create a horizontal composition with these same blooms that would look stunning on your fireplace mantel.  

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10. Exotic Flower Design

Mixed flower arrangement using different kinds of flowers on a white background

This lush mix of lilies, strelitzia flowers, and monstera fronds allows you to bring the tropics into your home. The bright colors and height of the arrangement would bring a resort-like feel to your bedroom. Pair this floral composition with some wicker furniture, and you will have a space worthy of a staycation.

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11. Tall Lily ArrangementA gorgeous wedding centerpiece on a white background

When paired with dramatic height, lilies are even more impactful in floral design. This bouquet uses both a large vase as well as lofty blossoms to create visual dimension. You'll want to use an arrangement like this in a large space, or you could even put the vase on the floor, perhaps in an entryway. This type of composition is also helpful as decorations for special occasions such as a wedding. 

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12. Asymmetrical Lily And Rose Arrangement

Various varieties of lilies arranged in a clear glass vase

In floral design, there are three types of visual balance you can use. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and open or radial balance. This design shows how to create an asymmetrical arrangement, as the lilies and roses counterbalance each other. It is a simple composition but one that makes an impression.

13. Assorted Imitation Flower Bouquet

A beautiful array of lilies, roses, and other varieties of flowers

With new technologies, it can sometimes be challenging to differentiate between authentic flowers and artificial blooms. As evidenced by this multi-colored design compiled completely with imitation flowers. The beauty of using silk flowers is that you aren't limited to certain seasons, and they're much easier to care for. If your artificial flowers get dusty, wipe them clean with a damp washcloth.

14. Pink and Blue Design

A perfectly arrange bouquet of roses, lilies, and leaves to perfect a wedding centerpiece

The strategically placed lilies and the radial arrangement of the greenery in this composition create a visual rhythm that catches your attention. The delicate blue flowers with the pale pink ranunculus bring an enchanting touch to this bouquet. These flowers would look lovely on your buffet or office desk. 

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15. Simply Stunning Lily Arrangement

Calla lilies beautifully arranged in a clear glass inside a beautiful bedroom

Lilies are fantastic stand-alone flowers. Visually exciting, lilies don't require a lot of extra fluff to make a statement in your space. These white calla lilies bring pure elegance to a dresser. Trumpet lilies would also be very appealing.

In Closing

It doesn't matter what type of lily or which color palette you use; these flowers are a fantastic addition to any room of your home. Whether you add other elements to elevate your lily arrangement or restrain yourself to a clean look, lilies are an excellent way to make a statement with interior design. We hope you found this article helpful and inspirational.

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