64 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Minimalist decor is the perfect way to create a sense of peace and tranquility, especially for the bedroom. Using clean lines and a small palette of colors goes a long way in the world of minimalism. You can incorporate many different patterns, textures, and colors to create a beautiful minimalist space.

64 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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One thing to remember is that minimalist decorating does not mean boring! You can get creative with the sweet simplicity of a minimalist bedroom. Balance is critical for achieving the best looks. Space, lighting, and objects share equal importance. Play around with these elements to create your ideal aesthetic.

Check out the photos below find some inspiration for designing and decorating your own minimalist bedroom!

1. Soft Accent Colors

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Beautiful cozy master bedroom interior

Even if your bedroom is large, you don’t have to fill the space with lots of furniture and objects. Embrace minimalism by using only staple pieces. Take advantage of natural light and the way it illuminates the space. The baby blue accent color softens the room.


2. Pop of Color

White modern bedroom with teal sofa and blanket

Keep the majority of things in the room with colors from one color palette then add in a zing of additional color to create a “wow” factor.

3. Neutral Tones and Natural Elements

White minimalist scandinavian style bedroom

Peace, calm, and tranquility. Placing organic elements into the room helps to create a welcoming environment. Nature is known for having a beautiful aesthetic, so why not imitate it in your bedroom?

4. Beams of Natural Light

Sunlight in a modern minimalist bedroom with wooden interior

Allowing the sun to pour into your room basks it in a golden glow. Light takes up space and fills in the gaps where there are no objects. The playfulness of the lighting makes the space come to life.

5. Dainty Color Scheme

Stylish feminine minimalist bedroom interior

This minimalistic design pulls together a beautiful combination of color, pattern, and texture. Green, pink, grey, and white features riddle this room. The hanging pendant lights serve as the perfect “centerpiece” structure and complement all the other colors of the room.

6. Wooden Complements

Small cozy domestic kids bedroom

Wooden elements have the incredible ability of transforming a space. With so many different varieties of wood and how it’s treated, it’s easy to find the perfect aesthetic. Here, the wooden bed and cabinet complement each other.

7. Industrial Vibes

Scandinavian minimalist bedroom with green bed and parquet flooring

Who says you have to get rid of your book collection when you transition your room into a minimalistic space? Simply use them as part of the design concept of the bedroom. Intersperse some bases or plants to create an unforgettable display.

8. Green and Simple

Scandinavian bedroom with cozy bedroom and house plants

Natural materials incorporated into your minimalistic bedroom style provide a sense of rest and rejuvenation. The balance of elements is a very important piece for design. The two pendant lights of varying size add a perfect contrast and balance.

9. Exposed Brick

Scandinavian bedroom interior with parquet flooring

Brick has come a long way in the world of interior design. It can transform a space tremendously with its uniformity and texture. Leave it untouched and exposed for a more organic look, or paint it for a more contemporary and modern aesthetic.

10. Bohemian Minimalism

Scandinavian bedroom interior with artistic painting

For something different, place your bed in the middle of the room, or at least pulled away from the wall. Soft elements create a room full of relaxation. Anchor the room with some statement artwork. Real plants are an excellent addition because of their aesthetic and ability to purify the air.

11. Soft Color Palettes and Natural Light

Scandi-boho style bedroom with wooden floor

The perfect complement to a soft, airy bed is the addition of organic materials, textures, and colors. Wake up fresh and rejuvenated in a bed like this.

12. Bright Hues

Orange bedroom with carpet and city view

Minimalistic, yet bright and cheery. Just because a room has minimal decorations and furniture doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting and full of life.

13. The Tropics

Nature themed attic bedroom

Painting one wall in the bedroom a different color from the rest anchors the room and its color palette. It creates a beautiful backdrop for your space. With a room like this one, the color of the back wall ties together the other green accent colors.

14. Spice it up with a Rug

Modern scandinavian grey themed bedroom interior

The vintage rug anchors the room. It merges together the modern, industrial aesthetic with a unique vintage appeal.

15. Picturesque

Modern scandinavian bedroom with parquet flooring and fitness equipments

Craft a picturesque scene in your bedroom. Bring together elements from different styles for a powerful display. Carefully plan which elements you’ll use for your decor.

16. Incorporate Artwork

Modern red bedroom with house plant and paintings

Incorporating artwork into your room and matching the room colors to the art pulls the room together nicely. The space will look harmonious and inviting to all who see it.

17. Exposed Beams and Island Vibes

Modern nature themed attic bedroom

Wow, can’t you already feel relaxation just by looking at this beautiful island-themed, organic material-filled minimalistic bedroom? Each item has been carefully selected to promote harmony  and even symmetry.

18. Statement Headboard

Modern minimalist hotel bedroom

Statement headboards are quite the look. No need to install artwork above your bed whenever you use the headboard as exactly that. Small light fixtures on each side of the bed are symmetrical.

19. Command your Space

Modern minimalist bedroom with wooden interior and outside view

Massive, spanning windows flood the room with natural light. Large features fill in the space and command attention. If you like dramatics, this is the look for you.

20. Declutter and Admire

Modern minimalist bedroom with stylish interior, carpet and mirror

A decluttered gives you the opportunity to enjoy the elements featured in the room. Light fixtures can tell a story, a rug anchors the room, and freshly cut flowers add life. The geometric patterned pillows feature colors seen throughout the room.

21. Bold Lighting

Modern minimalist bedroom with mountain view

Your eye can’t help but to be drawn to this impeccable light fixture. This minimalistic room oozes soft features and organic elements. When a sweeping picturesque landscape lies just beyond your bedroom, you don’t need any artwork or other objects in your room.

22. Minimal yet Colorful

Modern minimalist bedroom with house plants

Painting the back wall of your room with just a slight bit darker shade, like this light grey, greatly livens up this room. It can help feature other elements in the room such as the area rug, throw, pillow, and pots. The cool coral bedding adds the right pop of color.

23. Grey, Grey, Grey

Modern grey themed bedroom

Talk about the perfect cool color palette. Who knew there were so many different shades of grey? Adding in light fixtures is key to keep the room balanced and well-lit.

24. Feel like Royalty

Modern cozy bright bedroom

Fresh linen and champagne colors never disappoint. Luxurious and soft, these hues transform a room and bring out natural beauty. The textured wallpaper adds depth and complements the design features in this space.

25. A Unique Headboard Concept; Become the Art

Modern black and white minimalist bedroom

You become artwork sleeping in this bed with a frame around it. It’s an interesting, modern minimalistic feature to be appreciated. The neutral color palette is refreshing.

26. Optimize your Space

Modern bedroom with sunlight on the window

Having a small room gives you even more incentive to take the minimalistic approach. With zero clutter, you’ll be able to enjoy the space you do have. The natural brick wall and warm sun rays add character to the room.

27. Painted Brick

Modern bedroom with bookshelf and vintage interior

If the natural, exposed brick doesn’t match your aesthetic, paint it. The white-painted brick is a nice trendy, contemporary addition.

28. Utilize your Room Shape

Minimalist scandinavian bedroom with clock, mirror, ladder and candles

If your room has a unique shape to it, let it be a piece of the design. You can utilize the space to fit your needs. Make sure the various elements promote harmony.

29. Little Girl’s Dream Home

Minimalist girls bedroom with wooden interior

If you have small children, you know it can be easy to let toys take over the room! With a minimalistic design, you’ll not only minimize clutter, but also create a light, airy room fit for a little princess. Build a house-shaped headboard to make a dreamy space.

30. Less is More

Minimalist bedroom with teal bed and parquet flooring

With minimalism, less is definitely more. Enjoy the carefully curated items in the bedroom. A fresh bouquet of flowers in the room adds a touch of natural beauty to the space. Thin, wire fixtures are light and non-invasive.

31. Modern Maven

Luxury modern bedroom with parquet flooring and ceramic wall design

Straight lines, marvelous marble, and taught bedding produce the modern minimalistic design of your dreams.

32. Contemporary Design

Luxury minimalist bedroom with parquet flooring

Notice how the same color is seen throughout the various elements in this room; this ties the room together. The gold accents balance the color palette and add the perfect amount of glamor.

33. Room of Light

House bedroom with open windows and parquet flooring

The flood of light in this bedroom opens up the space and brings a bit of the outdoors to you. You’ll enjoy the soft comfort in your room.

34. Room with a View

Hotel room suite with city view

If your room has a sweeping like this one, let that be the focus of the space. A minimalistic design emphasizes that outside beauty by keeping the space clutter-free.

35. Pretty in Pink

Feminine minimalist bedroom interior

Soft shades of pink bring about a gentle air of sophistication. It’s light, dainty, and adorable. Couple it with some polka dots and wooden and gold accents for the perfectly balanced look.

36. Low-height Furniture

Elegant modern bedroom interior

Low-height furniture gives the illusion of higher ceilings. This helps to open up the space even more for your enjoyment. The green accent colors give additional life to the light grey color palette.

37. Patterns and Texture

Domestic bedroom with wooden furniture

The gorgeous hues of the pink peonies become one of the focal points of this room. Using natural flowers in any room is sure to bring about relaxation.

38. Color Coordination

Cozy white bedroom overlooking sea

Coordinate the colors of each design elements placed in the room. This concept makes sure that the aesthetic is consistent. Anchor the room with an unforgettable light fixture.

39. A Lived-in Look

Cozy spacious scandi-boho minimalist bedroom

With loose linens and cotton bedding, you can create the perfect lived-in aesthetic without appearing unkempt.

40. Simplicity at its Finest

Cozy scandinavian style bedroom

Everything about this room is simple and elegant. A single light fixture, solid color blocking, and natural wood evoke a simple lifestyle. It’s beautifully executed with perfectly balanced elements.

41. Earthy Tones

Cozy modern minimalist bedroom with outside view

Earth tones provide a warm and inviting environment, so why not enjoy it in your bedroom? Find the right combination of these hues for the perfect aesthetic.

42. String Lighting for Additional Warmth

Cozy modern minimalist bedroom with Christmas lights

Draping string lights along your curtain rods is the perfect way to add in warm, ambient lighting. Adding flameless candles into your decorative lanterns is a beautiful touch, too.

43. Clean and Crisp

Cozy minimalist hotel bedroom

Clean, crisp, and neat. Straight lines and two-toned features look marvelous in the bedroom. Everything remains orderly in a space like this and you’ll feel a sense of tranquility.

44. Blank Space

Cozy bright scandinavian minimalist bedroom

These blank space canvases with a wooden frame add dimension to the room without overpowering it with an explosion of color. The bonsai tree and frilly tug add the perfect amount of texture and color.

45. Collaborative Patterns, Textures, and Light

Cozy bedroom in modern design

Although the colors, patterns, textures, and light differ greatly from each other, they work together to compose a nice feng shui environment. All the elements come together peacefully through their commanding positions.

46. Window Seat

Contemporary bedroom with parquet flooring

If you have room, add a light-soaked window seat to your bedroom. This can create extra storage as well as adding to the overall aesthetic.

47. Beachy Minimalism

Coastal themed bedroom in a wooden house

Just because you have a themed room does not mean that it can’t be minimalistic in design. Represent the beach easily with the selection of colors, textures, and a few decorative beach accent pieces. The soft airiness of the room will remind you of the cool ocean breeze.

48. Statement Lighting

Classy modern minimalist hotel bedroom

A fantastic anchor lighting piece completes everything about this room. Your eye is drawn to its unique structure, adding intrigue to the space.

49. Modern Features

Classy modern minimalist bedroom with walk-in closet

Utilize a multi-functional headboard like this one in your room. It also functions as a nightstand on each side of the bed and additional storage. Its size serves the space well and adds to the overall aesthetic.

50. An Unforgettable Bed

Classy modern minimalist bedroom at night

One way to spark intrigue is through the shape of your bed. This rounded bed is groovy and can even make the room look more luxurious and exotic. When you have a minimalistic room design, shapes carry the aesthetic a long way.

51. Selective Conversation Pieces

Classy modern minimalist bedroom and bathroom

In a room like this one, your guests will spot a handful of unique design elements. Incorporate interesting conversation pieces into the room such as a rug like this one, specialty lamps like these cat ones, and lastly with a distinctive mirror to open up the space even more.

52. Bask in Natural Light

Classy modern bedroom with carpet floor and balcony

The natural light in this bedroom streams through large window and door panels, creating just a small barrier between the inside and outside. Adding a soft, luxurious throw at the end of your bed is the perfect addition of texture.

53. Cool and Warm

Bright modern bedroom with house plants and parquet flooring

Combing cool and warm tones have the perfect amount of juxtaposition with one another. This space will be cozy and inviting.

54. White Serenity

Bright luxury minimalist bedroom

Slip into relaxation in this sleek and modern bedroom. With only a couple carefully selected decorative items, you’ll have the most minimalistic space. This room will be one of refuge, escaping from the busyness of life.

55. Wallpaper Texture

Breakfast in a cozy modern bedroom

An excellent way to add intrigue in your minimalist bedroom design is through texture; in this case, textured wallpaper. The textured wallpaper adds depth and dimension to the room.

56. Fresh, Floral Design

Beautiful modern white bedroom with carpet flooring and grey sofa chair

Even if you don’t have a vase of fresh-cut flowers, you can still have a beautiful floral look with bedding and accent pillows like in this photo. It evokes a fresh, clean feeling in the space.

57. Contemporary

Beautiful luxury bedroom suite in hotel

Create a beautiful contemporary design with the fresh color palette incorporating grey, beige, white, and brown. Keep things in order and matching on each side of the room.

58. Complementary Hues

[PIN id=”634726141215736379″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Whites, blues, and natural wood complement each other very well. A design like this one is simple, sleek, and relaxing. No elements overpower each other.

59. Interesting Floor Pattern

[PIN id=”630926229027230788″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


As you know, incorporating patterns into your design is an excellent way to spruce up your minimalistic bedroom. It shows artistic inspiration.

60. Beige Beauties

[PIN id=”780882022872787619″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


A bedroom like this one exudes comfort. The accent pillows, lamps, wall art, and rug complement each other and tie together the rest of the room.

61. Simple yet Chic

[PIN id=”547398529705992097″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Keep your room simple, but maintain the chic aesthetic. Using a ladder for the dual purpose of decor and utility makes great use of your space.

62. Palette Bed

[PIN id=”630926229028552035″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Using a recycled palette as your bed gives your room a unique, bohemian vibe. Locating large, live plants brings life to the room, too.

63. Statement Rug

[PIN id=”485896247295999209″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Complete the look of your minimalist bedroom with a large, bold, statement rug. The mirrors on each side of the bed help to open up the room even more and maximize the natural lighting.

64. The Modern Minimalist

[PIN id=”287597126192341593″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


With a monochromatic modern room, long, hanging lights make a statement. They’re the perfect touch for creating intrigue in a room such as this one.

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