11 Plum Bedroom Decor Ideas [and Corresponding Items]

Are you looking to change up your bedroom decor? Maybe you want to elevate your style, and make your bedroom chicer and pulled together. Or maybe you have simply decided that you need a fresh new visual element to wake up your bedroom. The easiest way to change up your style is to alter your color scheme. Pick a new color to add to your room, something that relaxes and refreshes you, something that speaks to your style. Once you've chosen your color, add some major decor items like lampshades, throw pillows or picture frames that will help you tie your style together.

11 Plum Bedroom Decor Ideas [And Corresponding Items]

The pops of color are sure to add fresh layers and tones to your bedroom. If you're looking for just the right color, why not try plum? Plum is a deep, sophisticated tone. It is simple, calming, regal, and can blend with a variety of accent colors. Traditionally, purple was a color reserved for royalty. So treat yourself like the king or queen you are, and add purple accents to your room!

For deeper, darker, cave-like rooms, consider pairing plum accents with black or deep brown colors. For a lighter, more spacious look, you can pair the plum decor with white or tan accents. Lighter colors will make the plum accents pop more, so it all depends on your personal style and aesthetic!

Here is a curated list of plum bedroom inspiration. Check out these 11 great plum themed bedrooms to get ideas for your own purple pad. We've linked to some great, simple items that will help you add some pizazz to your sleeping space. Keep scrolling to get inspired.

1. Regal Accents

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Minimalist themed bedroom with plum color accents incorporated with chic and regal look. White walls, white beddings, and light wooden floors. Oriental rug, furry footstool and clean white headboard and baseboard

This room uses plum as an accent color to amp up its chic and regal look. The white walls, white bedding, and light wooden floors widen the space. The oriental rug, furry footstool, and clean white headboard and baseboard on the bed all create a luxurious feel. The perfectly placed plum accents--throw pillows and curtains--add a regal touch that really steps up this style.

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To recreate this bedroom look, remember to keep the main color scheme simple. Lighter colors like whites and tans will create a clean feeling, and open up your space. Add accent items, like this throw pillow, to play up the purple:

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If you don't want to alter your bedroom curtains, another way you can add an accent of plum and keep the vibe of this room is through the rug. Try a patterned rug with plum accents, like this one:

2. A Pale Purple Retreat

This bedroom gives off relaxing vibes with its soft purple wallpaper, bedsheets, and lampshade. The purple doesn't overwhelm the eye but instead adds a wonderful soothing background that will help you unwind and relax. This bedroom has darker floors than the first, a touch that adds a complex, almost bohemian vibe.

Relaxing bedroom with soft purple wallpaper, bedsheets, and a light purple lampshade. Plum color themed bedding and dark brown floors. White curtains bright natural light to the room

To achieve this pale purple effect, choose accents that are simple and pleasing to the eye. Something like this plum colored lamp shade would work:

Another easy way to mirror (lol!) this look is through the mirrored side table. Mirrored side tables are trendy and stylish. They will also reflect the plum accents, and make the room feel more open. Consider adding one to your bedside. A mirrored dresser will also achieve the same effect. This one is a great example of a piece that will last. It's shabby chic, antique finish is an added bonus:

3. Fit For A Queen

This trendy, plum purple haven is a bedroom fit for a queen. With the regal purple bed sheets, the glitzy glam comforter, and the lush headboard, this bedroom screams royalty. There's a lot to steal from this room. To turn your room into a similar regal retreat, consider adding a headboard and a pair of matching nightstands.

Of course, the bed set is what really makes this room. Add purple bedsheets to elevate the aesthetic of your sleeping space.

Another key element of the room is the glitzy comforter. Now this one is purple, but still just as glitzy, and will only amp up your regal vibes. Consider adding a blanket like this to your bed:

4. Purple Palace

This purple bedroom is cozy, comfortable, bright, and chic. The chandelier adds a palatial touch that pairs nicely with the Eiffel tower pillow. The active sunlight helps to illuminate the room, while the purple walls and bedding really combine to make this room a purple retreat.

Recreate this look with purple wallpaper! This matte purple wallpaper is adhesive, and easy to apply to your walls. This wallpaper would look great with some picture frames or decor:

If you're looking to amplify the regal vibes of your room, consider adding a more sophisticated wallpaper, like this paisley pattern. The purple and gold scream royalty:

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5. Eggplant Chic

This purple room is a little deeper than your typical plum and serves us with an eggplant chic. The sculpted ceiling creates a dramatic angle that catches the eye. The major piece of this room is the accent wall. Consider adding an accent wall to your room. The other white walls will keep the space feeling open, while the purple accent will catch the eye.

Bedroom with a deep purple wall, white bed header and matched with plum color themed beddings, white pillows mixed with purple ones. standing mirror on the side with a dark purple nightstand and flowers

To achieve this look, you'll need to find the exact purple for the mood you're trying to convey. Try this deep regal plum:

Or, if you don't want to commit to painting a wall, you can try out that handy adhesive. This peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply, and it's vinyl finish will make your accent wall even more dramatic:

6. Boho Plum

This room gives off soft, bohemian vibes. The plum walls contrast with the navy blue curtains and white bedding. The plum throw pillow adds a nice pop of purple, while the table is a statement piece that ties the plum color scheme together.

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If you want to create a similar look in your bedroom, try adding a statement table. You don't have to splurge on an expensive piece. Get creative, and use something like this garden table. You can top it with flowers to really make the piece work. The garden-style table will add a great bohemian edge to your bedroom.

Part of what makes this room so boho chic is the pairing of colors, plum with navy blue. To capture the same effect, try pairing navy curtains with your plum decor.

7. Plum-pify

This cozy-chic bedroom looks like the perfect place to relax. The plum comforter and the various throw pillows make the bed look so comfy and snug. The style is kept chic and simple with light-colored walls and curtains, and transparent lamps.

To plum-pify your room, try adding a tufted purple comforter, like this one:

To achieve maximum coziness, add throw pillows to your bed. Try mixing solid colors with patterned prints to add dimension. These paisley pillows will make your bed pop, and add a regal touch:

8. A Purple Floral Pop

This room is simple, chic, and stylish. The beautiful deep color of the walls adds a dramatic flair, while the light floral pictures on the wall add a nice complimenting touch of plum. A piece that really sets this room apart is the purple velvet ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Bedroom with deep purple wall, Two paintings of flowers hanged above a gray header of a bed. Matching white and plum color themed beddings. Carper flooring and a stool on the foot of the bed. Matching stainless steel nightstands on each side with white lamps

Consider adding a luscious velvet ottoman in your bedroom, like this one:

To add a stylish pop of plum, try adding some floral paintings, like these purple beauties:

9. Simple Plum

This room is all about purple. The trick to keeping the room from being overwhelming or monotonous is to vary the shades of purple slightly. The lighter bedspread contrasts with the slightly deeper toned walls, adding dimension to the room. The white pillowcases with plum floral designs add a nice accent while keeping the bed from overwhelming the eye.

Add a plum accent to your bedding with these purple flower pillows:

What makes this room look particularly put together is the regal velvet bedding. Consider adding a soft, velvet bedding like this one:

10. Boho Vintage

This room emanates bohemian vintage vibes. The eclectic floral throws, the bed frame, and the lace curtains create a chaotic chic look that really works.

Consider layering purple floral blankets to achieve a similar effect.

Part of what adds to the vintage boho vibe of the room is the antique-looking armchair. Try adding a purple chair to add a bohemian touch to your room.

11. European Vibes

This room is so stylish and eclectic. The bright blue and plum color scheme really works well together, and the varied wall decorations add a cute boho element to the whole space. The clashing patterns complement one another and create a rather dazzling effect.

To achieve a similar vibe, consider painting your walls deep purple, and then adding a contrasting wallpaper, like this blue floral wallpaper:

Another element that really makes this room stylish is the unique antique candleholder. Consider an eclectic statement piece to elevate your style:

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