What Kind Of Paint Do You Use When Painting Ceramic Tile Floors?

Painting ceramic floors is an easy way to revamp outdated tiles. Especially when you want to avoid tearing out an old floor and laying new tile. The question is, what kind of paint do you use? We've researched types of tile paints to help you select the right paint for the job.

There are three types of paint you can use when painting ceramic tile floors: 

  1. Epoxy tile paint 
  2. Latex tile paint 
  3. Chalk paint 

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right paint for your project. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using all three types of paint. We'll also discuss how to prepare and apply paint to the tile flooring to help you achieve a flawless finish!

A tile setter placing pink ceramic tiles inside the living room, What Kind Of Paint Do You Use When Painting Ceramic Tile Floors?

What Kind Of Paint To Use When Painting Ceramic Tile Floors

Epoxy Tile Paint

Your tile should look pristine. One concern people have when painting tile is the potential for general wear and tear over time. The other is exposure to excess moisture, which can potentially cause bubbles to form under your painted surface. One way to avoid both of these is to use epoxy tile paint.

This paint would be great for tiles in or around a bathtub. Epoxy paint can withstand water, heat, and aberrations because of its industrial adhesive qualities. This means this paint is likely to look good and last for a long time. One disadvantage to using epoxy paint is the powerful odor. It may be necessary to keep windows open and the room ventilated while painting.

Epoxy paint requires a cleaning agent such as lacquer thinner to clean up any drips or spills. It can also take one to two days to dry fully. Epoxy paints typically cost between $20 to $45 per quart of paint, and most have a glossy finish. 

Latex Tile Paint 

Latex tile boasts excellent adhesion qualities. This paint is great for floors that will not come in contact with excess moisture or heavy equipment. This paint is not as odorous as epoxy paint. It takes about six hours to dry.

It is easy to clean up drips and spills using soap and water. Latex paint ranges in price from $18 to $40 for a quart of paint. You can find latex tile paint with a matte or semi-gloss finish. Top coats are recommended when using any tile paint. However, this latex paint, in particular, should be covered with a top coat to protect it from corrosion and help it withstand moisture.

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Chalk Paint

Chalk paint creates a unique stylistic aesthetic when used on tile floors. Chalk paint is the least durable of the paints and tends to chip. Although it is extremely adhesive, some products suggest sanding or adding texture after painting to hide any chips later on.

Experts recommend using a primer before painting tile floors. However, chalk paint products advertise that a primer is not necessary because of chalk paint’s extremely adhesive properties. Chalk paint can dry within a few hours.

It is not extremely odorous. Drips and spills clean up easily with soap and water. Chalk paint costs between $19 and $40 for a quart of paint. Chalk tile paint has a matte finish.

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How Do You Prepare a Ceramic Tile Floor? 

Let's talk about the process of painting your ceramic tile floors. There are several steps you can follow to achieve fabulous, long-lasting floors. I will lay out the procedure step by step here. 

  1. First, you need to sand the tiles. It is important to be vigilant here. Sanding your tiles helps make them abrasive so the paint can adhere to them. The better the paint adheres, the longer it will last. Go over any extra slick tiles twice. After, vacuum up any debris caused by sanding. 
  2. Clean your tiles with a tough cleaning agent. It is vital to get rid of all the dirt and grime on the floor. 
  3. Repair any cracks or chips in your tile with caulk. 
  4. Apply painter's tape around floorboards, and anywhere else you don’t want to bump paint onto accidentally. 
  5. Chose the paint that is right for you. 

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How Do You Paint A Ceramic Tile Floor? 

The application of the tile paint is relatively simple. I will lay out the steps here:

  1. Apply a primer to the floor to increase the paint's potential to adhere to the tile and not corrode.  
  2. Use a paintbrush around the edges of your room to paint the corners. 
  3. Use a paint roller to paint over the rest of the tiles. 
  4. Most tile paints require two coats of paint, but each brand is different. Be sure to read the label. It will also tell you how long to wait between coats. 
  5. A protective topcoat is recommended for all tile paints to prevent scratches, chips, and general wear and tear. There are specific topcoats for each type of tile paint. 
  6. Wait the recommended amount of time on your paint or topcoat label before walking on your newly painted floor. 

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Does Painting Tile Floors Last? 

Painting tile floors is generally considered a temporary solution for outdated tile. Tiles that are exposed to less traffic will last longer. Most reviews suggest satisfaction after six months and even up to two years. The key to longer-lasting painted tile floors is preparing your tile diligently initially. It could be a smart idea to reapply a clear topcoat once a year in high traffic areas or to tiles exposed to more moisture. 

To Summarize

There are three types of paint to use when painting ceramic tile. The one you chose will depend on your project and preferences. Epoxy seems to be the most durable tile paint. Latex is a little more user-friendly and relatively durable. Chalk paint is stylistic and user-friendly but is not as durable as the other paints. 

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