37 Purple and White Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures!)

When you consider the decor theme for your bedroom, you want to choose a color theme that is beautiful and relaxing. A person’s bedroom is their sanctuary, the place where you go to get away from it all. Purple and white fits the bill perfectly to create the perfect setting. These colors can be used a lot of different ways from soft and sweet, to glamorous and chic.

Modern bedroom interior with purple and white theme, 37 Purple and White Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures!)

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Below are some purple and white bedroom design ideas to help you on your way to creating the retreat that you have been dreaming of.

Soft and Sweet

Soft and delicate, pale shades of purple coat the walls in this room and are accented with white furniture. A deep purple blanket and foundation pillows add a little depth of color.

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A white and purple bedroom with purple and white beddings

Black and white photos against purple walls keep the color scheme in the room simple and delicate. Combine that with darker purple and white bed linens for a bold contrast that still looks sweet.

A gorgeous dark purple themed living room with purple beddings and a purple wall

White is the background color that pulls this multi-hued purple room together. The Paisley print blanket and pillows are offset by the deep royal purple bedspread and curtains. Using a variety of purples keep the room from being too bland and one dimensional.

Interior of a gorgeous purple themed bedroom with floral beddings, purple area rug and a hardwood flooring

Perfect for the princess at heart, this charmingly delicate bedroom is designed with all the sweetness of cotton candy.

Interior of a modern bedroom with cozy and expensive purple beddings and a patterned area rug

White walls and furniture can seem cold and antiseptic if they are not warmed up with the right pops of color. Lavender bedclothes keep the room restful, while brighter accents from the pillows and throw rug make it interesting.

Purple themed bedroom

Orchid purple is the highlight of this room. The cool white and purple lighting is creative and unique against the architectural lines of the room. Purple is used to accent the clean lines and add pops of colors to the pristine white.

Interior of an ultra modern bedroom


Another way to keep things interesting while still maintaining a muted color palette is to incorporate different textures.

This bed looks so comfortable because of the different fabrics of the pillow and linens.

A bright and luxurious bedroom with purple and gray beddings

What says comfort more than a giant weave hand knitted afghan? Between the softness of this throw and the velvet throw pillows, you might never want to get up and go to work!

Gorgeous bright bedroom

Varied textures can also be used to add glamour and drama. Fur and sequined pillows are totally dramatic, as is the bright white fur throw.

Interior of a low king-sized bedroom with purple beddings, beige painted walls and orange side lamps on end tables

A purple velvet comforter is so decadent when tossed across a bright white sheets. A few purple-pink pillows add just enough contrast without being garish. This is an easy and cost effective way to add panache to your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Interior of a white and purple themed bedroom with white walls, white furniture's and desk tables and a bed with a fur like throw pillow

Fun Patterns

Using patterns in purple and white are a great way to keep you bedroom from looking too simple and boring. This room started out as just a plain white room with a plain white bed. Plain purple curtains frame the windows, but do not compete with the patterned bedding, which becomes the focal point of the room.

Plaid is a less saccharine way to add purple, which can seem too girly for some design aesthetics. Plum accent pieces like the lamps and throw tie it all together.

Gorgeous modern purple themed bedroom

Mixing patterns can be fun too! A crazy purple and white wallpaper with a bold geometric bedding set might not seem like it would go, but it really does! Just as long as both patterns use similar, but not matching colors, this can be very successful.

Gorgeous bright gold and purple themed bedroom

This bedroom is another example of how to mix prints in purple and white for an awesome effect. The almost silver purple in the structural looking wallpaper becomes a calm backdrop for the flower prints used on the windows and bed.

Beautiful bright purple bedroom

If this seems scary or complicated to you, just opt for a beautiful simple purple and white flower print for the bed, then add a few purple accent decor pieces, like vases or lamps.

A purple themed bedding with floral blankets, floral throw pillows and a purple foam header

If your favorite purple is a rich royal color, then paint one wall as an accent wall in this color and leave the rest of the walls white. This will keep the room from being over powered by the vibrant color. A simple purple and white striped comforter set pops against the dark gray bed frame.


Dark wood and purple themed bedroom

This purple and white bedding set certainly has a unusual pattern! Stripes and checks are accented with black which matches the walls of this unconventional looking bedroom.

A bright crystal bedroom

The subtle pattern in this plum wallpaper set the tone for the whole room. Delicate and elegant, this is all the purple the room needs outside of a couple purple and print throw pillows to tie the bed into the color scheme.

Gorgeous bright purple sofa and light plum walls

Luxurious Fabrics

If you love glamor and luxury, purple and white is the perfect color combination. Purple and velvet are a match made in heaven on this amazing bed.

A gorgeous king sized bed with a purple and white pillows and a decorative header area

How about a purple velvet sofa and ottoman instead? This room has one wall painted a lighter purple so as not to overwhelming one with purple, and the other walls are white. A rich plum velvet across the bed bring even more of this amazing fabric into play, but it doe snot look like too much because of the variety in the colors.

Gorgeous bright purple and luxurious bedroom

This purple and white bedroom is totally flamboyant with its bold shades of purple, intricate purple and plum chandelier, purple and white damask wallpaper. It is saved from purple overkill by the white bedding and room trim accents.

Bright gold and purple designed bedroom

This bedroom is the epitome of elegance! This almost entirely white room is so beautiful and delicate with and the lavender curtains and bedding accents just add to the luxuriousness of it all. Instead of different shades of purple, different shades of white make this room warm and welcoming despite its size.

Interior of a gorgeous modern and contemporary bedroom

Opulent and dramatic, this purple and white bedroom is nothing short of spectacular. Replicate the feel of this room by using plush satin bedding, velvet curtains with fringe and a white patterned area rug. A pretty crystal light fixture finishes off the look.

Light purple themed bedroom

Restful and Relaxing

If you want your room to be a restful escape, carefully chosen accents and use of colors make all the difference. The simplicity of clean lines of this room inspired the use of the decorative element.

A gorgeous bright purple bedroom

The cool dark gray-purple curtains and bedding against the white walls keep this large room from feeling too open.

Children's bedroom themed in purple

What is about purple and velvet? However in this pale lilac color, glamor is exchanged for a sense of soothing comfort when combined with the white walls and linen, and multi-hued throw pillows.

A cozy and warm bedroom with beige colored bed and curtains mixed with purple blanket and pillows

This bedroom is so very pretty! Perfect for a charming cottage or farmhouse, once again we see a vibrant accent wall and white furniture. Delicate blankets and sheets in different shades of light purple and white, and interesting vintage textures make this room absolutely darling.

A gorgeous purple themed bedroom with purple beddings and a combination of purple and white pillows

Modern yet still homey, this bedroom is a comfy retreat. This look is easy to duplicate even for those who are not very handy. Sponge paint and accent wall with purple over white, then clothe the bed in crisp white linens and a soft purple throw blanket.

Bedroom with two

Silvery purple and bright white keep this room from being too feminine. Clean lines and carefully chosen textures keep it modern.

A modern bedroom with purple beddings, pillows and a brown drape on the bed

Just for Kids

Purple and white is the perfect color combination to use in a child’s bedroom.

This lovely lavender bed is pretty against the white plank walls, leaving this room looking like a delightful tree house inspired bedroom.


If your child loves purple, this room is for them! Bold white stripes break up the intensity of an otherwise all purple room, imparting a bit of fun in the process.


This glittering purple chandelier turns a sweet and simple room into the bedroom of a princess. A lightly ruffled comforter is so sweet and comfy looking and the super pale lavender walls are simply decorated with a gold initial and a couple of white frames pictures.


Bright white ruffles galore decorate these sweet twin beds making them the main focus of this room. A delicately patterned wallpaper adds more interest to the room without competing with the bedding.


A great choice for an older child, this simple room is classic with white walls and light purple bedding.


Different shades of purple are used throughout this room to make it fun but not crazy. The simplicity of the clean line of the furniture make this room calming and well organized.

A spacious bedroom with a double decker bed with white walls and a a white painted bay window

One carefully chosen bold purple and white pattern makes this room special. The white shelving have been painted purple inside leaving the outsides white, and a simple white comforter complete this look.

A spacious and elegant light cream colored flooring and walls with a violet throw pillows and violet blankets

This room is pretty in purple! White furniture against a pale gray wall looks lovely with purple ruffles on the bed. This look can be recreated easily by incorporating these few easy to find elements.

A white and rustic themed bedroom with wooden flooring and purple beddings

Perfect in Every Way

Purple and white is such a lovely color combination for decorating especially the bedroom. It is the perfect blend of softness and light, glamor and drama. There are lots of ways that you can recreate most of the looks above without breaking the bank too!

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