22 Red Bathroom Accessories Ideas You Should Check Out

Bold as it is, red really stands out no matter where you put it. Of course, it’s especially eye-catching when you place it in a white, tan, or even black bathroom. To avoid overwhelming the eye, it’s best to incorporate the color red in small doses.

Red bathroom accessories are the perfect solution. They bring impactful color without overusing the powerful shade. Even better, you can place them strategically depending on where you want the most attention.

22 Red Bathroom Accessories Ideas You Should Check Out

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Have a beautiful marble sink? Add a red accessory to the counter. Want to highlight the tile you spent so much time picking out? You’re best off adding an accent rug. Is the mirror the crown jewel of the room? Hanging a red towel next to it will ensure everybody’s looking.

Red Toothbrush Holders and Soap Dish Sets

If you go for something as small as a soap dish to add your splash of red, you can pair it with something else on the counter for both a stronger visual draw and a sense balance. If you don’t use bar soap, a red soap bottle can pair with a toothbrush holder just as well.

YOURNELO Simple Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Set

This cute and contemporary set is sure to cheer up your space. With its bulbous design, this red toothbrush and soap dish set has a whimsical feel that will work especially well in children’s bathrooms.

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Given the almost orange-red shade of the set, you’ll want to reserve purchase for light-colored bathrooms. This kind of red contrasts perfectly against white, but might get overshadowed if set against dark marble or tile.

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LUANT 5-Piece Resin Bathroom Accessory Set

This set provides a nice halfway point between chic modern design and classic elegance. The boxy appearance gives off a sophistication that any master or guest bath could benefit from, while the air bubbles give each piece in the set a unique signature.

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Decozen Bathroom Accessories Set

This shade of red has a lot of gravitas, making it the perfect choice for traditional bathrooms. Give it a chance to shine against a backdrop of white, or place it in a room with darker tile and see how the color asserts itself as the boldest.

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NarwalDate 5 Pc Bathroom Accessories Set

If you like to get playful with your bathroom accessories, this soap dispenser and toothbrush holder set is for you.

These accessories are perfect for the folks who like to follow a theme when decorating. If you’ve chosen flowers as a motif, this set will help them pop.

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Red Shower Rugs

Practical and beautiful, shower rugs keep too much water from slopping all over your floor, making things slippery and precarious. Getting a red rug as a bath mat does double duty by drawing attention to your gorgeous bathroom tile. The contrast between the red and white gives any space a sophisticated aura.

Eanpet Chenille Bath Mat

The ideal shower rug should be soft to the touch, as well as pleasing to the eye.

Bright as the shade of red is on this mat, it’s best off used in monochrome bathroom design. Additionally, the chenille fabric makes it well suited to contemporary homes.

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Fadesun Absorbent Non-Slip Microfiber Bath Mat

The darker color of this rug gives off an elegance that pairs well with classic bathroom design. If you’re looking for a bold piece that’s going to tie the whole room together, this mat is a solid go-to.

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MAYSHINE Chenille Bathroom Rugs

Though conservative is usually best when it comes to adding red bathroom accessories to your space, a lot can be said for the power of pairs.

This set of two rugs brings color to a bathroom without overwhelming, and their moderate size means they do their job without taking up too much of the floor space.

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Red Shower Curtains

The obvious choice for a statement piece, a shower curtain provides the ideal canvas on which to incorporate some red into your bathroom. Get something patterned to draw the eye with whimsy or go solid red to impress the senses.

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain

If you’re not a fan of solid red but don’t want to commit yourself to a pattern, this shower curtain is the perfect compromise.

The ombre design incorporates red into the room without overwhelming you with it. It’s the perfect, contemporary solution to your bathroom design qualms.

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Hotel Collection Heavy Duty Shower Curtain

On the other hand, if you are looking to go solid red, this shower curtain has got your back. A beautiful shade and a practical choice, this piece will liven up your space and is designed to resist a build-up of mold and mildew.

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Spring Home Multi-color Striped Fabric Shower Curtain

Stripes are a classic pattern. They don’t demand too much attention while still adding a bit of visual intrigue. The red, black, and white design of this particular shower curtain make it especially versatile. That color combination looks good in nearly any kind of bathroom design.

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Woolrich Sunset Cotton Plaid Shower Curtain

Since there’s a lot going on with this shower curtain, you’ll want to reserve it for special bathrooms. Rustic and country cottage homes, in particular, are suited to this kind of design. Remember, if you’re going to use something this busy, you’ll want the rest of the decor to be understated.

Follow the link to find this shower curtain on Amazon.

MAYTEX Satori Leaf Fabric Shower Curtain

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a simple nature-inspired pattern.

Here, it’s leaves, but cherry blossoms will give off a similar, soothing effect. The subtle elegance of the piece will imbue your bathroom with classic charm.

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Red Toilet Paper Holders

Getting a red toilet paper holder is one of the subtler ways to incorporate red into a bathroom. Still, why not have a little fun by adding some glamour to the least glamorous feature of the space?

Sprout Decorative Toilet Paper Holder by Comfify

Leaving extra toilet paper by the commode in style is easy with this piece. The nature-inspired design offers a little whimsy while the color brings liveliness to toilet paper storage that even the most straight-laced individual can appreciate.

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SUMNACON Vintage Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder has an industrial charm with just a hint of red. The subtle design looks right at home in any contemporary-style bathroom.

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JUBAO Toilet Paper Roll Holder

The straightforward design of this holder means it’s easily incorporated into any bathroom. Featuring a barn-inspired shade of red as it does, this piece pops against white and black alike.

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Red Towel Hooks

Though usually meant to blend into the background, wall hooks are also an easy way to add a splash of fun to a bathroom. Choosing to use red hooks can break up solid white walls and draw the eye.

Natural Wooden Wall Mounted Towel Rack

This pair of simple wooden tacks brings a traditional vibe to bathrooms that you can rely upon. As a bonus, the shade of red is subtle enough to draw attention without demanding it.

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SmartHook ColorZ Double Hook

With its whimsical shape, these hooks can be used in contemporary bathrooms and those designated for children’s use alike.

The firehouse red color effortlessly provides a bit of spice to your bathroom decor.

Click here to learn more at Amazon.

KiaoTime Cast Iron Nautical Wall Hooks

Now, for those among us who love a good nautical themed bathroom, these are the towel hooks for you! The rich-yet-distressed red complements the anchor design perfectly. Hanging your towels to dry has never been more fun.

Click here to get the piece on Amazon.

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