15 Red Vinyl Kitchen Chairs for That Retro Chic Diner Look

When you’re looking for kitchen chairs, you will most likely be hunting for something that is both durable and stylish. Kitchens often get a lot of traffic and see a lot of mess, with all the baking and mixing and potential for stains. Now, some people may be of the opinion that sturdy and functional furniture cannot also be sleek and chic. That is simply untrue! Vinyl chairs, for example, are a perfect option. Vinyl upholstery is known for its longevity; it is not so vulnerable to abrasions or stains, and it is even resistant to flames. AKA–perfect for the kitchen!

If you’re not yet convinced on vinyl, let me share some other facts. Vinyl is resistant to sunlight, so it won’t discolor; it’s easy to clean and disinfect; it’s durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. To top it all off, it is cheap to make! Compared to other options like leather or polyurethane, vinyl takes the cake in every category.

15 Red Vinyl Kitchen Chairs For That Retro Chick Diner Look

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There are hundreds of decisions that go into designing the perfect kitchen, but let’s talk red. If you’re looking for a simple way to add personality and pop to your cooking space, consider red accents. It’s an incredible color. It’s loud, it catches the eye, and it can say a lot. Each shade of red can articulate a different story. What are you going to say?

15 Red Vinyl Kitchen Chairs


Red vinyl chairs scream vintage, 1950s diner, and has a cute retro vibe. Check out these vintage-looking kitchen chairs.

1. Vintage With A Twist

This chair has a great shine that makes it look almost metallic. The cushioned back provides both comfort and style, while the metal legs are certainly durable. The tufted back adds another dimension to the piece.

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Click here to purchase this shining vintage chair on Amazon.

2. Classic Retro

Straight out of dining sets from the 50s and 60s, this chair has more of a classic vintage look. It is a simple style and design, but with the red-colored fabric, it will still pop in your kitchen. These chairs would pair wonderfully with a red retro clock, or red sugar and flour jars. The possibilities are endless!

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3. Racing Stripe

For an updated vintage feel, check out these shiny vinyl chairs that have a pop of white. The racing stripe adds dimension to the chair. Something like this will blend seamlessly into a white and red color scheme. The shine of the fabric will play brilliantly under your kitchen lights.

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4. 50’s Throwback

Here is the perfect throw-back to the 1950s! This tufted chair screams vintage. Totally stylish, while also being functional and durable for everyday use.

Click here to purchase this cute vintage-style piece on Amazon.

Taller Chairs

If you have a kitchen island that needs taller chairs or stools, or if you simply have a tall kitchen table, these chairs are for you. If you are re-doing your kitchen, consider using a taller kitchen table to add dimension and layers to a space.

5. Tall and Simple

This tall, handsome chair is a deep red called “Ox Blood.” The deep tones pair well with the espresso colored wooden legs, perfect if you have a kitchen with darker cabinets. It would also look phenomenal as a statement piece in a brighter kitchen space.

Click here to purchase this tall, red vinyl chair on Amazon.

6. Bar Stools

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed vibe at your kitchen table or island, consider these barstools. The armrests add comfort, and the height is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about measurements.

Click here to purchase these bar stools on Amazon.

7. Modern Stool

If your style is more modern, consider this simple and chic stool. It also comes with an adjustable height, so it’s absolutely perfect for any sized table. The simple curve of the seat is so stylish and modern, very artistic.

Click here to purchase this chic modern stool on Amazon.


8. Chic and Comfortable

This stool has the best of both worlds. A backrest, for comfortable seating, yet no armrests make it feel more modern. And again, this chair comes with the blessing of adjustable height!

Click here to purchase this comfortable chair on Amazon.


If your style is a little more formal, these will be for you. These chairs have a classic dining chair look, and are perfect if you like to entertain guests. The materials are still durable and functional, but the style is a little more polished and elevated.

9. Formal Dining Chairs

Notably, these are made out of durable leather instead of vinyl, but the effect is rather similar. If you have a more formal style to your kitchen, or if your kitchen table is your primary dining space, you may want to consider these chairs. The material is similar to vinyl and will be resistant to many common kinds of stains.

Click here to buy these formal kitchen chairs on Amazon.

10. Black and Red

You can’t go wrong with a classic. This black and white dining chair is the perfect piece for kitchen and dining spaces. The red vinyl seat will be resistant to cuts and stains.

Click here to purchase this red vinyl kitchen chair on Amazon.

11. More Formal

This rounded captain’s chair is a beautiful piece. Consider capping the head of your dining table with a chair such as this one, with armrests. The wheels also make it a versatile piece of furniture, one that can be used in any room or any situation.

Click here to purchase this formal captain’s chair.

12. Ox-Blood

This is another stunning dining chair. The coloring of this vinyl is ox-blood, a very deep red that really makes a statement.

Click here to purchase this ox-blood chair on Amazon.

13. Mid-Century Red

These mid-century chairs are absolutely beautiful. The wooden backings have an intricate design and would pair wonderfully with wooden kitchen cabinets.

Click here to check out these beautiful mid-century chairs on Amazon.


If your style is more modern, here are some red kitchen chairs that may be for you. Modern design is all about simple, sleek statements. Modern pieces can be paired seamlessly with any aesthetic.

14. Modern Faux Leather

Modern design is all about simple and chic. Consider this chair for your kitchen. The cut and shape is unique, despite being simple, and still makes a bold statement.

Click here to purchase this modern faux leather chair on Amazon.

15. Back Support

These modern chairs were designed with back support in mind. If modern is your style, and comfort your goal, you may want to consider purchasing these chrome and red pieces. While not vinyl, they are constructed from a water resistant synthetic leather, and will still function beautifully around your kitchen table.

Click here to purchase these modern chairs on Amazon.

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