15 American Flag Shower Curtains for Patriotic Bathroom Chic

It's time for a fun touch up for your bathroom. You're feeling kind of patriotic and love everything about being an American. So why not go for the red, white, and blue on your shower curtain?15 American Flag Shower Curtains For Patriotic Bathroom Chic

We've found an amazing collection of flag-inspired shower curtains that will work with any decor. Whether you're going for straight-up symbolism, want to showcase your patriotism, or are feeling kind of country, we've found some great choices. Maybe you want to go a little more subtle with your flag interpretation, then scroll on down and see what we've found in the Americana and abstract sections. There's sure to be the perfect curtain for your unique style. Ready? Let's go!

Realistic US Flags Shower Curtains

If you're going for realism, we've found three curtains that should meet your needs.

Vertical Flag Curtain

This 36" x 72" shower curtain is great for a narrow space. It features a flag hung vertically and is smart waterproof polyester so you won't splash water all over your tiles. Do note that the image is only printed on one side if the direction will make a difference for your shower. It comes with plastic hangers.

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American Flag Curtain

This horizontal American flag is big enough for a tub/shower combo at 72" x 72" in size.  It's waterproof, machine- washable, and comes with plastic hooks for hanging. The bottom edge features a decorative scalloped edge for a nice finished look that will compliment your bathroom. It's machine washable and features a non-fading image.

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Black and White Flag Curtain

You love your country but you're looking for something more neutral in the bathroom. Why not try this black and white distressed American flag curtain? It will go with any wall and floor color scheme let still let you wave the stars and the stripes. It's made out of a 100% polyester fabric material that requires no liner but is softer than vinyl. It comes with 12 hooks and is 69" wide x 70" long.

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Patriotic US Flags Shower Curtains

You don't want just a flag. You want something that says you're a patriot. Check out these three curtains we found below.

Watching Over our Troops Curtain

You've served your country and you want a shower curtain that takes you back to the feeling of honor that came with being in the armed forces. The pride of America's eagle watches over you. This shower curtain is for you. A waving flag, the intensity of the eagle's stare, and the six soldiers lined up against a sunlit sky, make this a real show stopper. It's available in three sizes, 70 x 70", x 75", or x 84" to fit a number of bath sizes. It's made out of a polyester cloth that is machine-washable and quick dry. It comes with hooks.

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The Constitution Curtain

As early as elementary school, you learned the preamble to our constitution. Here you can have it printed on the American flag shower curtain, along with the noble head of a great American bald eagle. This shower curtain would go well with wood trims or sand-colored tiled bathrooms. It is available in 72" x 72" size and is out of a polyester waterproof fabric. It comes with hooks.

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Black Eagle Flag Curtain

A bald eagle spreads its wings across a black background, but it's not wearing feathers. It's wearing the American flag. This bold, masculine shower curtain features grommeted holes across the top and is a washable polyester fabric. Size is 66" x 72" and for this curtain, you'll need your own hooks.

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A Little Bit Country

There's nothing more American than an old barn and an American flag. These three curtains utilize the combination of a barn wood look with the red, white, and blue.

America and Weathered Wood

This awesome curtain has the outline of the United States filled in with the colors of the American flag set atop weathered barn planks as a background. It's available in three sizes, 69" long by 70", 75", or 84" in width. It comes with hooks and its polyester fabric is thoroughly machine washable.

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Wood & Flag Curtain

You walk across the planks of the old wooden barn to see the painted American flag hanging on the wall. That's the illusion this shower curtain gives as it hangs in its place of honor in your bathroom. It's 69" wide and 70" long and is printed on a Turkish polyester fabric that is machine washable. Hooks are included and no liner is necessary.

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Since you were looking for shower curtains with the American Flag theme, we think you may also want to check out these stunning country-themed shower curtains too.

The Old Barn Curtain

The old weathered barn stands in the distance. A single American flag hangs in the opening of the hayloft. It's a scene not uncommon across much of rural America. Now you can bring it home, even if you're smack in the middle of New York City. This quintessential country American flag shower curtain is 69" long x 70" wide. It's machine-washable polyester fabric and quick to dry after the shower. It comes with hooks.

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Feeling Americana - US Flags Shower Curtains

You want a little bit of country, a little bit patriotic, and a little bit your own style. Check out these great flag-inspired Americana shower curtains we found.

Flag Star and Wreath Curtain

This is country-farmhouse chic. The printed polyester fabric curtain showcases a 3-dimensional looking star in American flag colors surrounded by a rustic twig wreath, dotted with more stars and tiny waving American flags. It's 69" long x 70" wide and comes with hooks. The polyester fabric is machine washable and quick dry. It does not require a liner.

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Flag Quilt Curtain

The feel of grandma's quilt. The look of an American flag. This quilt and the flag-inspired shower curtain is 70" long x 69" wide, comes with hooks, and is completely machine washable. You'll feel super cozy showering behind this curtain!

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Flag Hearts Curtain

We are in love with these cute American flag-inspired hearts. This charming curtain is available in 72" x 72" size or in a smaller 65" x 72" size. It is made from an anti-mold material and is machine washable. It can be used without a liner, but an added liner helps for added splash protection.

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Going Abstract with the American Flag

You want the feel of the American flag but you're looking for something a little less representational. Try one of these three great abstract flag designs.

Waves and Stars and Stripes Curtain

A waterfall of waving stars and stripes is what you find with this patriotic shower curtain. Available in three sizes 69 x 70, 69 x 75, and 69 x 84.

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Falling Stars Curtain

It's like laying on your back looking up at the fireworks on the 4th of July celebration day. This white background features hundreds of falling stars in shades of blue and red. This curtain is available in 60" w x 72"l, 72"w x 72" l, and 72" w x 78" l. It comes with hooks and is made of washable polyester fabric.

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Bold Blue Stars Curtain

This cool shower curtain focuses on the stars from the American flag's stars and stripes. Its navy background features weathered beige stars on a 72" x 72" curtain. It comes with hooks and is machine washable. Printed on one side only.

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Shower curtains provide homeowners with a fantastic way to quickly and effectively change the atmosphere in the bathroom. They're affordable and relatively easy to maintain too. We've investigated shower curtains as a decor element in the site, and you can see all of our shower curtain articles here.

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