17 Adorable Rustic Burlap Kitchen Curtains

Rustic décor has certainly carved out its well-deserved spot in the world of interior design. This nature-inspired theme harnesses the decorative power of natural and unfinished materials, vintage-inspired designs, neutral tones and repurposed fixtures. And no room in the home lends itself to the beauty of the rustic theme than the center of the home – the kitchen.

Window treatments can really tie a room together in terms of theme or color, and a rustic-themed kitchen is no exception to this basic rule. Below I’ll show you 17 examples of stunning rustic kitchen curtains that invoke the classic and versatile look of aged burlap.

Collaged photos of curtains, 17 Adorable Rustic Burlap Kitchen Curtains

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17 Rustic Burlap Curtains That Will Transform Your Kitchen

While the word “burlap” might not inspire the most vivid of imagery when you first think of it, I urge you to think again. These 17 examples of burlap valances and curtains showcase the versatility and the beauty that is inspired by classic burlap colors and patterns.

Rustic Burlap Valences

1. Triple Ruffle Country Valance

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Triple ruffle country valance

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Fashioned from 100% jute, this ruffled and rustic valance offers a beautiful accent for your kitchen windows. This valance measures at 72 inches across, so you can use just one to create a beautiful single window accent. Using more than one will create a cohesive, rustic country look that will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood.

2.  Primitive Country Ruffled Window Valance

For a rustic look that really calls back to the old days, this jute burlap window valance is a must-have. This opaque valance measures in at 72 inches by 14 inches and works splendidly at muting even the brightest of the sun’s rays. Install this valance on your window to create a whimsical, countryside kitchen look.

3.  Natural Jute Valance

Whether you only want to accent a single window or create a cohesive theme across multiple windows, this piece is a brilliant find. Each valance in the set is 72 inches by 16 inches and feature a 3-inch rod pocket for easy installation. Spot clean as needed to keep these beautiful window treatments looking exceptional!

4. Lace and Flower Burlap Window Valance

For a classically rustic curtain with a touch of something whimsical, check out this window valance! This burlap curtain white flowers fine lace ruffles, which would be the perfect touch to any country-inspired or rustic-themed kitchen space. This burlap valance is 40 inches by 16 inches, enough to decorate most windows without blocking out all the sunlight you want in your kitchen.

5. Classic Burlap Tie-Up Window Valance

From Curtains by Jinchan comes this eye-catching tie-up window valance made entirely of cotton while still maintaining the hearty and home-warming appearance of jute burlap. The standard window valance is 72 inches by 14 inches, but you can contact the seller for a customized size to fit your kitchen window of nearly any size!

Burlap Curtain Sets

6. VHC Brands 2-Piece Set

Are you not fond of the heavy feeling of traditional jute burlap but you love the look? These cotton window curtains from VHC Brands are a terrific find for you! Each set is sold in 2 pieces, with each measuring at 24 inches in length and 36 inches in width – perfect for top and bottom window treatments!

7. Cappuccino Tie-Up Blackout Curtains

At an impressive 46 inches in width and 63 inches in length, this blackout curtain can cover a window of nearly any size – in any room! Tie them up when you want to let some natural light into your kitchen or leave them down when you want some privacy or indoor shade. Made out of microfiber in a beautiful shade that mimics jute burlap, this curtain is remarkably easy to clean. Wash in cold water and then tumble dry!

8. Classic Country Farmhouse Burlap Curtains

From VHC Brands comes this matching 2-piece set of tie-back cotton curtains sold in natural burlap color. 84 inches long and 40 inches wide, this full-bodied set of curtains look great in any room, but especially in a rustic-themed kitchen or dining room. Tie them back to let the sunlight in or let them hang to invoke a classically farmhouse-inspired look in your kitchen.

9. Country-Inspired Burlap Curtains

Two identical drawstring panels in this natural tan shade are classically cozy-looking, straight out of a country kitchen! These curtains are made of 100% cotton burlap and boast a width of 36 inches and a length of 63 inches when used together. These curtains are the perfect window treatment for any country or rustic-inspired kitchen that’s looking to harness the beauty of burlap and neutral tones.

10.  Burlap Tan Tier 2-Piece Pair

Another smashing selection from VHC Brands, this two-piece burlap kitchen curtain set is the perfect accent for any kitchen window. This set is available in 2 different dimensions: L36’’ by W36’’ and L24’’ by W36’’ so you can pick the size that best fits the window you have in mind. These durable curtains are surprisingly soft, allowing a gently muted light to come through during the day.

Primitive Rustic Burlap Curtains

11.  Burlap Curtain with Black Stencil Stars

“Plain” burlap on its own looks amazing in a kitchen space, but as this design from VHC Brands shows, there’s something to be said for adding a little extra flair. This 36’’ by 36’’ curtain is fashioned entirely from cotton and woven into a pattern designed to resemble burlap, and then accented with eye-catching black stars throughout.

12.  Berry Vine Valance

This lined burlap valance dials up the country style a touch with berry and white plaid and the depiction of a berry vine across the brown of the burlap. At 72 inches wide and 15.5 inches in length, this valance is a perfect accent for any red and white country kitchen or any primitive kitchen that could use a pop of something classically colorful.

13.  Black Star Burlap Valance

Bold, black stars against a burlap backdrop make for an incredible accent in any country or rustic-themed kitchen or dining room. At 16 inches in height and 72 inches in length, this beautiful valance will fit in the average kitchen window with no hassle. The curtain is fashioned of 100% cotton, with tan fibers loosely woven to mimic the classic appearance of real jute.

14. Patterned Star Burlap Curtain Pair

VHC Brands knocks it out of the park again with this 36’’ by 36’’ swag set, featuring patterned stars against a neutral backdrop. The warmth of red, yellow and orange tones will look great in an Americana, country or rustic-inspired kitchen, especially in the window above the sink! We’ve shown you curtains featuring solid black stars, but these more subtle star shapes might blend a bit more seamlessly into your interior design.

Burlap and Lace Curtains

15.  Rustic Burlap and Cream Lace Window Valance

Though this valance is fashioned out of polyester, it perfectly illustrates the look you’re going for when choosing burlap curtains for a truly rustic look in your kitchen. The added element of lace along the bottom adds a classically country touch for any window that can accommodate 60 inches in width and 19 inches in length.

16.  Sheer Burlap Lace Café Curtains

These billowy, beautiful jute curtains fuse country with sophistication through a unique composition and ruffled embellishments. Each 2-piece order of curtains is hand-made to meet your specifications. To get your hands on a set of your own.

17.  Off-White Window Treatment with Burlap Lace

When you think of burlap curtains with lace, you generally envision the lace being white. This curtain turns that tradition on its head with burlap colored lace against an off-white curtain backdrop. At 54 inches wide by 12 inches long, this valance looks incredible in any kitchen space. If you want a custom size to fit your kitchen window to exact specifications.

Burlap is as Rustic as it Gets in the Kitchen

Rustic design has a lot of repurposed and natural elements, of which burlap is both. So, it makes sense to add these features into your kitchen if rustic is the name of the game. Hopefully, the 17 examples above will help guide your interior decorating as you move toward having the rustic kitchen of your dreams.

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