Samsung Dryer Not Spinning – What To Do?

Samsung dryers are some of the best dryers available on the market today. Not only are these dryers built to last a very long time, but they are designed with luxurious finishes and have ample load capacity. However, just like any other tumble dryer, they can be prone to malfunction, one being when the dryer stops spinning. We've researched why your dryer might not spin and what you can to troubleshoot and repair each potential cause.

Here are common reasons why your Samsung dryer may stop spinning:

  • The child lock is on
  • Bad drum roller
  • Electrical issues
  • Drum roller axle
  • Worn drive belt
  • Drum bearing
  • A bad motor
  • Faulty drum slide
  • The idler pulley has broken

As you can see, there are a few reasons that may cause your Samsung dryer to stop spinning. That being stated, while some of these issues can be fixed with the simple replacement of a part, others may require a professional technician to repair them. Continue reading to learn more about which issues may be DIY-friendly and which ones will require more involved troubleshooting and repair.

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Reasons Why Your Samsung Dryer May Stop Spinning

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If something prevents your Samsung dryer from starting or spinning, the chances are that the dryer will display an error code to explain why. The error codes are displayed using blinking lights to help you troubleshoot the issue to get your dryer back up and running.

The Child Lock Is On

The child lock turned on will prevent your tumbler dryer from working. You can determine if the child lock is on by looking at the icon located on the front LED screen. You may see a smiley face or an icon that looks like a baby. Depending on the dryer model you own, the child lock icon may appear a bit differently but should be recognizable.

If the icon is on, you can find the instructions to turn it off in your user manual or on the dryer's control panel. If you experience any issues with turning off the child lock, you can simply unplug your dryer or flip the circuit breaker and turn it back on after 60 seconds. After you turn the circuit breaker back on, turn the dryer back on, and the child safety lock should be turned off.

Bad Drum Roller

A bad drum roller can cause the dryer to stop spinning as well. You'll find that most tumble dryers come with two drum rollers. However, some dryers may have more to support the front side of the drum. For the dryer drum to spin, the rollers on the back of it must be able to rotate freely. When the rollers are broken or worn out, the dryer simply won't spin, and if it does, it will be sporadic.

You can determine if the rollers or malfunctioning by removing the roller belt from the dryer. Next, try to turn the roller drum using your hand. If it does not rotate freely, check the side support rollers to see if they are broken. If the rollers are broken, you need to replace them or have a technician do so.

Electrical Issues

Samsung dryer models typically come with two fuses. One of the fuses is responsible for operating the drum, and the other one is responsible for regulating the dryer's heating element. If either of the fuses trips, the tumbler will not turn, even if it is getting hot.

To check the fuses for malfunction, try flipping the circuit breaker for the dryer and switching it back on after 60 seconds. Oftentimes, electrical issues can be a matter of resetting the circuit breaker. However, if the fuses are blown out, they will need to be replaced. You can also use a multimeter to see if the fuses are still good.

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Drum Roller Axle

Most dryers also come with a couple of drum support rollers on top of which there are axles to keep them moving freely. Over time, the axles on the drum rollers can wear out, which in turn will cause the individual rollers to bind. When this happens or when the rollers become worn out, the dryer's motor will become overloaded and will not be able to operate.

And if the motor stops operating, the dryer simply won't spin. If you think that the drumroll axles are the issue with your Samsung dryer, try removing the belt from the dryer and looking at the axle on top of the drum. If it is rusted or worn out, you can replace it yourself. You can typically buy this axle for around $30 to $40.

Worn Drive Belt

A drive belt is a slender and long belt that goes around the dryer's drum, around a drum pulley, and then around the drive motor pulley. Over the years, the drive belt can become worn and eventually break. If it does, the dryer will no longer spin until the belt is replaced.

To determine if the drive belt is the issue, again, reach into the dryer and try to turn the drum physically with your hand. If the drum starts to spin too easily, the dryer belt is probably broken. However, be sure to first look at the belt to confirm that it is broken. If you have the equipment and a little technical knowledge, you can replace the drive belt yourself.

Drum Bearing

All of the drums have bearings that help to support them as they turn. Over time, the bearings can wear out or become loose. If the drum itself is worn, the chances are that the bearings may be bad as well. This will definitely cause the dryer to stop spinning. To take a look at the bearing, open the dryer and try to spin the drum with your hand.

If the drum rotates, then the bearing is still good to go. However, if you notice a grinding or squeal-like sound coming from the drum when you turn it or find that it is very hard to turn it, the bearing may need to be replaced. You can open up the drum and replace the bearing yourself or have a technician perform this task.

A Bad Motor

A dryer with a faulty motor will definitely not spin or not spin properly. The internal motor located in Samsung dryers can become worn out over several years of frequent use, similar to any other dryer type. To determine if the motor is the issue with your dryer, select a dryer setting after resetting it. If you hear the motor start after selecting the setting and pressing start, the motor is not the issue.

However, if you select the dryer setting and press start and hear nothing, then the motor is definitely malfunctioning. You'll need a dryer repair technician to take a look at the motor to determine if it needs repair or if it needs to be replaced.

The Idler Pulley Has Broken

Idler pulleys are also a necessary component for the drum to spin. If the idler pulley is worn out or broken, you may notice that the dryer's drum may squeal when it rotates, or it may rotate intermittently with a clunky sound. And oftentimes, the dryer simply will not spin at all.

To determine if the idler pulley is the issue, open up the dryer drum and spin the pulley using your hand. If there is wobbliness, squeaking, or stickiness, the chances are that it will need to be replaced. It should spin smoothly and quietly. The good news is that these pulleys are rather inexpensive, and you can typically purchase one for around $20.

Can you reset a Samsung dryer?

Yes, you can reset your Samsung dryer. The process to do so is rather simple. Start by unplugging the dryer's power cord or turning the dryer off at the circuit breaker. Give the dryer about five minutes to clear out the electrical charge and then plug it back in or flip the circuit breaker back up.

And that's it; you've just reset your Samsung dryer. If you notice that your dryer is malfunctioning, a reset is typically the first step you should take before troubleshooting the issue. You should also know the error codes that may appear on the dryer's control board.

How much is a belt for a Samsung dryer?

An empty dryer widely open

You can usually find a belt for a Samsung dryer for about $25 to $45, depending on where you purchase it. These belts can be purchased from Samsung, online, and appliance stores such as Best Buy or Sears.

How do you run a diagnostic on a Samsung dryer?

Running a diagnostic test on a Samsung dryer is pretty straightforward; here's how to do it.

Press the power button to turn the dryer on, and then press and hold the "Adjust Time Up + Dry Level" button until the "In" or "InS" icon lights up on the display. After the test is complete, the results will show on the control board. They will display for about five minutes, so it may be helpful to have a pen and a piece of paper handy to write them down so that you can refer to your manual.

Is it worth repairing a dryer?

This really depends on the current state and the age of the dryer. If the dryer is constantly breaking and in need of repairs that ultimately cost more than what the dryer is worth, then it's definitely worth buying a new dryer. However, if the parts are inexpensive in the dryer is under five years old, repairing may be the better option.

How long is the warranty on Samsung dryer?

The warranty period for Samsung washing machines and tumble dryers is 24 months.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has answered your questions regarding how to troubleshoot a Samsung dryer that has stopped spinning.

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