What is the Standard Size of a Card Table?

Card tables are a great addition to any home. They give you a collapsable surface on which you and your family can play all types of games, arts and crafts, or pretty much anything for which you don’t already have a dedicated spot. But will you have space to set it up? What is the standard size of a card table? We’ve done the research and compiled some important points for your perusal.

The standard size of a card table varies depending on what shape the table comes in. There are three common shapes for card tables: circle, square, and rectangle. For a circular card table, the diameter is between 42 to 48 inches. For a square card table, the tabletop measures from 34×34 inches to 38×38 on average. Rectangular tables are as small as 36×24 inches on up to 48×92 inches.

Now that you know the standard size for each shape of card table let’s discuss these measurements in more depth and some other details about card tables. Read on to find out more!

Gambling cards and chips scattered on a card table, What is the Standard Size of a Card Table?

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Round Card Tables

As mentioned above, round card tables measure about 42 to 48 inches in diameter. They are anywhere from 28 to 30 inches tall, which is enough to match standard chair height. Due to the circular shape, anywhere from 3 to 5 people can sit comfortably at a round table–potentially more for a table on the larger side. These types of card tables are great for limited space. It allows for plenty of people to sit at the same table without taking up as much room as a square or rectangular table. 

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Most of the time, when someone mentions a “card table,” they mean a collapsable table easy to break down and put away. However, round poker tables also fall within the card table family, and these are generally made of more durable materials than a foldaway card table. Poker tables are covered in felt, with the tabletop sitting atop a wide wooden pedestal base. If you’re considering this type of table, you’ll need to find a permanent space for it in your home. 

A poker table with cards on the table and four yellow chairs

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Square Card Tables

Square card tables are even on all sides. Most of the square card tables you will see are 3×3 feet and measure at about 29 inches high to fit standard sized chairs. These card tables are very popular when playing a game with four people, so if you have a family of four, these are a perfect size. Square tables large enough to fit more people would become an awkward shape to fit in your space, which is why the sizes don’t vary much. Most of these tabletops are made of durable plastic, and the table legs are made of metal. Additionally, these card tables can generally hold upwards of 350 lbs because of this nice, sturdy shape. 

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If you wish for something that better matches your furniture, card tables are also made in solid wood, and the collapsable legs are hinged using pieces of metal or screws. These card tables are a great addition and won’t detract from the sleek look you might be trying to maintain in a family room or den.

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You can get matching chairs as well, which are also easily folded and stored.

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Rectangular Card Tables

Rectangular card tables are very similar in makeup to square card tables, only in a different length. Because the length is longer than the width, these tables can still fit well in a temporary space but seat more people than a square table. These rectangular tables are great for seating 6 to 8 people at a time for a game. They are generally made of a plastic tabletop and metal legs, as is an across the board standard for card tables.

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What is a Card Table Used For?

Although card tables are traditionally thought of as useful for chess or a round of poker, there are many more uses for a card table.

  • Set up for a weekend arts and crafts project with the kids
  • Use this table to hold a sewing machine. 
  • Take these durable tables outside for a BBQ.
  • Play cards with friends or family
  • Great for outdoor weddings when dressed up with a tablecloth

Pretty much anywhere you need an extra table, an easy-to-fold card table can do the trick. 

What Size Tablecloth Can You Use on Card Tables?

The size of the tablecloth will depend on the type of card table you choose, as well as personal preference. Ensure, if your table is round, you purchase a tablecloth made for circular tables, or the edges might hang unevenly.

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To find what size tablecloth you need, first, you will need to know your table’s measurements. Then you will want to decide how much drop you’d like the tablecloth to have. “Drop” refers to the amount (in inches) of fabric you want hanging from the edges of the table.

Once you have your table measurements, you’ll need to do a little math. For circular tables, you’ll take the diameter and then add it to drop length multiplied by two. For example, if your table is 46 inches in diameter and you want the drop to be 8 inches, you’d figure 46 + 8 x 2. This means you’d want a tablecloth that is at least 62 inches. 

For a rectangular or square table, you’ll add the length of the table to the drop you’d like times two. Then add the width of the table to the drop you’d like times two. For example, if your table is 36×24 inches and you’d like an 8-inch drop, you’d figure 36 + 8 x 2, which is 52. Then figure 24 + 8 x 2 which is 40. Your tablecloth would need to be 52×40 inches to have an 8-inch drop. Longer tablecloths are used for more formal occasions, so keep this in mind when shopping for tablecloths. 

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Where Can You Put a Card Table?

A card table can go anywhere, which is one of the reasons it’s a great addition to any household. Set it up for a family game night right in the middle of your family room, and then fold it up and store it away for next time. Most smaller card tables fold up well enough to store in a large closet or utility room. 

If you choose a super nice card table, feel free to make a permanent space for it in a multi-purpose or dedicated game room. Whatever your personal preference dictates, feel free to do. 

In Closing

Card tables come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and materials. With all the options available, you’re sure to find what will work best for you and your space. Shop around, enjoy the process, and enjoy the flexibility a card table can provide. 

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