14 Sugar Skull Throw Pillows For That Perfect Day of the Dead Look

Celebrating the Day of the Dead? Or maybe you enjoy the decorative value of the holiday throughout the year? Either way, sugar skulls are an awesome motif that you can work into your interior design plans. And throw pillows are the perfect way to do just that. Affordable, pretty and practical – that’s a combination you just can’t beat.

With that in mind, we’ve collected 14 gorgeous sugar skull throw pillows for you to appreciate, consider, get inspired by and maybe even order for your living room. Focusing on a multitude of colors, designs, and types of throw pillows, we hope you’ll enjoy our Mexican-themed supernatural post.

14 Sugar Skull Throw Pillows For That Perfect Day of the Dead Look

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1. Sugar Skull Throw Pillow by Acelive

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Variegated throw pillow embroidered with a skull symbol and lots of colors that makes the overall aesthetic look bold. Available in 3 different sizes, 16 by 16, 18 by 18, and 20 by 20, this throw pillow will add lots of flair into your living room. Only one side of the throw pillow is printed, which means you can turn it around in the unlikely event of the skull becoming a little too ‘bold’.

There’s a hidden zipper at the back that ensures easy installation and removal of inserts. The material is made out of a blend of cotton linen for extra durability. Maintenance is super easy as well! All in all, a great buy.

Get this throw pillow here.


2. Sugar Skull Throw Pillow by WEINYA

Set against a blue turquoise background, this chic throw pillow features the skeleton of a feline hauntingly looking back at you. The one-sided print allows you to flip it over should the barebones silhouette become too creepy.

Furthermore, the skull throw pillow is available in eight different sizes, ranging from big to tiny. The fabric itself is soft to the touch and is designed to be hypoallergenic, which means it won’t trigger an allergic reaction in most people. It also features a hidden zipper at the back for easy installation of inserts.

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3. Flowers Skull Throw Pillow by Kissmuyan

If for some reason a single skull isn’t enough, this artist decided to feature five skulls, with one donning a sombrero for some extra flair. The unconventional combination of flowers with five embroidered skulls should be enough to spruce up your room, all thanks to the bright colors which include lots of yellow, red, and blue.

Furthermore, the fabric is a blend of cotton linen, for people who require extra durability. As is usual with most skull designs, the print is only available on one side, so you can flip it over if the artwork proves to be too strong.

Click here to buy it.

4. Sugar Skull with Red Rose

This is a strange combination that combines roses and skulls, design elements that are polar opposites. The artist utilizes the combo to make the mural look extra somber against the jet black backsplash which provides just enough contrast to make all the colors on the cover stand out. Even the green leaves make a power statement. The throw pillow is available in different sizes including the extra large 20 by 30 if you want to take your love for sugar skulls to the next level.

The manufacturer combines 50% cotton with 50% polyester for super comfortable fabric that is extra smooth to the skin. It’s very durable and won’t be getting damaged any time soon. Maintenance is easy, just toss the cover in your machine washer and use cold water under gentle settings.

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5. Jet Black Sugar Skull Throw by SALLEING

This throw allows you to refresh your room with just a single touch. This jet black throw pillow features a decorative cushion case with a unique design featuring a varied color palette. Making this mural stand out is the bright red rose secured over the somber skull. The artist went creative with the unique choice of colors with this cover.

There are six different sizes to choose from, including 16 by 16 and the whopping 20 by 26, for those who want to make a power statement. Furthermore, the fabric is 100% hypoallergenic, and resists dust, mites, and allergens. The durable 50% cotton blend with 50% polyester requires little in the way of maintenance.

Click here to buy it.

6. 4 Skull Throw Pillows by WholesaleSarong

If you want something less grisly and more ‘humane’, then this set of 4 sugar skull throw pillows are just what the doctor ordered. Each pillow features a woman with visually striking embroidery. The prominent theme in each throw pillow has to do with flowers in one form or another.

Each pillow measure between 18 inches by 18 inches and is made of durable cotton linen which is designed to last several years. The digital print is available on one side of the throw pillow only. A hidden zipper at the back makes it easy to install and remove inserts with ease. Maintenance is easy, which means little children and pets can play without fear of damaging the fabric or fading the print.

Click here to buy it.

7. Decorative Sugar Skull by Shicongtai

A creepy looking shadow with flowers for eyes and seeds for teeth might just do the trick to add some more color to your room. The outstanding color palette should make for a visually striking sight that will entrance guests, provoking the proverbial question, “but why?”

The material for the throw pillow is 100% polyester, which is good if you want the product to last a lifetime. The print is available on only one side, and it also comes with a hidden zipper at the back.

Buy this eclectic throw pillow here.

8. Blue Sugar Skull Throw Pillow by HFYZT

Not for the faint of heart, this throw pillow features a sad panda playing guitar. The overarching color theme is purple – including a purple skin for the guitar, purple makeup, and of course, purple colored rose that matches the throw pillow’s backsplash. What makes this throw pillow unique is that both the sides are double printed.

High-quality polyester fabric is employed for ultra soft, super plush upholstery that makes your skin instantly comfortable. It also comes with a hidden zipper at the back for easy installation. Maintenance couldn’t get any easier because this throw pillow is machine washable.

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9. Flower Cirrus Eyes by Yang Yi Yu

Who knew skulls could look reasonably cute if they were adorned with just the right amount of flowers. This sugar skull throw pillow features heavy embroidery that combines an array of different colors, each playing its part in giving your room a full makeover.

The fabric is super soft, durable, and features a double print on either side. Best part is that you also get a pillow with the eclectic sugar skull themed cover.

Click here to buy it.

10. Vector Sugar Skull Throw Pillow by Cvhtr3m

This throw pillow matches a blue themed skull that contains heavy floral artwork with a dark blue backdrop. Green colored vines pour out of the skull as if they have a mind of their own, definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you want to add a new dimension of artwork into your room, this throw pillow should suffice.

It comes complete with a hidden zipper for easy installation and removal of inserts, durable fabric that is designed for long last use, and of course, easy maintenance. Just throw it in the washing machine and call it a day!

Click here to buy it.

11. Black Embroidery Skull Throw Pillow by WULIHUA

The artist skillfully takes advantage of black and white to draw the silhouette of a skull with heavy floral embroidery. You can buy this throw pillow in different sizes ranging from 12 by 16 to a massive 20 by 36. The fabric itself is a blend of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, this guarantees durability and longevity. This feature-rich throw pillow also boasts a fabric that is anti static, antibacterial and super soft.

The artist also offers a DIY design, so make sure to drop them a message if a personalized design is just your thing.

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12. Purple and Ivory Throw Pillow

This throw pillow includes a dark purple backsplash with white-hued floral embroidery in the shape of a creepy skull. This innovative artwork should easily overhaul your room’s design and add a ton of flair to it. The best part is that both sides of the throw pillow are printed, which maximizes its aesthetic appeal. Turning it over won’t get rid of the haunting skull!

There are 6 different sizes to choose from. A polyester and cotton blend was chosen for maximum durability and comfort. To clean, simply toss into the machine washer in cold water. A hidden zipper at the back makes this throw pillow a must buy.

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13. Sugar Skull Throw Pillow by CELYCASY

Here’s a unique design with a versatile color palette that should match your sofa, curtains, rugs, bedding, and benches. We loved those spooky green sunflower eyes thrown in for good measure. It really stands out when the rest of the image uses neutral shades.

The throw pillow takes advantage of modern digital printing technology to ensure that the color stays for the long haul. A hidden zipper, environmentally friendly cotton linen, and tiny size at 18 by 18 inches make this cover a must buy.

Click here to buy it.

14. Orange Throw Pillow by WEINIYA

Here’s something that will brighten up your spaces instantly. The orange backsplash helps set the right mood for guests. A smiling skull with candles for eyes greets back at you in a very traditional creepy-yet-fun vibe.

The colors are nice too, with neon versions of blue, red, green and yellow, making for a cheerful look overall.

Made of a cotton and polyester mix, this pillow is practical as well as pretty. Printed on both sides, it’s easy to work it into any living room or bedroom design.

Click here to buy it.

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