Throw Pillows For Black Couch [17 Ideas with Pictures]

A black couch is a sleek contemporary decorative piece. They are simple, yet they create a sense of luxury in a room. One of the best ways to dress up a black couch is by adding some throw pillows. Since black is a neutral color, virtually any color of throw pillow will pair nicely with a black couch. 

However, there are some throw pillow colors that will make your black couch stand out more than others. To help you achieve an amazing look, we created a list of 17 ideas for throw pillows on a black couch. Without further ado, let's get into it! 

A white colored living room with a black couch and two floral designed throw pillows, Throw Pillows For Black Couch [17 Ideas with Pictures]

Black Throw Pillows For A Black Couch 

Nothing is quite as chic as black throw pillows on a black couch. The colors command attention in the room design. 

1. Complete Black Leather

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Black leather sofa in loft apartment

Finish off your black leather couch with accompanying black leather throw pillows. The materials clearly go well together and it creates a cohesive appearance. 

2. Trio Of Black Pillows

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Cozy and bright Scandinavian style modern apartment with dark grey sofa

The number 3 is an excellent number in the world of design. Items arranged in groups of 3 are visually appealing and can make the room look put together. Groupings in odd numbers tend to look more natural, as seen in this leather pillow grouping. 

Black Faux Leather Throw Pillow

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3. Slouchy Pillows

Modern country style luxury house living room with plant vertical wall

Black slouchy pillows seem to welcome people in and make the space look more inviting. Nestle them into the corners of the sectional to soften the edges.

4. Leather Complements

Modern interior of living room with black leather sofa against of concrete wall

There's no better way to finish off the look of your long leather couch than with a handful of black leather throw pillows. They're an excellent way to make your couch feel cozier. 

Black And White Throw Pillows For A Black Couch

Black and white is a classic color combination that will prove to constantly stand the test of time. The colors can be combined in any type of pattern for an amazing look. You can't go wrong with this arrangement.

5. Geometric Patterned Pillows

Modern interior of living room with black sofa and lamp against of white brick wall

Place two sets of black and white geometric patterned pillows on your black couch for the highest visual impact. Your eyes will be drawn to both sets of unique pillows.

Interlocking Circles Throw Pillow

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6. Color Blocking Scheme

Minimalist living room with black sofa and sideboard on wall

This black and white room features a color blocking scheme. Continue the trend with your pillows by picking one or two pillows in black and white then arrange them in the middle of the couch. 

7. Overflow Of Geometric Pillows

Home interior black stylish loft living room with sofa and decor

Instantly dress up your black sectional couch with the addition of an overflow of geometric patterned throw pillows. Add as many black and white patterns as you see fit.

8. Tie-Dye Pillows

Modern black leather sofa in a luxury house living room

Bring back tie-dye! Black and white tie-dye pillows add a playful touch to your bold black couch. Push them together on one side of the couch.

9. Ombre Colored Pillows

Classic black interior living room with sofa

Use the ombre technique in your throw pillows by transitioning them from dark to light. Doing so leads the eyes down the couch and will leave guests impressed with the attention to detail.

Gray Throw Pillows For A Black Couch

Gray and black is a sleek and modern color combination. If the room's color scheme is neutral, this is a great option. It's simple but it doesn't lack in visual appeal.

10. Gray Paisley Print

Modern black living room with cozy sofa and glasses on a coffee table

Gray paisley print throw pillows provide a subtle yet gorgeous accent to your black couch. The faint pattern on the pillow elevates the aesthetic seamlessly.

Set Of 2 Gray Paisley Pillows

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11. Heather Gray Texture

Modern concept interior design of black and grey living room

Heather gray pillows pair wonderfully with a black couch due to its mixed thread color, especially with the addition of a black and white chevron throw pillow.

White Throw Pillows For A Black Couch

Nothing pops more than classic white on black. These two colors are opposites, and they pack a visual punch when paired together. In this case, you can't go wrong with this simple yet amazing look.

12. Stark White Pillows

Waiting room with grey sofa

If you're looking for a color that will really stand out against your black couch, then white throw pillows are the best option.

White Throw Pillows

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Yellow Throw Pillows For A Black Couch

If you want to add a splash of vibrant life to the room, consider adding yellow throw pillows to your black couch. This arrangement will make a powerful visual statement. 

13. Sunny Linen Pillows

Black and grey living room with sofa and footstools

A sunny yellow hue is quite a bold accent against a black couch. The bright color illuminates the room and creates a beautiful contrast in the design. A bold bouquet of sunflowers ties the look together. 

Goose Yellow Linen Pillows

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Patterned Throw Pillows For A Black Couch

Patterned throw pillows pop against a black couch. There is a great variety of colors and patterns available, so you're sure to find one that fits your desired look.

14. Red And Black Plaid Pillows

A black couch placed next to a white wall with picture frames on the wall

Alternating red and black and gray and black plaid pillows provide an eye-catching play of patterns. The alternating pattern adds differentiation. 

15. Vibrant Floral Print Pillow

A black couch with pinks throw pillows and a pink rug on the floor

A floral patterned pillow infuses a brilliant pop of life and color into a room design. It casts a feminine aesthetic on a dark black couch.

Boho Watercolor Throw Pillow

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16. Modern Patterned Pillows

A white colored living room with a black couch and two floral throw pillows

Modern patterned throw pillows are the finishing touch in a room like this one. The pillows share colors with the artwork in the room, tying them together.

17. Neon Lights Pattern

Cozy and elegant Scandinavian living room interior design

The geometric pattern of this solid black pillow mimics the look of neon lights. It pulls in various accent colors that are used throughout the room.

Let us know in the comment section below what type of throw pillow you place on your black couch! Before you go, be sure to check out these other home decor guides: 

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