15 Boho Throw Pillows That Will Look Great on Your Couch or Bed

15 Boho Throw Pillows That Will Look Great on Your Couch or Bed

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Throw pillows are a great way to make a statement and enhance the chosen aesthetic of any space. Bohemian style, otherwise known as “boho,” is an incredibly popular style characterized by swaths of vivid color, bold geometric prints, and mandalas.

While this style might seem difficult to achieve at a glance, you’re going to be pleased to find that it really isn’t so tough at all! Even a couple of brilliant throw pillows can create a cohesively boho look and add the punch of color that you crave.

Below, we’ll show you 15 beautiful boho throw pillows and throw pillow covers that you can use in any area of the home. Place these eye-catching features wherever you feel an explosion of boho-inspired color, texture, and patterns can liven up the place.

15 Bohemian Throw Pillows to Brighten Up Your Home

Even a seemingly plain living room or bedroom can be brought to colorful life through the addition of one of these classically boho throw pillows. Check out the 15 examples below, complete with links to buy on Amazon!

1. Set of 6 Geometric Print Throw Pillows

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Why settle for a pair of throw pillows when you can order six? This set from HOMFINER offers various geometric designs so that you can decorate to your heart’s content. Ranging from subtle to bold in design, these throw pillows can be used virtually anywhere to add a Bohemian accent. Click here to buy this 6-piece set on Amazon. 


2. Textured Rectangular Throw Pillow

One of the calling cards of boho design is varying textures used throughout a room’s decor. This rectangular throw pillow is both textured and tasseled. Despite being all-white in color, the details are really what gives this throw pillow a real sense of Bohemian flair. Even if you’re not going for a complete room filled with Bohemian inspiration, this throw pillow will still look awesome wherever you put it. Click here to purchase it on Amazon. 

3. Set of 2 Macrame Throw Pillows

This is yet another example of how texture, not necessarily color, can make a pretty big impact. These white-on-white throw pillows are sold in a matching set, perfect for bedspreads and couches. Even better, they complement a multitude of design styles: boho, rustic, country, and vintage to name a few. The pair of versatile throws that you see here are the perfect addition to any space in need of textured details. Click here to buy this matching set on Amazon.

4. Tufted Tribal Throw Pillow

If you want a throw pillow that is sure to make a bold statement wherever you place it, this tribal print throw pillow from Blue Page could be the perfect solution. The neutral colors allow it to fit into nearly any kind of decor scheme, from rustic to boho to modern. Click here to purchase this throw pillow cover on Amazon. 

5. Tasseled Boho Pillow Sham

This rectangular pillow sham from Flber will fit effortlessly over throw pillows of 12 by 20 inches in dimension. The manufacturer has combined texture and eye-catching patterns to create a truly Bohemian-inspired design. This macrame throw pillow sham is embellished with tassels on the edges, which adds that whimsical touch that you expect from the boho look. Click here to buy this pillow sham on Amazon.

6. 4 Mandala Throw Pillow Covers

The mandala is classic Bohemian imagery, so it only makes sense to highlight your boho-themed space with a throw pillow (or 4) showcasing the beauty of this timeless design. These floral mandala throw pillow covers range in shade, from cool purple to warm gold, so why not spread the color around the room (or a couple of rooms)? Click here to buy this stunning 4-piece set on Amazon.

7. Black and White Geometric Throw Pillow Covers

This set of 4 durable, high-quality throw pillow covers offer 4 different designs, ranging from subtle to bold and geometric. These eye-catching covers fit over pillow inserts of traditional square dimensions and are crafted to be durable enough to machine wash. The unique dyeing process used to infuse the designs onto the covers ensures a brighter result and longer-lasting vibrancy. Click here to purchase this 4-piece set on Amazon.

8. Plush and Colorful Geometric Throw Pillow

This square throw pillow invokes every element that is expected of traditional Bohemian chic: texture, vivid color, and bold, geometric prints. Made of cotton and polyester, this pillow from LR Home only looks delicate. It is actually quite durable, making for a perfect addition to any bedroom, even a child’s. The charming design will look great not only in a boho-themed space, but also in a rustic-inspired one as well. Click here to buy this luxuriously soft throw pillow on Amazon. 

9. Macrame Throw Pillow with Extra-Long Tassels

From Flber comes this stunning, tasseled throw pillow. Knotted by hand and absolutely packed with eye-catching texture, this pillow fuses minimalism with boho in expert style. This makes for a perfectly subtle touch to nearly any space, whether Bohemian-inspired, modern, rustic or country in theme. When placed against the backdrop of a darker, contrasting bed, chair or couch, the beauty of this unique pillow will really shine. Click here to buy this tasseled throw pillow on Amazon. 

10. Set of 5 Decorative Cotton Throw Pillows

Texture, color, and variety are abundant in this stunning 5-piece throw pillow set from Third Eye Export. Each pillow depicts a traditional mandala design, with each one boasting a different color. Warm reds and oranges, cool blues and purples, and even rich maroon make for a powerfully colorful statement in any room. The tassels that embellish each corner enhance the Bohemian look that has inspired these pillows. Click here to purchase this 5-piece set on Amazon. 

11. 4 Graphic Bohemian Throw Pillow Covers

Bohemian design isn’t restricted solely to mandalas and bold, geometric prints like the others that you have seen on this list so far. Depictions of flowers, dream catchers and beautiful script definitely have their places in boho-inspired interior design. The gently muted colors on these 4 cotton throw pillow covers are great not only for the Bohemian aesthetic. They can look brilliant in any room that boasts a classically country or rustic themed space. Click here to buy this set of 4 pillow covers on Amazon. 

12. Colorful and Geometric Throw Pillow Cover

Fashioned out of cotton linen, this beautiful throw pillow cover is printed with bright stripes and further embellished with varying geometric patterns. At 18 by 18 inches, this pillow cover will work with any standard sized, square throw pillow. This durable and colorful throw pillow cover can serve as a statement-making accent piece or work in collaboration with the rest of your room’s decor for a truly Bohemian styled space. Click here to buy this unique pillow cover on Amazon.

13. Embroidered Portrait Throw Pillow

What makes this throw pillow stand out among the others on this list is the unique design, which features an exaggerated portrait of a woman’s face. This soft and breathable throw pillow is not only incredibly colorful, but it is luxurious to the touch. Use this throw pillow to highlight a corner armchair, provide some colorful contrast to your bedspread, or inject even more brightness into your chosen space. Click here to purchase this stunning throw pillow from Amazon. 

14. Blue and White Tufted Decorative Pillow Cover

Unlike other examples on this list, this simple yet stunning pillow cover uses blue instead of black to provide contrast against a white backdrop. While it certainly serves beautifully as a decorative piece, the ultra-soft cotton construction of the pillow makes it perfectly comfortable to rest your head on as well. The blue geometric design and tassels invoke a truly Bohemian look that will look great on your window seat/window sill, armchair, bed, or couch. As it measures 18 inches by 18 inches, this pillow cover will work with any standard sized, square throw pillow. Click here to buy it on Amazon! 

15. Set of 4 Colorful Medallion Throw Pillow Covers

From VIGVOG comes this beautiful set of 4 throw pillow covers, all decorated with a classically Bohemian medallion design. These cotton-blended pillow case covers are designed to be ultra-soft with enduring colors that can even withstand a gentle machine wash. Each pillow cover will look great as a statement piece on its very own, but when used together they can really help to create a completely cohesive, boho look in your living room or bedroom. The covers are stonewashed, which adds a semblance of texture that you want when you’re trying to create a Bohemian-inspired space within your home. Click here to purchase this set of 4 beautiful medallion throw pillow covers on Amazon.

Achieve a Beautiful Boho Look with These Simple Additions

You might be surprised just how drastically a throw pillow or two can transform the look of a space. While all of these throw pillows will look great in a room inspired by the Bohemian look, they are also highly versatile. Many of the throw pillows and throw pillow covers above can fit just as seamlessly within a modern, country, or rustic themed bedroom, living room, or anywhere else. The decorative uses for these boho throw pillow designs are as limitless as your imagination!

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