8 Types of Cushions [Do you know them all?]

The cushion has an incredible history. Cushions of all types were used in Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and during the Middle Ages of Europe for comfort, and were also a significant status symbol. Today, you can find cushions of all sizes made from leather, woven textiles, and in varying degrees of opulence. 

Depending on your personal style and choice of home decor, it is essential to familiarize yourself with different types of cushions. Most cushions serve both functional and decorative purposes, as they are useful for supporting the head, neck, back, or sitting upon and add visual interest. Keep reading to learn about different types of cushions to style your home.

Real photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace, 8 Types of Cushions [Do you know them all?]

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1. Chair Cushions

A chair cushion may be made using memory foam, polyester fiberfill, or another type of fiber stuffed inside fabric and is designed for seating. A chair cushion is beneficial because it offers support for the hips and spine, improves posture, circulation, and reduces discomfort caused by sitting on hard surfaces when seated for an extended period. Chair cushions don’t offer much support for the upper back, neck, or lower legs.
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2. Bench Cushions

A bench cushion is ideal for indoor or outdoor benches for patios, living rooms, or vestibules. The outside of a bench cushion may be constructed from stain, and water-resistant fabric on the outside and is often filled with batting, memory foam, or gel. Bench cushions add more support for the body than relying solely on accent pillows or cushions but do not provide back support.

3. Chaise Cushions

 A chaise cushion is a stylish and comfortable accent piece to a lounge chair for outdoor use or indoor use. Chaise cushions provide support for both the upper and lower body.

4. Rocking Chair Cushions

When a rocking chair could use more padding, it is helpful to install a non-skid cushion. As most rocking chairs are sturdy but made from hard surfaces, a rocking chair cushion adds an appreciated layer of comfort and support for the seat and back when rocking to-and-fro.

5. Window Seat Cushions

A seat cushion for the window provides a welcome space to lounge, read a book, or enjoy the view while perched casually. Window seat cushions provide a modest layer of padding for your seat and can match any decor.

6. Wicker Furniture Cushions

Wicker furniture is beautiful indoors or outdoors but often requires a seat cushion to make sitting more comfortable. Whether you need a cushion for a wicker chair, settee, or hanging swing, a cushion helps support the hips, butt, and legs when lounging.

7. Deep Seating Cushions

Deep seating cushions are a must-have for outdoor or indoor furniture that has a low seat and frame. Using a deep setting cushion helps elevate the body so one can sit more comfortably on furniture that is closer to the ground. A deep seating cushion is much thicker than other types of cushions for optimal support and comfortable sitting height.

8. Church Pew Cushions

The pews within a church are often made from wood and are quite hard to sit upon for long periods. A church pew cushion provides a more comfortable seat without resorting to upholstery or installing a permanent padded seat. Church pew cushions may be tufted or have a smooth design, but they are designed for religious services indoors.

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