35 Very Small Living Room Ideas

Rustic small living room with brown corner sofa, rug and curtains, 35 Very Small Living Room Ideas

Struggling with a small living room? We've got you covered! Discover 35 creative ideas to make the most of your tiny space.

From clever storage solutions to stylish decor tips, these ideas will help you transform your small living room into a cozy and functional haven.

1. All About Color

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Blue wall living room with white couch and white colored flooring

Color can completely transform a room and give it the perfect finishing touch. This furniture has a teal pattern that matches the wall color, creating a cohesive look in the room.

Small living spaces don't have to be lacking.


2. Warm Hues

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Colorful couch pillows and light brown colored walls in the background

Make up for the small room by utilizing warm tones and rich texture furniture. Velvet has made quite the return to being in trend with modern design.

The orange couch anchors the room's design, and everything else is well incorporated. The metallic sheen brings additional light into the room and elevates the aesthetic.

Velvet Throw Pillows

3. Sleek And Modern

Curved couch in small living room with gray colored walls and brown curtains

Everything about this room says sleek and modern. The furniture, paint color, lighting, and even curtains all complement each other's design and color.

The curved couch smooths out the room's layout and provides an appealing shape. The tile work in this room also serves as an outline for an area rug.

4. Narrow Room

Dark color inspired living room with couch near window and table with basket

Even in a narrow room, you can make it cozy and comfortable. Make your space work for you instead of against you. Use one wall for all kinds of storage and display units.

On one side, use a glass-paneled curio cabinet for displays; on the other, use some plastic bins for all those daily-use items.

5. Reading Nook

Dark gray colored wall with paintings and comfortable looking chairs with white curtains

Even if your small living room technically has room for a couch, go the nontraditional route. Design the perfect little reading nook by placing an oversized chair on each side of a small table.

It fosters intimate conversation and intentional time. Complete the room with a unique area rug and gorgeous indoor houseplants.

Check out these excellent indoor plant options: 14 Large Indoor Plants For Low-Light.

6. Contemporary Cool

Gray colored walls with windows and fire place at the middle with wooden flooring

Keep the style consistent throughout your home. This contemporary living room set is perfect for gatherings and entertainment.

A couch, two armchairs, and a coffee table are the ultimate companions for the fireplace in the center of the room. The built-in shelves offer storage and more room for decor.

7. Keep It Simple

Light gray colored walls with white couch and TV mounted at wall

Sometimes, a simple look is the best for a room. Keep decorative items and furniture to a minimum to fully enjoy the items in the room.

Solid colors should make up the bulk of the design to ground the room. Use little accent pieces that are patterned and textured.

8. Themed Room

Living room with brown colored living room and long comfortable couch

Don't underestimate the power of a themed room. Themed rooms can cause a nice break in the rest of the home's style.

It's also a fun way to express some personality that you may not otherwise utilize in the rest of your home's style. Everything used in this design has some sort of pattern or texture in common.

9. Plush Furniture

Living room with couches and painting in the walls

Plush furniture does a great job of making a room of any size look appealing and inviting to just about anyone.

With neutral-colored furniture, it's easy to use any accent color that you wish. In a room like this one, soft accent colors are incorporated into the design. Table lamps supply warm light to the room.

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10. All About Lighting

Living room with gray colored living rooms and dark gray couches

Intriguing light fixtures show that care and thought were used for even the details of the room. It's a form of art that adds character.

You can find lighting that matches any style, easily contributing to the overall aesthetic.

White Flower Ceiling Light Fixture

11. Eclectic Charm

Small living room with white colored walls and decorative empty bottles for decorations

An eclectically designed space is full of fun features. The design is unexpected yet well-thought-out. It features contrasting patterns, a mixture of textures, and a neutral base color.

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Wire-Caged Pendant Lighting

12. Mix And Match

Living room with white colored walls and huge rug on floor and white solid wooden table

Mix and match different colors, patterns, styles, and materials to create a visually stimulating room. With white walls and furniture, it's easy to add interesting features.

13. Statement Piece

Living room with wooden flooring and white colored ceiling

Pick a piece of furniture that will serve as the statement piece in the room. It draws attention no matter what size room it's in.

14. Transitional Room

Living room with wooden flooring and white walls with green couch

Your living room may look more like a transitional room if it's very small, and that's perfectly okay.

Whatever space you do have, furnish it with comfortable furniture and an exciting area rug that helps anchor the room. Hang a piece of art above the couch for a personal touch.

15. Versatile Space

Living room with customized wooden cabinets and wooden flooring

Your living room may fill the role of a few different rooms in a very open floor plan. Furnish it in a way that's versatile according to the needs.

Use a consistent color palette in the space so the rooms don't clash with each other.

16. Industrial Aesthetic

Modern living room with wooden furniture's and comfortable couch

The industrial aesthetic is intriguing, chic, and oh-so-appealing. Natural wood, cement, metal surfaces, vintage items, and a cool color palette are a few things that make up this style.

Whatever size your living room is, it's worth trying out.

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17. Wall Decor

Old fashioned living room with circular mirrors and clocks with gray couch

Wall decor has the incredible power to complete the look of a room.

You should especially mount mirrors in your small living room to help the room appear larger and airier than it is.

18. Color Pop

Red couches inside small living room with wooden framed window

One way to make a very small living room look more exciting is by the use of bright-colored furniture.

Since there's already a minimal amount of furniture in the room, make it stand out even more by using a bold hue. Light-colored walls give it a more open appearance as well.

19. Earth Tones

Rustic colored living room with gray curtains and brown colored columns with rug

Earth tones comprise a very natural color palette full of warmth and serenity. Since the living room is the most used space for gathering, it's an excellent choice of colors.

20. Playful Colors

Scandinavian themed living room with yellow colored lamps and white walls with paintings

Bold colors are a definite way to make a room look even more appealing. With a black-and-white room scheme, color is a welcome addition.

Carefully select accent pieces that make the space come alive. Modern art transforms the walls while mustard yellow pendant lights shine bright.

21. Neutral Color Palette

Small living room with gray rug and widescreen TV mounted on wall

A cool, neutral color palette keeps the room looking fresh and simple. There doesn't have to be a plethora of colors to design a well-loved room.

Keep clutter tucked away in a sleek white entertainment center and use bold decorative items in the room.

Gray Shag Area Rug

22. Chunky Throw Blanket

Small living room with plants inside and gray couch lying on it

Throw blankets can add rich texture and depth to any room. Take this picture, for example—the grey couch gets an instantaneous facelift from the chunky yellow throw blanket.

Another great thing to note is that you can consistently change out the blankets to create a new look or add some seasonal pizzas as the months come and go.

23. Plant Life

Small living room with plants placed at the sides next to the couch

It's a well-known fact that houseplants are a great way to add organic texture and color to a room. Many indoor plants also do a great job of purifying the air and removing toxins from it.

They're basically a win-win addition to any room. Pick out vases and containers that complement the room's design aesthetic.

24. Mood Lighting

Small living room with rug and huge curtain and wooden drawer and cabinets

Good lighting works wonders in a small space. It instantaneously brightens the room and makes it appear larger than it really is.

Use a combination of natural lighting and various light fixtures to really open up the room. Install LED lights that change colors behind your TV to add a fun element.

LED TV Backlight

25. Low-Key Design

Small but well lit living room with wooden decking and gray couch with hardwood main door

In a small living room, you may want to keep things low-key and minimal. Let the natural features of the room, like the wood flooring and color of the walls, do a lot of the "talking."

Add in a couch, floor lighting, and a few wall decor pieces for a minimal, low-key look.

26. Skylights

Tight living space at attic level with couches and decorative cabinets

Skylights are an excellent way to bring in lots of natural light and warm your room.

They also seem to add more space and open up the room. Craft the perfect reading nook with two comfy chairs and a side table between them.

27. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant small living room with green rugh and dark colored curtains

Make the most of your very small living room. Painted white walls open up the room, making it appear larger than it really is.

Pick an accent color to run throughout the room with various accessories. An area rug adds rich texture and dimension.

28. Exposed Brickwork

White colored walls and white furnitures with shinny wooden floor deck

No doubt an exposed brick wall adds life to the room. It gives it character and something to ground the room. White furniture elevates the aesthetic.

A glass-top coffee table can have multiple uses in a space like this: utility as a table and an ability to serve as a barrier between the room sides.

29. Focal Point

White colored walls and wooden flooring with fireplace at the middle

Pick something in the very small living room to serve as the focal point of the room to make it appear larger.

The focal point draws attention to itself, preventing people from focusing on the size of the room. The fireplace does an excellent job with the gorgeous mosaic tilework.

30. Minimalism

White colored walls with gray couches inside small living room

Minimal yet beautiful. A living room doesn't have to be packed full of furniture or decorative items to look beautiful.

Sometimes, a minimal look is all you need to make a stunning space.

Pick out a couple of staple items to include in the design. This room features two oversized chairs, a sleek entertainment center, a TV, and some houseplants. That's all you need for a minimally designed room!

31. Shelf Space

White couch inside small living room and TV mounted at wall

In a small room, shelf space and storage are much appreciated. Take advantage of it to keep items tucked away or to display other things beautifully.

Light-colored furniture opens up the room and leaves space to incorporate a wide range of accent colors.

32. Crisp White

White modern living room with dark wooden panel flooring and white couches

A crisp white room is all things fresh and clean. Any color that's incorporated into the design will easily stand out.

Ground the room with an elegant coffee table. The see-through aspect of the glass top ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. Use the lower glass top to display colorful books or other trinkets.

Glass Top Coffee Table

33. Wall Art

White wall living room with colorful furniture and dotted flooring

One way to liven up a small room is with the help of wall art and other various decorative items.

It can help draw the eye away from focusing on the size of the room and instead appreciate the contents of the room. A fun tapestry adds a lot of visual interest.

34. Geometric Patterns

White walls with white couch and metal cabinets

Geometric patterns and shapes are found everywhere you look.

Carefully select the repeat patterns you want to incorporate into the design and then complement the repetition with other shapes. The neutral color palette leaves room for rich texture.

35. Soft Tones

Wooden table and white couch with brown pillows inside small living room

Brown and white hues create a soft-looking space. It's a warm and welcoming color combination that won't go unnoticed.

Corner cabinets utilize the space in a room that might not otherwise be used. It's a great way to ensure that every part of a small room works for you.

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