What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls?

You're putting together the color palette for a reno or home build and want to know, what color carpet goes well with blue walls? We've scoured our sources to find outstanding color combinations. Because blue is such a "go with anything" sort of color, your choices are broad! So let's take a look.

Carpet colors that go well with blue walls are as follows:

  • Creme
  • Tan or Natural
  • Grey
  • Blue (Including Navy)
  • White
  • Pink
  • Brown

We're going to look at examples of each color combination. Then we'll look at rugs that work with blue walls, what rooms blue walls work for, and some of the most popular carpet colors right now. So please, keep reading for more inspiration!

A blue walled living room with a white canvas hanged on the wall and a bed with gray and white beddings, What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls, What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls

Great Carpet Colors To Go With Blue Walls

Blue is such a soothing color. And with its wide range of hues from the palest sky blue to ocean blue to the deepest navy it's a designer's dream. Plus it coordinates with so many other colors that it can be worked into almost any style. Let's take a look at some examples of wonderful blue wall and carpet combinations.

Creme Colored Carpets With Blue Walls

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Awesome blue spacious living room with a huge window on the right side and a fireplace on the background

Creme colored carpets and blue walls are like the sand and the ocean. Both are soothing visually and will promote a sense of clean, lightness in an interior space. Here a bright medium blue accent wall has been paired with a carpeted living room. The creme works well with the paint color and with the stone surround of the fireplace.

Tan Or Natural Colored Carpets With Blue Walls

A gorgeous modern house with a single bed with teal colored pillows inside a blue painted bedroom

If you're looking for spa-style serenity, look no further than tan or natural-toned carpets paired with any shade of a blue wall. Here a robin's egg blue and soft tan wall-to-wall carpet provides a soothing sleep zone for a bedroom. This combination will help carry you quickly into dreamland.

Grey and Blue Are A Natural Combination

A modern living room with opaque colored sofas and dark blue painted wall

Grey has grown in popularity over the last several years and it's no exception for grey carpet. This neutral color comes in a wide range of shades, just like blue. Consider pairing a lighter grey with darker blue walls, like in this room with soft textured grey carpet and navy-grey wall color. Or, consider the opposite. Pair light blue walls with deep grey or charcoal colored carpeting.

Blue Plus Blue Makes A Great Room For You

Kids room with blue walls decorated with clouds and a blue carpet on the middle of the room

Choosing different shades of the same color when doing any sort of design decision can always work. The same is true for pairing a blue carpet with blue walls. In this bedroom, various shades of navy, royal blue, and grey-blue are accentuated against light blue walls. But even choosing very similar shades can work. A monochromatic design leaves room for accents of color in other areas.

White Goes With Everything

A blue sofa, round wooden table, and a carpet on the flooring inside a blue walled living room

If you have the capacity to keep white carpets clean, white is a super luxurious choice paired with blue wall paint. Of course, the downside to white carpet is its propensity to gather dirt. If you have a house full of kids, live on a farm, or have beloved dogs, then white, though it will match just fine, might not be the choice for you.

Pink Is Fun With Blue

A small narrow living room with blue walls, huge window, and a pink carpet incorporate with a white couch

Blue and pink have long been associated with nurseries, but both colors have grown up and expanded. The design world is quick to pair pale pinks with navy blues. Or brilliant fuschia with a luminesce robin's egg blue like in this room. The added bonus of texture in the carpet makes this an absolutely fun combination.

Brown Carpet With Blue Walls For a Warm And Cozy Look

A modern contemporary living room with a blue accent wall with a split type air-conditioning unit on it

Brown and blue are a good compromise between super feminine or super masculine color choices. This color combination tends to satisfy many different types of tastes. In this living room soft brown pairs beautifully with the greyish blue wall color. You could also choose a dark brown carpet and paint your walls a light sky blue. Add some lovely brown leather furniture and this will be a room your whole family wants to pile into for movie night. (See post here: "14 Living Room Color Schemes With Brown Leather Furniture")

What Style Of Rug Goes With Blue Walls?

A good option if you don't want a wall-to-wall carpet is an area rug. As we've mentioned, blue is such a great wall color that gives you tons of options for rug styles. Let's see what we found.

Patterned Rugs

A blue walled living room with white couches and a zigzag patterned rug on a wooden flooring

If you have blue walls, find a patterned rug that picks up a bit of your wall color or is in the same shade realm. Or pick a rug that picks out colors from both your wall and your sofa to tie everything together.

This Herringbone patterned rug in blue and white looks fantastic with these navy chairs, white furniture accents, and palest blue walls. Click here for this rug on Amazon.

This bold, bright art deco rug features light and dark blues to set the tone easily when paired with any shade blue walls. This rug brings a lot of color into the room. Click here for this on Amazon.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs feel fantastic on your feet. These rugs are a great choice for the bedside or in front of the couch where you may be with your shoes off. Because shag rugs come in so many colors, you can find a perfect match for your shade of blue walls.

This navy shag area rug is a great match with this light pale grey-blue wall color. Click here for this on Amazon.

Natural Material Rugs

Another great area rug style to pair with blue walls are natural fiber rugs. Look for rugs made from jute or sisal. These fiber rugs feel good to the feet and are long-wearing. The natural color in combination with blue gives off a calming vibe.

This jute rug is great for a natural look. Here it's paired with the white wall color. Click here for this rug on Amazon.

Is Blue A Good Living Room Color?

Blue is a great color for the living room. It comes in so many shades and tones that you can truly create whatever vibe you're going for.

A Scandinavian themed living room with a white sectional couch, a round coffee table, and a white round carpet

This barely blue wall color with white, natural, and blue accents creates a room that is like a deep exhale. You'll want to entertain, read, and snuggle on the couch in a room like this. 

A Bohemian themed living room with a blue accent wall, blue sectional couch, wooden laminated flooring, and two golden hanging lamps

Here a marbled teal wall is matched with brass accents and a velvet teal sofa. This room has a feminine feel that makes us want to take off our shoes and dance with slippered feet across the elegant wood floors.

A dark blue wall living room with wooden flooring, brown sofa, and a coffee table in front

Here dark blue and tans create a dramatic and cozy space. We imagine sipping a glass of dry red wine while catching up on the latest headlines.

Is Blue A Good Bedroom Color?

The color blue symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom. Which for us, makes it a great bedroom color choice. Who wouldn't want to dream up some inspiration, or find serene wisdom as you sleep? 

A dark blue wall living room with wooden flooring, brown sofa, and a coffee table in front

Feel the inspiration of the ocean in a bedroom painted in a soft turquoise with airy white curtains and bedding. 

A blue walled living room with a white canvas hanged on the wall and a bed with gray and white beddings, What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls, What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls

Soft blues and greys give this bedroom the serenity and calm feeling people crave when they rest. The mix of related colors and soft textiles speak to gentle slumber and sweet dreams.

What Is The Most Popular Carpet Color?

Most people tend to gravitate toward neutrals when they pick their carpets. Lately, the most popular neutral has been grey. In years past the favorite neutral was a soft beige. But look for almost navy blues to have a surge in popularity in the coming years, along with bold colors as people tire of the grey and white trends we've been seeing for the past couple of years.

If you're selling a home, it's always best to go with neutrals though. Pop up the color through your staging but keep your base colors basic. Bold statements are extremely personal, and what might be amazing to you could be simply awful to a prospective buyer.

Blue Walls Won't Let You Down

Your blue walls are a surefire choice. Choosing the right carpet color is simply a matter of setting your style. We hope the examples we've provided get your creative mind fired up and ready to decorate.

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