What Curtains Go With Blue Walls? [15 Options Explored]

Blue is one of the most soothing colors in the spectrum. From the ocean to the sky to the mist hanging over mountains, blue calms us and brings us a sense of peace. It’s no wonder we so frequently choose it as an interior paint color in our homes. But when it’s time to design, you may find yourself asking, what curtain colors go with blue walls?

Blue walled bedroom with grey beddings and grey curtains

Think of cool colors or complementary colors when you choose your curtains to showcase your blue walls. Some of the most popular are:

  • Whites
  • Greys
  • Yellows
  • Oranges

Whites and greys are both cool colors like blue, which is why they work so well against a blue wall. Surprisingly the other colors that go well are colors that would be opposite on the color wheel. Orange is the complementary color to blue, so depending on your shade of blue, anything in the yellow to the peach range may work surprisingly well. Getting curious? We’ve presented some great examples in this video. Watch them first before proceeding with the post below.


Rich Navy Curtain On A Deep Blue Wall

This luxurious combination makes you want to pop open a bottle of Dom and slip out of your shoes with that special someone. A deep blue wall against white flooring provides the perfect showcase for this navy velvet curtains. It screams high design and luxury, and we love it.

Modern interior of the living room in monochrome blue with a stylish velvet sofa, beige carpet and white flower on the table

This heavy-duty grommet top curtain in luxurious poly velvet is a great way to get this look. It comes in a set of two panels and is available in several different lengths, though each panel is a standard 54″ wide. It can be hung on any curtain rod up to 1 5/8″ diameter.

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Periwinkle Blue Walls with Soft Grey Light Filtering Curtains

Periwinkle is a unique color, as it’s both vibrant and tonal. Which makes finding the right curtain so important. In this case, a white sheer combined with some medium grey light filtering curtains creates a soft look perfect for the bedroom. Bedding grey and navy with that complementary color we mentioned with the pop of floral yellow throw pillow completes the look.

Modern cobalt blue bedroom with double bed, gray bedding, carpet and window

These semi-sheer poly linen curtains with grommet headers do a great job of mirroring the look in the image above. Available in 2-panel packages in several lengths and standard 54″ width. The linen look and textured style provide interest while still letting light through to the room.

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These darling pillow covers in yellow, black, and periwinkle on a black background can help complete the bedding look for your soft blue and grey bedroom.

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Electric Blue Walls And Navy And White Polka Dotted Curtains

This room is nothing but fun, from the bright electric blue walls to the sheer white and navy polka-dotted curtains. It’s the perfect look to express how unique your style is. White furniture and blue upholstered pieces complete this excellent living space.

Modern blue and white themed living room with polka dots window curtain

These sheer curtains with white and blue embroidered polka dots come in a package of 2 panels. Various sizes are available. The grommet tops on these are unique with their no noise slide system.

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Dark Turquoise Walls With Medium Gold Curtains

This vibrant living space takes the idea of using opposite colors and making them shine. Here we see a bright turquoise wall paired with a medium gold curtain that picks up the color of the hardwood floor to the left. A poof accent in red draws out the gold color, too. A round blue rug plays against the wall color.

Modern apartment living room interior with blue walls

These chenille jacquard style curtains feature a slight geometric pattern and a warm golden glow. They are room darkening, come in a set of two panels, and are available in many sizes. Their silky finish allows for a beautiful drape.

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Greyish Blue Walls And Curtains In Rose And Navy

This stylish room draws curtain inspiration from the abstract color-blocked painting hanging on the soft blue-grey wall. Linen-like curtains in delicate rose and deep navy are set against sheer curtains in white. Copper and gold accents on the furniture and lamp bring out the warm hues in the rose. It all comes together to create an exquisite look.

Navy blue armchair next to lamp in sophisticated apartment interior with painting and flowers

White Knotted Sheers On Wedgewood Blue Walls

Floor to ceiling windows with such marvelous light doesn’t need to be bogged down with heavy curtains. Here, floor to ceiling sheers have been tied up into stylish knots to create a fresh look. Black iron curtain rods with spiraled ends add a modern touch to the look.

Domestic house bedroom with parquet flooring, stand fan and window with white curtains

You can get this curtain rod look for your own home. Click here to see them on Amazon.

White Textured Curtains On Deep Blue Walls

Another approach for deep blue walls is to think in terms of contrast. Here a bright curtain in white with a geometric texture of the softest grey plays nicely with the opulent dark blue walls and white trim work.

Blue colored wall with white curtain wall

These beautiful linen-look curtains from Exclusive Home feature soft grey medallion designs on a white background. They come in 54″ pairs, available in several lengths, and hang from a rod pocket.

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Lighter Turquoise Walls With Yellow Curtains And White Sheers

Sometimes you can tone a color down to get the results you want. Much like the other turquoise and gold room showcased above, this color combination works well. Here we have a slightly lighter shade of turquoise and a slightly lighter shade of gold curtains.

Bluish green colored wall with white and yellow curtains

Curtains For Light Blue Walls

With neutrals being all the rage, light blue is more likely to be a chosen shade for wall color than the darker blues. So what types of curtains go best with light blue walls? We have examples below.

White Sheers And Patterned Tan Curtains For A Blue Wall

The play of pattern can add a nice element to a room with a colored wall. Here, a patterned tan floral curtain is paired with bright white sheers for light and privacy in this blue and white room. The white porthole mirrors reflect the natural light creating an element of space.

Modern blue bedroom with purple carpet, lamp and round silver wall decor

These paisley printed curtains combine vintage feel with modern freshness. Printed on a durable poly and linen fabric, they come in a pair of two shades and are available in several sizes and colors.

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Love the porthole mirrors? We found this rustic set in distressed wood and white paint. Buy two sets to get the whole wall look.

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Luxurious Gold Metallic Curtains Against Blue And Gold Damask Walls

Gold and blue, the color of kings and royalty, and we see that come to play in this elegant combination. A gold stenciled damask wallpaper pairs beautifully with these rich metallic gold satin curtains and sheerest white sheer.

Beige floor lamp on a background of golden curtains and white tulle

Ochre Colored Curtains Against Light Turquoise Walls

The white and natural woods of this kitchen and dining space make choosing a curtain to pick up those same tones an obvious choice. The rich gold of ochre shines as the light pours into this sunlit galley kitchen space.

Modern kitchen interior with blue colored walls and wooden panel flooring

These linen blend curtains are airy and breezy and provide the perfect note for a turquoise wall. This color is called Taffy. They are sold in pairs and come in various lengths, with the panels being 52″ wide. They hang from grommet tops on the curtain rods of your choice.

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Sunny Yellow Curtains On A Light Blue Wall

We love sand and sea or sun and sky combinations. Here we have it with the light blue paint color and the vibrant yellow curtain. The texture in the curtain is mirrored on the sofa and enhanced by the bright geometric pillow.

Modern interior design of living room with blue wall and sofa, frames and window with yellow curtain

These sunny yellow and white patterned curtains are bound to make you smile. Grommet tops and available in 52″ x 84″ pairs.

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An abstract triangle pattern in ombre orange to yellow makes this throw pillow cover a great way to get the look above. Super stylish in an 18″ x 18″ size.

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Playful Peach And Blue Patterned Curtains Against A Patterned Light Blue Wall

Who says patterns can’t play against patterns? That’s precisely what’s been done in this bedroom where a delicate floral wallpaper in blues has been paired with soft pastel patterned curtains in blue and peach. The glass globed end curtain rods punctuate the look.

Interior of childrens bedroom with pillow on the floor

Love those curtain rods? You can have the look, too. Click here to see these on Amazon.

Soft Grey Blue Curtains Against Soft Grey Blue Walls

Sometimes the best choice is monochromatic. Here a matching shade of wall and curtain in soft grey-blue looks super with the white trim. Furniture accents in a similar color highlighted with more whites and tans create a cohesive look for this living space.

Modern apartment living room with chairs, round tables and sofa

These gradient semi-sheer curtains are a popular choice. They come in sets of two panels and are available in 54″ widths and various lengths.

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Tan Curtains Against Light Blue Walls

Another variation of the use of the curtain to highlight the flooring. White, tan, and blue work together to make this dining space inviting and contemporary.

Dining room interior with parquet floor and pink roses on the table

Softest Rose Curtains Against Light Blue Walls

In this sumptuous, feminine bedroom, the softest color rose is used in the curtains to play against the light blue walls. Various shades of blue are used in the room as well, between the bedspread and the vibrant upholstered chair. It’s a room you may never leave.

Canopy bed in a modern house bedroom

These ballet pink colored curtains in velvet are temperature insulating and noise blocking, along with being exquisite. They are sold in individual panels, so if two curtains are needed, then each would need to be ordered.

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Simple White Sheers On A Pale Blue Wall

Perhaps the most classic choice for a light blue wall is lovely, neutral white. It’s a clean look that leaves your mind free and uncluttered to enjoy your surroundings. Here curtains have been hung above the window line to give the illusion of height in the room.

Blue wall living room with modern furniture, large window, white curtain and parquet flooring

Have you found the inspiration you need? White, grey, golds, rose? Which color is going to be the perfect match for your blue wall? Whichever you choose, your blue wall is bound to be lovely. For more design inspiration here on Home Decor Bliss, please check out these additional posts below:

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