What Color Carpet Goes With White Walls? [7 Great Options]

If you're in the market for a new carpet, choosing a color can be a hard decision. You want it to match your furniture and your walls, so if you've already decided on white walls, you may be wondering what color carpet will go with them. Well, we've scoured the internet for the best color pairings of carpet for a room with white walls. 

Almost any color carpet will go well with white walls. Some examples of carpet colors that will go with white walls include:

    • Dark Brown
    • Light Brown
    • Cream
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Pink

We've given you a few colors that go well with white walls, but keep reading as we discuss these further and show you some image examples, so you can visualize exactly how they might look. We'll also go over some other questions you might have about white walls and choosing a carpet color. 

Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath, Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath, What Color Carpet Goes With White Walls? [7 Great Options]

Carpet Colors That Go With White Walls

As we mentioned above, there are very few carpet colors that don't go well with white walls. However, popular choices for living rooms are neutrals, such as browns, creams, and greys, and then black carpets to create a monochromatic look. For bedrooms, white walls can be paired with bolder carpet choices. We'll show you some examples below.

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Black lamp standing by a sofa and a row of candles lying on the floor in front of a window shedding light on the interior of boho style living room, What Color Carpet Goes With White Walls? [7 Great Options]

Dark Brown

Browns come in many different shades and most will work with white walls. Choose a very dark brown, like in the image above, to create a dramatic contrast between the walls and the floor. A darker carpet will make the room feel smaller, which may be ideal for a bedroom you want to feel cozy. 

Light Brown

Brown is a great way to warm up a room with white walls. This light brown carpet creates a welcoming atmosphere in this family room.


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A carpeted living room with white colored walls, huge windows, and ceiling lights on every corner for proper lighting

Cream carpets are a great way to keep the room feeling airy and light, but not empty. The cream adds warmth, while also being a great blank backdrop for any additional area rugs you might want to include in your room. 


Black and white are both harsh colors, but look how they balance each other out to create this inviting bedroom. The designer further softened up the room by adding white bedding and hints of green.


Just as white walls can be warmed up with browns, they can be cooled down with grey. This stunning monochromatic living room creates a cozy vibe with cool colors.


Bolder carpets, like this blue striped carpet, are often best left for the bedroom, but doesn't this nautical themed room look fun? Carpet doesn't have to be boring, and having white walls allows for the opportunity to choose a bolder style carpet. 


Who knew pink carpet could look so glam! White and different shades of pink create this adorably chic bedroom proving that bold-colored carpets aren't just for children's rooms.

Do White Walls Go With Every Design Style?

Modern minimalist interior with an armchair on empty white wall

The beauty of white walls is that they can act as a blank canvas for your furniture and decor. White walls can be made to work with every design style. They can be made warmer or cooler depending on the color of the furniture you pair them with. 


White walls are perfect for achieving a minimalist look. They help keep the room looking simple and light.


White walls in a contemporary home can help draw the eye to other features like artwork and furniture.


Red, beige, and blue are accompanied by white walls in this traditional style living room!


Rustic interior design pairs natural elements with farmhouse interior design styles and this room shows that white walls can help achieve this look.


Eclectic is a fun interior design style and white walls don't detract from that. This living room shows us that white walls do not have to equate to a boring style. 


Boho, short for bohemian, is a style known for being unconventional. Mixing and matching materials is a great way to achieve a boho look. The different textures and colors will look great and stand out against white walls. 

These are just a few examples of interior design styles that can work with white walls. The possibilities are endless. White walls really can be used for any design style! 

How Can You Match Wall Color To Carpet?

Color palettes for choosing a carpet

Matching a wall color to a carpet color can be difficult. Paint swatches are great but will often look different once they are on the walls and in different lighting. When choosing your paint color in-store, try to bring a sample of your carpet so you can compare under the bright store lights and outside in natural light to see if they go well together. 

If you've already chosen a paint color and applied it to your walls, experiment with samples of carpet swatches in your room. Compare it under natural, artificial, and nighttime lighting. 

We've discussed the how, but Should Carpet And Wall Color Match? Check out this blog post for more information. 

How Do You Choose A Carpet Color?

Different colored carpets stacked on top of each other

There are a few things to consider when choosing a carpet color. You can follow interior design suggestions like the "rule of three," choose neutrals or consult a color wheel, or you can focus more on how the carpet will be used. Remember that carpets are long term options, so make sure you choose a color you will be happy looking at for the foreseeable future!

Rule Of Three

A well-known interior design rule called the "rule of three" suggests choosing three main colors to make up your room. A principal color should make up 60% of your room, a second color 30%, and an accent color 10%. Since the carpet and floors make up a large percentage of the room, they should be colors of similar shades. 

Choose Neutrals

Choosing neutral colors is always a safe option. Neutral carpets will pair well with almost any wall color and there are many options of different colors and shades. Neutrals allow you to experiment more with furniture and decor. 

Color Wheel

There's nothing wrong with resorting to the old fashioned color wheel for inspiration. You can choose a complementary color scheme, analogous color scheme, or a monochromatic color scheme. You can also choose colors that are equally spaced from each other on the wheel.

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary colors. They are great for creating contrast. An analogous color scheme involves choosing three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, and a monochromatic color scheme can be achieved by choosing three shades of the same color. 

How Your Carpet Will Be Used

If your carpet won't see a lot of foot traffic, you might have more freedom when it comes to choosing a carpet color. If you have children or pets, or just expect your carpet to see a lot of use, you might want to take this into consideration when choosing your carpet color. Some colors will show dirt, lint, and stains less than others. 

You might think choosing a darker carpet will help hide stains, and while this is true, a darker carpet will also show lint more. The best choice for a carpet that will see a lot of use is a color in between dark and light, like beige. A speckled carpet, which uses multiple colors, will also help hide dirt and lint. 

For more carpet color inspiration, check out our other blog post: 15 Best Carpet Colors By Room

What Is The Most Popular Carpet Color?

Maybe you're wondering what color everyone else is choosing. Well, neutrals have long been a popular choice for carpet color, but more recently grey has also become a favorite. Both neutrals and grey have a lot of versatility when it comes to interior design. They are able to be paired with a variety of colors and styles. 

Final Thoughts

Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath, Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath, Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath, Interior of a modern living room with white walls, white curtains, wooden flooring, and a dark gray couch and an area rug underneath

Almost any color carpet will pair well with white walls, giving you lots of creative freedom. Hopefully, some of our examples of both carpet colors and styles involving white walls has given you some inspiration for your room!

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