What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring?

Gray in decor has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and ability to suit most decor styles. Gray flooring has overtaken the standard dark-colored hardwood as a go-to choice of flooring. Still, several factors go into deciding what type of furniture to pair with your gray floors. We’ve found the best color options for you to narrow the search for the right furnishings. 

These are the best furniture colors to complement gray flooring:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Oak
  • Walnut

There are so many different gray flooring types, so choosing the right furniture color can seem like a big decision. If you want to see how these colors can pair with your gray floors, keep reading as we explore how these elements fit together for the perfect decor!

Modern minimalist dining room in gray flooring with dark blue and gray chairs, What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring?

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Styling Gray Flooring

Although gray flooring is neutral, there are different shades, undertones, and materials to consider when styling your room. All of these factors go into determining what style you wish to achieve and what furniture will best accomplish that.


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Modern loft living room with gray flooring, stained wood and concrete wall

Stained wood, laminate, tile, and concrete are all different materials used to achieve gray flooring. Wood and laminate are usually used in any area of the house, while tile tends to be reserved for kitchens and bathrooms. Concrete is a more modern industrial style that has ventured its way into living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.


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Gray flooring can have yellow, red, beige/brown, and blue undertones, which will affect what color walls and furniture would best complement them. Generally, you can pair warm tones with warm undertones and cool tones with cool undertones. But other combinations can still work well, and we will explore those pairings as we look into different furniture colors.


Vintage style kitchen interior with worn gray wood table and bench in the middle

Different styles of gray flooring are used to achieve specific decor looks. For a Country Chic style, a worn gray wood would be the perfect element to highlight a posh country house look. For a more sleek and modern look in your kitchen or bathroom, a light gray and large tile would add to a modern minimalistic look. 

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Flooring?

Countless styles stem from the colors and materials you choose, so it’s important to consider all of the elements when styling your gray floors.


Elegant living room interior with white corner sofa and coffee table on gray flooring

Gray flooring originally entered the scene hand-in-hand with bright white furniture and clean lines. This is still a common styling in modern homes. Its appeal stems from the illusion that white and other light colors like gray, furniture make a room look much bigger. 

Kitchen with gray flooring and white wooden chair, table and cupboards

White furniture with gray flooring is also popular in the Farmhouse and Country Chic stylings. It’s a bright element that balances out the reclaimed woods, metals, and various checked patterns. Both flooring and furniture can take on a worn and weathered look to fit this decor.

Undertones For White Furniture

Since white is neutral, most undertones in gray flooring will work. However, undertones like blue and beige/brown will look best.


Trendy blue and white living room with gray flooring

Whether it’s a fair sky blue or a deep navy, blues are a beautiful color to pair with gray flooring. Blue is a color that signifies calm and tranquility, so paired with a gray floor, it becomes inviting and comforting. 

Undertones For Blue Furniture

Cool undertones like blue and beige/brown will accentuate one another. The room will easily feel brighter and more open when you can play off cooler tones.


Black industrial kitchen with gray flooring and wooden chair stools

Black furniture is going to pop on gray floors. Even darker shades of gray will still allow black to contrast well. It’s easy to create a monochromatic room with two neutrals or add bold pops of color that will really stand out. Colors like red and yellow are great accent colors for black furniture.

Undertones for Black Furniture

Much like white, black being neutral means that it can pair with most undertones in gray floors. However, it’s going to look best with blue, yellow, or red undertones. Darker gray with brown undertones can clash with black furniture. But lighter gray with beige undertones can still create an appealing look, but not as well as the others.


Red sofa on a wooden gray floor and a gray wall with wallpaper decor

Red and gray is a classic and sophisticated color combination. This is a more adventurous choice to spice up your gray floors, but one you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with. Any combination of reds and dark or light gray will look beautiful. A dark red or maroon couch with light gray floors can create just as bold of contrast as bright red and dark gray floors. 

Undertones for Red Furniture

Red is certainly an undertone that you can pair up with red furniture. You can also pair yellow undertones, as they are both warm-toned and complement one another well. Beige is a great undertone if you want to add a cool contrast to the warmth of red. However, blue undertones can be too cool in comparison, so it’s best to avoid those.


Scandinavian kitchen design, oak furniture against a gray flooring and wall

Oak furniture comes in two different variations, red and white. For gray floors, the white variation is going to be your best option. Despite the name, oak isn’t white furniture, it’s just a light-colored wood. This finish is beautiful against gray floors because it keeps the room bright. Natural wood tones also cause the mind to relate back to nature, creating a calming feeling.

Undertones for Oak Furniture

Light oak will go with most undertones, as it does lend itself as a neutral. Yellow would be the only undertone you may want to avoid as it can bring yellow out in the wood and muddy the coloring of the room.


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Walnut is a dark wood finish with darker brown streaks. This color is rich with highlights and lowlights, giving it dimension where other deep browns, like Espresso, are one tone. This furniture looks best against light-colored grays because it allows the wood to really stand out.

Undertones for Walnut Furniture

Walnut goes well with most undertones, even yellows and blues. Beige is a soft contrast that works well with walnut, but be cautious of darker brown undertones as they can take away from the richness of the walnut furniture.

Should All The Furniture In A Room Be The Same Color?

Fully furnished modern living room in gray flooring and walls with accented brown and gray furniture

All furniture in a room doesn’t have to be the same color. Furniture can be complementary to one another but shouldn’t clash. If you have dark wood furniture in the room, gold metal furniture is a great accent color. Likewise, light-colored wood can be used as an accent for white furniture.

Clashing furniture would be using black furniture with very dark brown furniture. These colors are too similar. So if you choose to have mismatched furniture, which is a dynamic way of decorating any room, choose colors and materials that play off one another.

What Color Rug Goes With Gray Flooring?

For a simplified answer, you can’t go wrong with a beige or brown rug. These neutrals do well at balancing out gray, no matter the undertones.

Color pattern rug on a gray flooring in a living room setting with sofa, center table and painting on wall

If you want to dig deeper, then you still need to focus on the undertones when picking a rug for your gray flooring. Gray with blue undertones would be complemented by a rug with green accents. Gray with yellow undertones would look great with orange accents on your rug. Cooler tones will benefit from other cool tones and warmer tones with other warm tones. 

Is Gray Flooring In Style?

Yes, gray flooring is in style and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. This comes from the more modern trends of bright colors and open spaces, which works very well with gray flooring. Even darker gray shades still hold a coolness that feels brighter and more calming than the alternative brown flooring.

How Do You Brighten Up Gray Flooring?

For a quick project to add brightness to a room with gray floors, rugs and other accent pieces, like pillows or artwork, in light colors can help to create a balance of light and dark. Blues, yellows, and whites are great accent colors, together or alone, that will add a cheerful brightness to any room.

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If you don’t mind a bit more effort, then paint can help to add lightness to gray floors. Painting the walls a color like white, sage green, or light blue can all work to brighten a room.

In Conclusion

Although many factors go into styling gray flooring, gray is still a trendy and versatile option for any room in your home. 

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