What Color Furniture Goes With Orange Wood Floors?

It can be tough to style orange wood floors. To match the color or complement it, enhance the hue, or neutralize it? A room’s colors can make or break the atmosphere. 

Here are suggestions for making the artistic decision-

  • Teal or Blue – Compliment the orange color with the exact opposite
  • White – Downplay the warmth with a white or cream color
  • Gray – Neutralize the orange hue with gray 
  • Earth Tones – Go natural and embrace the warmth
  • Jewel Tones – Make the room look royal
  • More Orange – Can you go wrong with more orange?

By the way, if you’re still early on in the planning stages, and still not sure what type of wood flooring you’re going for, make sure to read our article about furniture color options with wood flooring in general.

Red and orange living room with colorful sofa and air conditioner, What Color Furniture Goes With Orange Wood Floors?

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What does color theory suggest?

The color theory proves which colors will complement each other, tone one another out, neutralize the contrasting color, etc. This article will take a look through the eyes of color theory. There are different suggestions based on where you want the room’s focus to shift. 

What happens when we combine warm and cool colors? The more dominant color will take over the mood of the room. The colors of a room may influence the social environment. For example, a red room will increase the energy of the setting. Although on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, red may bring out more love or anger. 

Teal or blue

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Modern interior of living room with blue sofa and door

It may be wise to purchase teal furniture to complement the orange floors. A vibrant, warm floor can bring out a sleek teal armchair. The opposite of orange tones is blue. This would create maximum contrast between the furniture and the floor. 

Increasing contrast in a room means that the environment becomes the center of attention. Complementary color schemes fill the room with more movement and richness. 

However, finding the exact complementary shade is essential because we risk creating too much tension between hues. 


Modern interior Design Sofa with Yellow Wall

White can balance the potentially overbearing orange. The wood floors will shine beautifully under a white or cream-colored couch. Pairing cream-colored furniture with burnt orange floors would give the room an incredibly vibrant aura. 

Adding white furniture to a room is a classic move. It is one of the more calming and peacefully content colors to pair with orange. Picture a soft orange floor under a cushiony white armchair. Imagine a burnt orange wood floor beneath a striking, white leather couch. 

White furniture may be a much more hesitant find to people with young kids. It seems impossible to keep a white sofa clean with toddlers around. However, we suggest taking a go at white furniture and keeping a little stain remover on hand.

This White Wizard Stain Remover from Amazon may be handy! 

Click here to see this on Amazon. 

If you’re looking for a more natural [or affordable] way of keeping your room stain-free, try one of these- 

  • Baking soda
  • Borax
  • Distilled white vinegar 
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Lemon juice

If these products don’t remove stains on their own, mixing several of these ingredients may be recommended. 


Modern interior design of living room with grey sofa, coffee tables, chest of drawers, floor lamp and green armchair

If the floor feels like it is taking up too much attention, consider neutralizing it with gray. The floor should not be the centerpiece of any social gathering. Try bringing more attention upwards by neutralizing the orange with gray. 

Gray furniture is often used to break up the whites and cream colors in a home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with gray furniture in other settings, though! This furniture color is said to bring a more calming tone to the room. 

Earth tones 

Living room with big sofa - interior design

One part of color theory suggests mimicking nature. In nature, all colors are in harmony. Orange wood floors could pair well with a deep tan or forest green couch. A room can cool down yet stay colorful when combined with more earth-toned accents represented by rugs, walls, couch pillows, armchairs, etc. 

Earth tones are described as natural and have some element of the color brown. Placing brown furniture on orange floors could pair nicely depending on the shades. For example, using a warmer brown could bring the room to life. Utilizing a light tan could open up the room. Experimenting with different shades of the same color seems to be a key element here. 

Jewel tones 

Living room with red sofa and wooden crates used as a bookcase

A jewel tone is defined as a color resembling a gemstone. This includes ruby, sapphire, emerald, and turquoise. Ruby furniture creates an elegant, warm visual. Sapphire and turquoise are grouped with the teals/blues. Emerald with a brown undertone would be an earth tone. Again, it all depends on the shade of orange we’re working with. 

More orange

Orange living room with modern couch,closed door and vertical heater

Another way to achieve color harmony is to introduce similar colors. This is called an analogous color scheme. If the floor is a burnt orange, try using a softer or creamier orange for the furniture. A bronze or gold accent could make the room feel even warmer and more inviting. 

If adding layers of orange upon orange seems nauseating, try adding in hues that have more yellow or red in them. This takes advantage of the analogous colors. 

Including more orange, yellow, or red in the room is beneficial because it brings a sense of positivity. A warmer color palette is associated with higher energy, playfulness, and even happiness. 

Is it better to enhance the hue or neutralize it? 

It depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the room. If the orange floor draws too much attention, the gray or white furniture will offset it. If the orange wood floors make for an excellent warm base, add to the room with more warm furniture.  

Why do wood floors turn orange?

Wood is an organic material that is expected to show signs of aging. As time goes by, constant exposure to light will alter the color of the wood. Unfortunately, the effects of oxidation on wood flooring cannot be reversed.  

One way to decrease the chance of discoloration is to apply a layer of hard wax oil. This will give a layer of protection to the wood, thus preserving its color.

This hard wax oil may be of use!

Click here to view Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil on Amazon. 

Linseed oil is another natural preservative that can trap the actual color of the wood. It will also saturate the wood and protect it from scratches. These oils will not deflect the orange color but seal in the true hue. 

What is the most common color of furniture? 

The most popular furniture colors are white, off-white, gray, and red. The appeal of a white armchair is that it pairs well with everything. As stated earlier in this article, gray is known to neutralize a setting. Gray was a popular color for living room furniture in the 2000s. However, it is on a slow decline. As of recently, red is becoming a statement piece. There is an upward trend for red furniture. 

In terms of wooden furniture, we mostly see beige and ivory. There is the occasional amber accent, but wooden furniture tends to be more neutral. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! 

Similar to how we paired the orange wooden floors with contrasting colors, the same can be done for wooden furniture. Painting a table blue or green would draw out the natural warmness of the wood. This would be a good dining room statement piece. 

One beautiful suggestion is to add olive green accents. Especially for a darker oak or walnut piece, the olive green can give it that cherry on top. 

What furniture material pairs well with wood floors?

There are a few different styles a room with wood floors can have. 

  • Rustic – embrace the wooden structure. 
  • Modern – take advantage of other textures and materials.

If the floors are wood, why not keep the furniture consistent? Bring the room a cozy, comforting vibe with wooden nightstands and a bedframe with grain patterns. The types of wood, colors of wood, and wax finishes can vary within a room. That way, there is contrast within the consistency. 

Another suggestion is to incorporate as many different textures as you want! Sure, wood floors can make for a good base, but other textures can draw attention elsewhere.  Change up the material in your home by including one or more of the following- 

  • Glass
  • Steel [and similar raw materials]
  • Metallic accents 
  • Even concrete! 

The contrast within the room should speak volumes yet work together in harmony. 

A roomful of colors

Red and orange living room with colorful sofa and air conditioner

Orange wood floors proved to be quite the stylistic candidate. Some colors bring out different parts of the wooden floors. Let’s recap- 

  • If you want to neutralize the orange wood floors, use grays, whites, and browns
  • To complement the floors, use teals, blues, and other jewel tones
  • To create a harmonious balance, use an analogous pallet 

Other factors can draw attention to different parts of a room. Consider playing with textures and various materials of the furniture. Regardless of the color, you pair with orange wood floors, we’re sure it’ll be a hit! 

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