What Color House Goes With A White Roof?

While you may not often see white roofs, they are not as uncommon as they may seem. They are becoming more and more popular as energy-efficient alternatives to darker roofs, especially in areas with higher temperatures. White roofs can cool the internal temperature of a home by reflecting light but may pose a bit of a challenge when deciding on exterior color. We have done the work to bring you an inclusive selection of homes with white roofs to help you pick the perfect color for the outside of your home.

The exterior of your home is the first and possibly only impression that people will have of your house. Because it is the most visible portion of your home, the exterior decor is likely one of the most important design decisions that you will make. As with the rest of your home, your home’s exterior should reflect your unique styles and tastes and those of your family.

The exterior colors for homes with white roofs that we will discuss in further detail are: 

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Neutral
  • Tan 
  • Natural wood
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Red
  • Green

Finding colors that coordinate well with your white roof will likely be only a portion of the decisions that you will have to make during your exterior remodel project. All kinds of considerations must be made when deciding to paint your home’s exterior. Exterior paint color choice, along with how many colors you should use, will need to be addressed, popular colors, the best colors for reselling your home, and the colors that will make your home appear bigger. We will address these questions in this article; just keep reading!

Two storey barnhouse style residential home painted in red with white window trims and white roofing, What Color House Goes With A White Roof?

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A white exterior combined with a white roof can give your home an expansive look. Along with looking bright and clean, using primarily white in any space will give the illusion of a bigger area.

Black is used as an accent color in the example below, giving this home depth and detail. The natural brown portion of the home in the back adds some warmness and softens this color palette. 

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Two storey contemporary house with huge glass windows and white painted roofing


Grey and white combine for a subtle but beautiful contrast. As the example below shows, light and dark grey are great color companions for your white roof.

Different greys can also be combined to accent your exterior and add some variations in color. 

Single storey contemporary house with a pebble driveway and a gray garage door


Monochromatic color schemes can give your home a modern, edgy look. Black is dramatic and classy and, combined with white, can give your home a sleek look.

One of the advantages of using a black and white color scheme is the adaptability of the two colors to pair with almost any other color.

The neutral accent pieces used in the example below provide some warmth and softness to this color combination. 

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Another subtle but appealing color pairing for white is neutral. Slightly warmer than white, neutral colors such as the color of the home in the example below offer just enough contrast to keep the color scheme interesting.

Adding bright accents can brighten this color palette, changing the whole look. The red-leaved tree in the example below is the perfect amount of bright accent color for this particular exterior.

Luxurious three storey house with white roofing and a gorgeous gate with gorgeous landscaping


Tan is an excellent color if neutral is just a bit too light for your tastes. A warmer version of neutral and just a bit darker, tan is a great color companion for your white roof.

As shown in the example below, combining two different tan shades is the perfect way to add some excitement and variety to this color palette. 

A big two storey country home covered in snow

Natural wood

Natural wood is another great color companion for your white roof. This look, shown in the example below, looks modern and rustic at the same time.

The warm natural brown color of the wood is a toasty contrast to the stark white roof. Accented with subtle tones of tan, the exterior of this home has a modern cabin-like feel. 

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Blue paint can add cool, calming color to any project. The crisp sky blue in the picture below, combined with the white roof, gives the exterior of this home a beachy feel.

The grey color used as the third or accent color is a popular color pairing with blue. These two colors can have similar undertones making them perfect for a layered look. 

A gorgeous white and blue colored house with white shingle roofing


For a different spin on the color blue, consider using teal for your home’s exterior to pair with your white roof. Teal is a beautiful tropical shade that looks striking when paired with white.

Part blue and part green, teal is the perfect combination of these two cool colors. It provides a bright, cheery contrast for your white roof. 

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Red is a fiery and vibrant color that will pair well with your white roof. The home pictured below has a modern barn appeal to it.

The combination of red and white with natural stone and wood accents gives this exterior an extra rustic touch. The white trim used on the pillars and windows of this exterior gives the color scheme a cohesive look. 

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Another cool color alternative to pair with your white roof is one of many shades of green. Inspired by nature, a green house is both calming and bold.

White trim is used in the example below to coordinate with the roof and ground this strong jewel tone. The mint shade in the picture below is accented with natural stone for a trendy and elegant look.

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Does exterior paint have to match the roof?

Although roofs should complement the color of your home or vice versa, roofs do not necessarily have to match the exterior paint on your home. White is the lightest of neutral colors and should harmonize with pretty much any color that you can imagine for your home’s exterior.

Colored shingles used on most homes are typically comprised of a few closely related colors. This makes complementing your roof with your exterior color much easier.

How many exterior colors should a house have?

On most homes, three colors are usually used to paint the body of your home, trim, and accents. If your home has lots of architecture on the exterior more colors can accentuate different parts of your house.

Larger homes can sometimes also support more than three different colors. Using different shades of the same color is a great way to coordinate more than three colors for a united color scheme. 

What is the most popular outside house color?

According to certain polls, white is the most popular outside house color. Popular for its clean curb appeal, white is easy on the eyes while still providing a vivid pop of brightness.

Another popular home exterior color is grey. A cool neutral grey can be tinted with shades of brown for a greige color that is quickly rising in popularity.

What is the best house color for resale?

Grey has been a popular color for homes for the past few years. As this trend fades out, warmer beiges and taupes may be the way to go when painting your home for potential resale.

Although warmer colors are predicted to become the next trend in home exterior colors, greige is the best of both grey and beige worlds. Whether your potential homebuyer is looking for a warm or cool neutral, greige is a perfect mixture of the two.

What exterior colors make a house look bigger?

Lighter colors are typically used to make homes look larger. A light shade of blue covering the body of your home makes the space look larger, while white trim gives the blue color some detail and contrast.

A white exterior can also make your house look bigger. Using black for the trim will give a white home a dramatic feel and a bit of depth. 

Final thoughts

The exterior color of your home should be unique to your style. There are no real rules when it comes to decorating your space. White is a universal color and can adapt to endless color palettes with ease. Choose the color or colors that speak to you and represent your personality.

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