What Color Rug Goes With A Red Couch? [11 Suggestions with Pictures]

Bright, bold, and empowering, red has recently emerged as one of the most popular color choices for living room furniture. When coordinating a room around your red couch, your couch will likely be the focal point of the room. Finding accessories such as rugs and throw pillows to coordinate with your red couch can be challenging when considering all of the available choices of accent pieces and room accessories. We have researched to bring you a concise list of some of the current, most popular colors of rugs to go with your red couch.

Color schemes within your home should reflect your unique personality and tastes. While there are no hard and fast rules for decorating any room in your home, there are a few popular color combinations that several sources recommend pairing with your red couch. The following list consists of rug colors that we will further discuss:

  1. Gray
  2. Blue
  3. Gold/yellow
  4. Orange
  5. White 
  6. Black
  7. Green
  8. Red
  9. Multi-colored
  10. Neutral
  11. Animal print

When looking for a rug to go with your red couch, other questions may arise. What are some of the most popular colors to pair with red couches? Will certain colors coordinate or contrast with my red couch? Should a rug be lighter or darker than my couch? Should I pick my carpet or furniture first? We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading.

Modern living room with a two level room with red couches and a multi-colored rug with a white table, What Color Rug Goes With A Red Couch? [11 Suggestions with Pictures]


Gray is a popular neutral accent color that coordinates with red and allows the bold, warm, bright hue of your couch to really pop against the crisp cool contrast of a gray rug. This simple light gray rug below offers a sharp contrast to the red couch, allowing the couch to be the room's focal point. The white throw pillows create a cohesive look with the light gray and white tones of the rug.

A gray area rug with a red sectional couch with gray throw pillows on it

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The cool tones of different hues of blues create an elegant calming feel when paired with red. The dark blue rug pictured in the example below provides a cool contrast to your red couches' warmth, creating a vibrant fire and ice contrast. This combination gives the space vibes of royalty and a certain moodiness.

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Rich tones of gold and yellow can brighten and lighten any space. Along with giving the room a burst of bright color, yellow and gold tones can add warmth and depth to your room. This golden yellow hue combined with the red couch creates a warm, bright mood in your room. 

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For a fiery striking combination, orange and red are an energizing color scheme. As you can see in the example below, orange hues can accent a red couch in a way that creates a warm, inviting ambiance to your room. 

Modern classic themed living room with a red couch and three hanging cabinets hanged on an orange wall

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While they may not be practical in every home, white rugs can create a beautiful light contrast to bright colors like red. White and other similar light neutral shades can create a great balance in your room when combined with bold colors such as red. The gray trim in the example below coordinates perfectly with the white and gray on the room walls to create a sharp, sophisticated mood in the room.

Living room with a red couch, wooden flooring, and a light gray accent wall

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Although darker colors may make spaces appear small, darker colors used in your space can also create a dramatic and moody atmosphere. Using a dark color such as black can be a good way to make a large room seem a bit cozier, as in the picture below. 

A gray area rug with a red sectional couch with gray throw pillows on it

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While you may not initially consider a green and red color combination as an option for a room, green and red can make an unexpectedly warm, bright, and bold color scheme, as shown in the pictures below. As a complementary color to red, according to the standard color wheel, green is a cool contrast to red and would make a great accent color for your rug. 

With so many different green shades, you can accent your red couch with anything from a jeweled tone dark green to a light citrusy or sage green, creating unique looks with each different color combination.

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For a more dominant red color scheme, red can be carried over into other places in your room to add additional color. Pairing your red couch with a rug in a similar color is a great way to continue the color in other large areas in your room. Using different shades of the same color red, in this case, can also add depth to your space. 

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A bright multi-colored rug similar to the one pictured below can bring a fun splash of color to your floors while accenting the red of your couches. Experts suggest that instead of matching a color exactly, using similar shades instead, as several different shades in the same color can create a cohesive look. Consider using the color scheme from your multicolored rug as inspiration for accent colors in similar hues on walls and other decorations around your room as well.

Modern living room with a two level room with red couches and a multi-colored rug with a white table

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The red-orange couch in the example below pairs well with the taupe neutral rug. One benefit of neutral-colored rugs is the versatile color palette that can be combined with most neutral colors. Neutral accents such as the rug pictured below offer a softer visual illusion to contrast with your vibrant-colored couch.

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Animal print

Animal print has recently become popular as an alternative to a neutral. Consider using an animal print of your choice in place of a neutral rug for a fun look. For a bold contrast to your red couch, consider leopard, fur, zebra, or even giraffe print for your rug. The cow print rug shown below is a western twist on this concept and accentuates the color red. 

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Should a rug be lighter or darker than your couch?

A lighter color rug will create the illusion of a bigger space. Lighter colored rugs will also stand out well against dark colored walls. If your walls are dark, consider a lighter color rug to contrast the walls and couch, toning down the colors from the walls and the couch, providing balance to your space. 

Darker colored rugs can be a warm and inviting accent to your room, with adequate lighting. A dark room can appear duller and darker when a dark color is used for carpet or a rug, but in a well-lit room or a room with lots of natural light, a dark-colored rug can add a cozy, comforting accent to your couch.

Mixing dark colors and bright, vibrant colors on a multi-colored rug is a great way to make a big impact in your room. A multi-colored rug combines darker colors with energetic and bright colors and can coordinate with your red couch to add a fun burst of color. 

Should you pick the carpet or furniture first?

Some experts recommend starting with your rug or carpet when planning out the color scheme for your room. The colors in your rug can set your room's tone and help pick accent color schemes that can be continued throughout the room.

Final words

While some experts recommend starting with your rug when decorating a room, that may not always be possible. When starting with a red couch and deciding on a rug to pair with your red couch, the array of choices can seem overwhelming. By narrowing your choices into a concise list of popular choices in rugs to pair with a red couch, we hope to have helped you on your decision-making journey, toward a successful decorating outcome.

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