25 Modern Home Office Ideas

If you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or an artist, then your home office is your palace. It's where you brainstorm your best proposals and where you often find yourself "in the zone." A modern home office is a major bragging right, and having the right decoration for the job is absolutely vital to your success.

But, how do you get your home office to get that perennially-chic look that people adore? It all depends on your personal preferences. To offer some inspiration for your office, we've rounded up some of the most beautiful examples of modern office decor. 

A white office area with a white couch, book shelf on the back with books and files, and a white ceramic table in the front, 25 Modern Home Office Ideas

1. Modern And Bohemian

A gorgeous office area with indoor plants on the sides and a wooden working table

Bohemian looks are all the rage, and this awesome little design walks a fine line between the sleek and chic. Using light-colored wood, succulent plants, and wire grating to help bring out the modern side of things is a smart way to go. If you're looking for a way to channel your Brooklyn hipster vibe, this is it.

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2. Rustic Yet Modern

A gorgeous home office with a small office desk and an abstract area rug on the floor with a large book shelf on the back, 25 Modern Home Office Ideas

It can be so hard to get a masculine-looking ambiance in a modern setting, but this awesome setup shows it's doable. Along with choosing a unique carpet for grey walls and channeling a little old-world charm with the bookcase, this rustic take made a point of using modern lighting to tie it all together.

3. It's All White

A white office area with a white couch, book shelf on the back with books and files, and a white ceramic table in the front

Nothing quite screams modern like having a home office that's all white. It looks crisp on Zoom, is highly organized, and also adds a uniquely uniform look. White also makes a room look larger, which is why it's such a common go-to for professional settings and home settings alike. 

4. Industrial Chic

A beautiful home office with a wooden desk and white round chair matched with indoor plants

Industrial concrete walls are one of the few things that automatically identify modern decor. Here, we have the grittiness of concrete walls balanced out with smooth, organic office decor. To add a little hipster chicness, chalkboard accessories are added. It's an affordable way to make things work. 

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5. Keep It Green

A luxurious working office area with a wooden working table and a computer with glass wall background making the backyard visible

Modern doesn't have to mean devoid of nature. Here, we see a room filled to the brim with modern wooden decoration that keeps a strong woodsy, outdoorsy vibe. How? Well, the floor to ceiling windows are a huge help! Between the outside greenery and the interior cherry wooden floors, it's easy to see nature rules this office. 

6. Baby Blue

A light blue colored living room with a white baseboard and a computer on the working table

Blue and white are a dream team in any room design. Here, we see a gorgeous baby blue hue paired with crisp white furniture. The result is something that's just a little bit Victorian and a little bit modern. 

7. Orange You Glad

A gorgeous living room with an orange wall with an office desk placed close to the wall

Modern decorations don't have to mean that you have pastel colors, though the two often go together. Here, we see a new take on the bold trend of using yellow-orange walls in a modern setting. To make this an extra bold (yet warm) room, the designers added tons of black furniture. Dramatic? Yes.

8. Home Appetit

A rustic themed office are with a white painted brick wall and a wooden working table with a computer

This is an interesting take on a modern home office. Here, we see designers take what appears to be a corner of a kitchen and turn it into a home office nook. The chic wall decoration helps turn this kitchen-y vibe into one that feels just a pinch more professional. It's warm, yet inviting. 

9. Geometric Glory

A white living room with an office area on the side with and industrial theme to the area

Geometric prints aren't just in, they're as hot as fire! In this room, a geometric carpet acts as the focal point in a crisp, clean layout. To complement the carpet, the designers added geo print throw pillows, prints, and potted plants. It's amazingly put together while remaining epically modern. 

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10. Perfectly Pink

A white living room with an office area with a white computer table and a pink chair

Pink is so underused in modern design, which is why this room has a special place in our hearts. A couple of pink statement items add a splash of color to an otherwise all-white room. The end result? A place where subtle femininity oozes out elegantly. For people who want a girly home office, this couldn't be a better pick.

11. Woodn't You Know

A small office area with a rustic theme on the room

It's so common to assume that wood can't be modern, but it's pretty clear that this garage-turned-office proves otherwise. This layout involves a ton of wood, all done up in a contemporary style. The modern touch comes with the colorful stool, elegant sheer curtains, and a large desk. 

12. Brick It Up

A gorgeous office table at a living room with a laptop and coffee mug on the table

Exposed brick is a hot-button item in modern home design. That's why seeing an interior that uses warm tones, succulent plants, and a weathered Turkish rug is so awesome. While other designers would have gone with a more industrial look, this cozy vibe is so much better. 

13. Monochrome 

A beautiful working station on the second storey of a house with a wooden table on the front

Technically, this is not a home office for a single person. This is the type of home office you'd see roommates share -and it's glorious. The trick to this design is adding a monochrome look that goes from white to black. All the accessories are white, grey, or black. It's a beautiful mismatch, no matter how you look at it.

14. It's Mint

A white themed office area with a white working table and cabinet, and indoor plants on the side

Mint green is a color you might not expect to see in a home office. While it's unexpected, it's a welcome treat, especially in this color theme. Mint, white, and small accents of sandy goldenrod make this place look inviting yet professional. The end result? You get a visually striking look with a warm, friendly feel.

15. Retro-Modern Flair

A farmhouse styled living room with a wooden textured rug and an industrial design chandelier

Though we could wax poetic on how plaid is retro, the overall vibe of this home office is pointedly modern. The yellow, brown, and orange color theme adds to the retro ambiance. Meanwhile, the wireframe lighting and furniture keep things modern. It's a new take on an old color scheme, and we're all about it.

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16. It Ain't Easy Being Green

A working area of a contemporary house with a red table and a green chair

Green walls are difficult to coordinate with, but this designer knows how to do it. The trick to this room's success is matching the bold red table repurposed as a stylish desk and some plants. The area rug's texture mimics the paneling for a streamlined, yet subtle finish.

17. Wood N' Wire

A white themed working area of a luxurious house and a working table with a laptop on it

Though most people think of design themes in terms of color, this doesn't always have to be the case. While there are some ways to unify a theme, few are as epic as using materials. Here, they stuck to wood and black metal wire for all the furnishings in the room. It creates a minimalist yet chic way to make things put together.

18. Yellow And Blue

A white and yellow themed office with a white table and chair with a study lamp

Yellow and blue are contrasting colors, which is why they're so commonly put together in professional designs. Here, the contrast is a subtle, low-key way that remains obtainable for most other people. Rather than go for the ultra-upscale, this is just reasonable enough to give your home office a cheerful tone.

19. Astroturf

A luxurious working living room apartment with white painted brick patterned wall and a gray couch with green rug

The cool thing about modern design is how creative you can get while keeping things sleek. This room is a good example of that concept in action. Rather than go with a typical carpet, they took a unique twist on carpeting by using astroturf instead! When you balance it out with grey furniture and minimalist desk space, the result is a jaw-dropping room that everyone can utilize.

20. Clear As Day

So far, we have seen modern home offices in blue, pink, yellow, grey, and white...just to name a few hues! What we haven't seen, though, is a room that focuses on clear, glass-like decor. A comfy chair, floor to ceiling windows, and clear desk make this so striking. It's a subtle "wow" factor.

21. Desert Pink

Earlier on, we saw a room that was decked out in white with light splashes of pink. This room takes a rather strong approach to the blushing trend by having pink walls, pink accessories, and small splashes of gold. It doesn't overwhelm because the dusty pink is fairly light and balanced with a creamy white counterpart. 

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22. Collegiate Style

Did you ever notice how many colleges have blue and orange as subtle colors? It's a thing, and that's partly what makes this home office ooze intellectual vibes. The orange chair and plethora of artistic prints help bring a homey vibe to this office space, all without getting too informal with everything. 

23. Office Brass

While most people assume that "office brass" means the management, it takes on a different tone here. Brass is often considered to be an antique metal color. However, it doesn't have to be antique. Here, we see a stunning desk that shows a different side of brass. It's futuristic, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

24. Paint It Purple

Purple is one of those colors that is considered daring, almost to the point of it being heavy-handed. While it's always going to be a bold choice, there are ways to make sure that it doesn't overwhelm the senses. Here, purple is balanced with a textured ceiling, a minimalist glass desk, and prints. If you're open to a quirky take on modern aesthetics, this might be a good look to pick.

25. Modernist Check

Sometimes, the best way to make sure that your home has a modern look isn't going with modern paint schemes. It also can be done through the use of a statement piece that makes jaws drop. Here, the statement piece is obvious: a sculpted desk. It's bold, riveted, and metallic. What's not to love? 

Hopefully you've been inspired by modern color schemes, textures, and decor that can add some personality to your own home office. Once you've decked the walls, you can enjoy getting to work!


  1. These are really wonderful home office ideas. I would like to have concrete walls and white modern wooden furniture for my home office. Keep sharing such informative ideas..

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