What Couch Goes With Wingback Chairs?

We love a gorgeous wingback chair and are here to answer the question, what couch goes with wingback chairs? Our research has led us to some winners, which we'll share below. Let's see what we found out.

Here are some great couches to go with wingback chairs:

  • Rolled arm leather sofa
  • Contemporary upholstered sofa
  • Velvet sectional sofa
  • Pair of sofas with two wingbacks
  • Similarly colored sofa to your chair
  • Box-style loveseats with floral wingback chairs

We've got examples to show you how each of these sofa styles works with a wingback chair. We'll also answer the question of how to dress up a wingback chair, if they are in style, what's a great placement for a wingback chair, and if couches and chairs should match or not. So please keep reading.

Luxury Modern Living Room, modern sofa and wingback chair, What goes with wingback chair

Sofas That Work With Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs are beautiful armchairs given their name by the tall back with "wing" like sides. They are distinctive because of these features. Originally, they were known as "fireside" chairs because the tall back and protective sides would keep you warm from drafts when sitting by the fire. They were often found in inns for traveling strangers to sit and warm up.

Now they are a common sight in many living spaces. They are manufactured by all sorts of furniture retailers in many different upholstery styles. So let's see which sofas these wingback chairs will look best with.

A Rolled Arm Leather Sofa

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Living room with wingback chairs and hardwood floors

Wingback chairs are a throwback to previous eras. In this room, a rolled arm leather sofa brings the same kind of old-world class and elegance. Elegant creme upholstered wingbacks flank an antique chest and face the warm reddish leather couch. Everything centers around the fireplace at the end of the room.

A Contemporary Upholstered Sofa With A Contemporary Wingback


Luxury Modern Living Room, modern sofa and wingback chair, What goes with wingback chair

Wingbacks now come in many styles beyond the traditional. Here, a contemporary wingback chair in blue and two similarly colored poufs provide extra seating. The sofa is a modern 3-cushion sofa with seating for three adults. This all works well for a small living room space like the one pictured.

A Velvet Sectional As Elegant As The Chair

Urban jungle in beautiful living room with grey, orange and green interior

In this charming room, a deep evergreen-colored wingback makes a statement. So they've paired it with a couch that also makes a statement. In this case, a stunning velvet sectional sofa in orange. These two pieces work because the texture of their upholstery is similar. We love the rich, velvety sheen and how the colors make a strong and bold statement.

A Pair Of Sofas With Two Matching Wingback Chairs

Beautiful living room interior with tall vaulted ceiling, loft area, hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

What's better than one wingback chair? Two! And if you're going in doubles, why not double your sofa seating space as well. Here two grey sofas upholstered in grey fabric look great with neutral-toned wingback chairs. Throw pillows on the sofas, tie in the chairs' color and give the room a soothing feel. This is an excellent space for gathering with family and friends.

Choose A Color Sofa Similar To Your Wingback Chair

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Here we have another modern style of a wingback chair. It pairs with a clean-lined two-cushion sofa in a slightly lighter tone of grey. Both pieces have similarly shaped chair legs which creates a uniform design style in the room. The result is a conversation area that is calm and elegant while still contemporary.

Box Style Loveseats With Floral Wingback Chairs

Beautiful New Furnished Living Room in New Luxury Home

If you want a cozy seating area in front of the fire, maybe a full-sized sofa is too large. Here, two box-style contemporary loveseats face each other, and two bright floral wingbacks face the fireplace. It's a gorgeous look in this open concept kitchen and living room area.

How Do You Dress Up A Wingback Chair?

Any time you want to dress up a chair, there are two easy options: throw pillows and throws. A third option is the addition of a pouf or an ottoman to use as a footrest. And finally, a small table for a cup of tea and a tall lamp for reading. Here are some examples of possibilities.

A small marble-topped round table like this is a perfect size to sit next to a wingback chair. It provides a nice spot to set a cup of tea or a glass of wine for the occupant of the chair.

Click here for this stylish table on Amazon.

A tall floor lamp is another accessory that works well next to a wingback chair. By putting a lamp nearby, you turn your wingback into its own little reading nook.

Click here for this lamp on Amazon.

You can't go wrong choosing a gorgeously soft, nubby throw. This one is vibrant and multi-colored, but there is a throw out there for every design color and style of a wingback chair. Having a comfortable throw is nice if guests catch a chill.

Click here for this throw on Amazon.

A cute square ottoman in velvet is great to have near the foot of your wingback chair. It gives whoever uses the chair a nice footrest and can even double as a spot for a book or the newspaper.

Click here for this on Amazon.

For more information on throw pillows for chairs and the couch, please visit our post here: What Size Throw Pillows For Couch?

Are Wingback Chairs Out Of Style?

French orange wingback armchair with wooden legs, vintage blue cupboard, and wall hanger with ornate scarf on white bricks wall and grunge wooden parquet with red decorated carpet

Wingback chairs are classic. They've been around since the 1600s and are still much loved. They are elegant and distinctive with their tall backs, winged size, and typically wooden legs. But are they still in style? Yes. Anytime a piece of furniture is truly a classic, it never really goes out of style.

It may not fit into some ultra-modern spaces, but a beautiful classic wingback will work in transitional, country, coastal, farmhouse, and classic design styles. 

Here is a classic tall wingback chair in medium grey. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

And if you love a wingback but have a more contemporary style, then there are gorgeous modern versions available for your taste.

This tufted velvet wingback in pink riffs off the classic but gives a sleeker profile for a more contemporary design sensibility. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

Where Should A Wingback Chair Be Placed In A Room?

Traditionally, wingbacks were made with their tall protective sides to keep a person warm. They would be placed near a heater or fireplace for reading and visiting. Of course, you can still put a wingback chair in such a location, but it can also take its place as part of the conversation grouping.

Or in the master bedroom, you might choose to have a wingback chair and an ottoman for a sitting and reading area in addition to the bed.

A rolled arm wingback upholstered chair and ottoman like this floral combination would be beautiful next to the window in a large bedroom.

Click here for this set on Amazon.

Do Couches And Chairs Have To Match?

People often wonder if their furniture needs to match. And that is certainly an option with so many sets available for purchase. But if you notice on our examples above, most living rooms may have a piece or two related in color or the chairs may match each other and the couches match each other, but there's some difference. So, in short, couches and chairs do not need to match.

However, if you can align overall bulk, design style and have colors or fabrics that are related, your room will look polished. We have a post on mixing and matching furniture here: Does A Sofa Have To Match The Loveseat?

It's Not Hard To Find The Perfect Sofa And Wingback Chair Combination

Now that you've seen some examples of how different designers style their wingback chairs, the right couch is within reach. Remember to find styles and colors and sizes that relate, and you'll do just fine. Thank you for stopping by here at HomeDecorBliss, and do visit our other posts.

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