What Curtains Go With Blue Carpet? [5 Color Options Explored]

The majority of carpets for the home and the office are deliberately neutral. However, some interior designs actually call for lighter or darker carpets. If a blue carpet fills your scene from wall to wall, it may be difficult to decide on the company it should keep. Curtains are a particularly influential addition to any room since they are available in so many styles. We have researched the best ways to incorporate new curtains with a blue carpet.

Blue carpets are available in many shades, so they can be accompanied by a variety of curtain styles. Using curtains of different colors and materials will reinforce wildly different interior designs:

  • Beige curtains are a neutral and safe choice for most carpets
  • Sky blue curtains will directly match the blue carpets
  • Yellow curtains will brighten the room with contrast
  • Green curtains can emphasize natural and earthy themes
  • White curtains help you create a coastal look for your room

Blue carpets are a unique yet tricky foundation for your room’s interior design. However, there are still plenty of curtains that can successfully accompany them. Keep reading and we’ll make sure your blue carpets feel like a perfect fit!

A spacious bedroom with beige painted walls, blue carpet flooring, and a narrow window with brown curtains, What Curtains Go With Blue Carpet? [5 Color Options Explored]

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What Curtains Go With Blue Carpet

Beige Curtains

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A luxurious bedroom with white painted walls, white beddings, blue carpet flooring, and a huge window with white curtains

Traditional carpets are beige because neutral colors will work with nearly anything. This means that it would be easy to freely change the style of your room. Likewise, beige curtains will blend nicely enough with blue carpets.

Generally, curtains are quite a powerful focal point of any room. However, beige curtains will ultimately reduce the impact of a striking blue carpet. Beige curtains simply produce a comfortable sense of balance. This means that using beige curtains will allow you more freedom with other additions to the room. Furniture and light fixtures would only have to be concerned with matching the blue carpet, too.

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Blue Curtains

Interior of a living room with blue curtains and matched with blue carpet and off-white colored furnitures

Aside from using neutral colors, it is also very common to simply match your styles. Using blue curtains will keep everything within the same color family.

Then again, sky blue curtains are so light, they may not stand out against brighter blue carpets. But with darker blue carpets, a set of sky blue curtains can create a breezy and even oceanic atmosphere. This is especially true if the curtains are somewhat thin, letting natural light balance out the room.

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Yellow Curtains

Interior of a living room with Yellow curtains and matched with blue carpet. The room has wooden furnitures and light white accents

Orange colors sit directly opposite from blue on the color wheel, so they are frequently used to produce contrast. But orange is also extremely potent, and occasionally feels dated. Meanwhile, yellow tones are much softer, so they will always feel cozy. This makes yellow curtains a more ideal contrast for blue carpets.

Yellow curtains will help you create summer themes for the room. The brightness also plays well with any shade of blue, and works great with natural lighting.

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Green Curtains

Interior of a living room withGreen Curtains and matched with blue carpet. The room has wooden furnitures and light white accents

Green curtains might sound a little intimidating because green is quite a bold color. But greens and blues play well together since they sit next to each other on the color wheel.

Green curtains can function well in an earthy room with browns and rustic wooden furniture. Together with blue carpets, green curtains will make your room feel like an extension of nature. Fortunately, interior designs inspired by nature are quite trendy these days. It’s peaceful, and a major relief.

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White Curtains

Interior of a living room with white Curtains and matched with blue carpet. The room has wooden furnitures and light white accents

Although white curtains might frequently be used as a neutral color, they are also a perfect fit for coastal scenes. White is actually one of the primary components of any nautical style. And blue carpets already feel like the sea, so they organically invite coastal ideas. Blue carpets of any shade will feel cool, calm and rich.

White curtains create a bright and airy environment that can balance out the richness of the blue carpets. In fact, coastal themes already incorporate designs that directly combine white and blue on other additions to the room. For example, white and blue stripes are often suggested for pillows and chairs.

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In What Rooms Does Blue Carpet Look Its Best?

Through sheer creativity, blue carpets can be used for virtually any room. This is because blue is a naturally relaxing color. And that is likely due to the color blue’s innate association with nature’s own calming spectacles, like the ocean. However, it’s important to bear in mind special circumstances that could affect its benefits.

For example, the most suitable room for a blue carpet may also be determined by the shade of blue. If your blue carpet is rather lively, then it could be perfect for a nursery. After all, the color baby blue suggests it right in the name.

Meanwhile, a dark blue carpet wouldn’t be quite as cute and inviting. However, it would also be dark enough to hide stains in areas with heavy traffic. This would make dark blue carpets ideal for large areas like the living room. Dark blue’s ability to conceal filth is one of its greatest advantages.

To learn more about using the best carpet colors, you can check out this post: 15 Best Carpet Colors By Room

Should The Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Carpet?

It is always important to use a different shade of blue for your curtains than the shade of your carpet. For example, the same rule always applies to the colors of your walls.

If the carpet is a brighter shade of blue, then sky blue curtains might be overwhelming. If your curtains and carpet are the exact same color, there is a slim chance it can feel tidy and cozy. But it will generally keep either the curtains or carpet from standing out.

There is also the shape and size of the curtain to consider. Some curtains are designed to literally pool on the floor. This is done to make both the windows and the entire room appear taller. It also offers a touch of elegance. However, it also means that the colors of the curtains and the carpet will blend together much more. In that case, it would be ideal to avoid monochromatic themes.

Also, some curtains are available in surprisingly unique styles. For example, there are even curtains made of beads. These curtains are often used to embellish interior doorways, but also decorate special rooms.

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DIY curtains can certainly be made of many different materials, for a wide variety of results. These little inventions can easily serve coastal scenes or personalized nurseries, where blue carpets are welcome.

What Wall Colors Look Good With Blue Carpet?

Walls are often too influential to toy around with because of their sheer surface area. As such, neutral colors will certainly perform best with blue carpets.

Neutral might sound boring, but there are plenty of options to choose from thanks to various shades. Gray, white, and beige are simply too practical to ignore. But they will also likely work with any style you have in mind. You can check out this post to learn more about having a lighter or darker carpet than your walls: Should Carpet Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?


Blue carpets may not be traditional, but they can certainly add a unique and appealing atmosphere. Although it might seem like blue carpets paint you into a corner, it’s very possible to find curtains that are a perfect fit. Now that you know the best colors and styles for curtains to pair with a blue carpet, you’re free to add your own personality and creativity to any room!

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