What To Put In Front Of A Window In The Living Room?

Decorating a room with lots of windows and light can feel very tricky. You don't want to block all of your natural light, but you also have to be able to use your space. We have looked into this very question and have some great options for you.  

When deciding what to put in front of your windows, it really depends on your taste. Maybe adding a chaise lounge with a side table and lamp is what you want to look into. You also could try placing a beautiful grand piano or your collection of art in your bright window space. The best part about having this problem is that at the end of the day, you have so much creative wiggle room. 

As we look further into design ideas and what is going to look the best in front of your living room window, we will include our favorite products and stylings. Natural light can be a deal maker or breaker depending on your situation, so why not use it to your best advantage? Now let's find the perfect layout and design for your space.

Pillows, small indoor plant, and a fluffy plaid near the window, What To Put In Front Of A Window In The Living Room?

What To Put In Front Of Window In Living Room

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Interior of a rustic inspired living room

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of utilizing your living room window, why not start with an example of not placing anything in front of it? This room follows a very modern design, but when looking at it, there is definitely something missing.

What would have been a better layout would be to have a low rise bookshelf or console table to showcase something beautiful in the window. Imagine having a beautiful vase or crystals to reflect some of that light and create even more color in this space. 

Creating A "Mini-Space"

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Modern workstation with a computer desk on the side

This room features a home office as well as a seating area in front of the window space. Your living room may act as an office or workspace too, so why not position yourself where the lighting is best? This room is very bright and simplistic but still seems very livable and comfortable. 

Showcasing Your Art

A spacious apartment living room with huge windows and a white sleeper sofa

This room is filled with windows and really uses art as a primary design component. You can see how this design uses tall sculptures and plants to frame the space while also following a simple and contemporary design. 

Adding Some Seating 

Using a small sofa or two chairs can really make your window space feel homey. This is such a great place to enjoy coffee in the morning and talk with your family or friends. You can never go wrong with a simple table and chair design. 

How do you furnish a room with lots of windows?

Furnishing a room with lots of windows can actually be pretty easy with the right furniture and window treatments. Modern design has been using floor to ceiling windows for years and it is only gaining popularity. When creating the layout of your window-dominant room, you have to use your furniture to create a wall without actually having to build one. Using furniture to create mini rooms and spaces is a key component to having the perfect living space. 

Now for those of you who have no idea what that just meant, we did find some cool examples to show you and further explain. 

Divide The Room With Furniture

You can see in this image how even though this room has such a vast amount of window space, it still feels like a cohesive room. Using a sectional or sofa to create a mini wall in your window busy room can make a world of difference. Having so much light shine into your space can be intimidating, so it is also a good idea to invest in curtains or shades.

Window Treatments 

Now that you have your furniture down and layout decided, what do you treat your windows with? Going with a simple shade and curtain combo seems to be the best and most stylish way to keep out the sun in your living space. Curtains and shades will allow for some relief from light and outdoor elements and in time will make a huge difference in your room's ambiance.

Light can also be damaging to your furniture and its color, so it is a good idea to not always have the sun beating down on your furniture. 

How do you decorate a window sill?

Window sills are often neglected spaces in your room yet have so much potential. Decorating a window sill with a build-in bench or reading nook can transform your space. Also, using the window sill as a display shelf for books and art is a cool way to utilize it as well. Window sills are essentially tiny bookshelves begging to show off your favorite items when you think of them. 

Reading Nook 

A small sofa with fluffy plaid throw pillows and a decorative home clock placed next to a window

Using your window sill as a reading nook is a sure crowd pleaser and can add some extra seating in your space. The natural light from the window makes for a perfect read or study session and is a great idea for smaller living spaces. 

Display Area 

Orchids and plants placed near the window

Finding a spot for your little treasures in your home can often be difficult. Go with your window sill to show off and hold art and decor to really add color. It works as an essential space in your room. This example shows how your window sill can simply be a place to sit and enjoy. 

Urban Leaf Suction Cup Window Planter 

For those of you who may want to test your green thumb, this is a cool window sill option from Urban Leaf. This is a great thing to have in a smaller urban space and still allows you to garden and show off your belongings on your window sill.

Check out this suction cup shelf on Amazon. 

H&D Window Crystals 

Another great item to add to your window sill area would be hanging or free-standing crystals. These will create and reflect light and colors throughout your space.

Click here to see these window crystals on Amazon.

How do you dress a living room window?

Dressing your living room window will depend greatly on the amount of light coming in. If you have floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean, you are going to need some pretty thick window treatments compared to someone who does not. Light is a priceless addition in space but if not moderated it can really cause some furniture damage. We recommend trying out a shade and curtain combo to add some style to your windows throughout your home. 

Partial Blackout Shades

Trying out a semi-blackout style of shade can save you a lot of hassle in everyday use and is a stylish option. These shades have a transparent design which allows for some light to enter your home while allowing for a view as well. This style of shades is also a pretty affordable option and does not require too much upkeep. 

Check out these partial blackout shades. The good news about this design is that it comes motorized as well so you don't have to lift a finger.

Click here to see these shades on Amazon.

Light Curtains With Shades

Now that you have found your shades, we recommend pairing a simple white or cream curtain alongside them. This will give your windows a more elegant and thoughtful look while also keeping out even more sun. 

Adding a light linen curtain to your living room window treatments can really class things up. Using lighter treatments and stacking them may end up keeping out even more light and direct sun than you would have originally thought.

Check out these linen curtains on Amazon. 

Are you wanting a non-traditional approach to dressing your living room window? Check out this article for further guidance: How To Dress A Window Without Curtains [9 Suggestions]

In Closing 

Using your window space to your best advantage is so much easier than you think. Who knew that windows have so much potential when it comes to storage and even seating? Whether you are looking to create a new sunset watching area or just want to layout your favorite decor, the windows in your living room are waiting for you. 

Treating your windows with semi-blackout shades and simple linen curtains is another great idea when it comes to window space. Sticking with a clean white or cream palette can act as a bright and simple design that won't fight with your furniture for attention. You can never go wrong with neutral-colored window treatments.

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