What’s the Best Paint Finish For The Basement Walls?

Picking the right design and paint that will match the rest of your house can be a challenge, even for the basement. What kinds of paint are suitable for your underground space? Is there a specific type of paint sheen you need to use? We've researched this topic and have put together answers and advice for you.

The basement is completely or partly below the ground floor so this part of the house often gets moisture. Because of this, it is important to pick a paint finish that is resistant to moisture. Semi-glossy and glossy paints are known to repel moisture. Not only that, but these types of sheen are also durable and easy to clean. Glossy and Semi-glossy finishes also reflect a lot of light, making them the right fit for a naturally dark basement.

Apart from glossy and semi-glossy, there are different paint finishes on the market that have their uses too. Keep reading for more information on paint sheens and to see which one is more suitable for your needs.

Basement in luxury home., What’s the Best Paint Finish For The Basement Walls?

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Basement Cement Walls?

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You may be surprised to learn that you can buy special-made cement paint. It is water-based and can be applied to the exterior or interior walls. This gives your walls protection from different elements and prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria.

It isn't just called cement paint for its application. Cement is also the primary component in this variety of paint, which is responsible for the durability and hardness of your walls.

Here are some samples of paints you can use on your basement cement walls:

KILZ Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint

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This can be used for both interior and exterior painting jobs. This low-odor paint is good for basement walls. It is good at blocking moisture but this should not be used on walls with active leaks.

INSL-X WaterBlock Acrylic Masonry Waterproofer Paint

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This is designed to waterproof interior and exterior surfaces as well. This provides mold and mildew-resistant coating.

Rust-Oleum 5024 Watertite Latex Qt

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This is also good for basements because of its low odor and it is also mold and mildew proof.

Should You Paint Basement White?

A basement in a house.

White is a popular paint color because it looks crisp and polished and it also matches almost every shade on the color wheel and works well in most color patterns. You will not find difficulty searching for a fitting décor as well if you chose this color. You cannot go wrong with white, they say. It is a failsafe option for most people, but is it also a safe choice for basement paint, or is it too boring?

White is an especially good option for painting your basement. It’s given that most basements are dark, andnatural light is scarce, it is but natural to pick a color and paint finish that reflects light. If you don’t have windows, you will want to choose light or bright tones. White walls reflect light and absorb little.

Not only does white help reflect light, but it also creates an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is because of the brightening effect. Far from being boring, white walls in a basement can transform the space and leave you with plenty of options for decorating.

What Type Of Paint Shows The Least Imperfections?

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No one has walls that are not always smooth and perfect. There may be bumps and scratches that are inevitable. Despite these flaws, you do not have to worry because the key to hiding (or showing) imperfections is the use of the right “concealer”.

You may wonder if it is possible to do this without touching up the wall, right? Well, yes, of course. Choosing the appropriate paint finish can do the job. Among the types of paint finishes, matte is the go-to for imperfect walls, as it covers defects. This type of finish is non-reflective so it would not show bumps and scratches and other blemishes. You have to bear in mind though that this type is good for places in your home or business that have less foot traffic/activity because it is quite hard to clean.

Is Satin Shinier Than Eggshell?

You already know that there are different kinds of paint finishes and that they serve several usages. Knowing the differences will help you decide which one is applicable to your walls or next project. Apart from semi-glossy, glossy, and matte, which was highlighted earlier, satin and eggshell are also common types of paint sheens.

Let’s take a look at gloss for comparison.

Eggshell has a soft sheen. Imagine the surface of an eggshell – it’s just like that. It has a duller shine compared to satin. Because this type of finish has less luster, it makes a good option for hiding imperfections on your walls. This is commonly used in living rooms as it does not pick up dirt easily.

Satin is quite similar to eggshell, but it is a bit glossier. Though it is shinier than eggshell, satin does not reflect light the way semi-gloss and gloss do.  In terms of luster, satin comes in between eggshell and semi-gloss.

Because satin is durable and easy to clean, this can be applied to busy areas of the house like your living room, kitchen, and dining areas according to Consumer Reports.

Final Thoughts

House interior. Basement room with TV

Painting your basement is never as easy as it seems. You have to consider the type of finish to use, aside from the color that accentuates your style.

Now you know more about some of the best types, finishes, and colors of paint to use for your basement. With these in mind, you’ll definitely have an easier time making your basement an enjoyable space for you and your family.

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