Where To Put a Desk in a Bedroom [6 Options]

Having an office space in the bedroom can be a welcome idea or a burden, especially if you are unsure about the best place to put your desk. Where you place a desk in the bedroom can increase productivity, leave you feeling cramped, or even distracted. If you have questions about where to put a desk in the bedroom, continue reading.  We researched how different desk placements impact the vibe and look of a bedroom.

Make the most out of your bedroom when you place a desk in the following areas.

  • Next to the bed
  • Opposite the bed
  • In a corner
  • By the window
  • Nestled by a wall
  • Hideaway in the closet

No matter if you have a folding desk, an L-shaped desk, or a vintage table turned desk,  you can make it work in your bedroom. Read on and place your desk in a bedroom with style and confidence.

Modern bedroom interior with a single bed, desk, lamp and portraits on wall, Where To Put a Desk in a Bedroom [6 Options]

Moving Your Desk to The Bedroom

Depending on whether you have a small or large bedroom, it can be difficult choosing an optimal spot for a desk. You can successfully place a desk in a small bedroom beside the bed, in a corner, or nestled by a window. Let's look at the pros and cons of each placement.

Next to the Bed

Enjoy the best of both worlds when you place a desk right next to the bed. When setting close to the head or foot of the bed, you can use your desk as a nightstand. Roll right out of bed and get to work on a paper, cozy up with a good book, or get to the keyboard in a flash. Of course, be mindful of getting enough sleep as this placement can lead to insomnia or continually being distracted by your bed.


  • Easy access to your desk
  • Eliminates the need for a nightstand


  • A desk too close to the bed may be distracting

Opposite the Bed

Ideally, you should give your bed a minimum of two feet of space surrounding the sides and foot for easy access. However, if you have a little bit more room to spare, you can comfortably place a desk opposite the bed. Putting a desk against a wall that is opposite your bed provides plenty of decor opportunities. Create visual interest to stay inspired and productive. Hang framed artwork, stagger plants at the sides of your desk, or use floating shelving to designate your bedroom workspace.

If your bedroom has a murphy bed, enjoy more space for your desk once your bed returns to its upright position. Keeping a desk opposite your bed naturally helps divide up your bedroom without resorting to hanging a dividing curtain or screen to separate your space.


  • Naturally divides your bedroom into sleeping and work quarters
  • Gives a good reason to decorate the wall near the desk


  • May significantly reduce space in a bedroom between bed and desk

In a Corner

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Corner for learning in children's room

Some experts may frown on the idea of placing a desk in the corner, but writers like Stephen King have promoted its benefits. If you are going to keep a desk in the corner to limit visual distractions, you may feel cut off from the rest of the room. According to Feng Shui principles, keep some green plants surrounding your desk in the corner to increase wealth and productivity.


  • Encourages you to focus at task while at the desk
  • Naturally divides your bedroom between work and sleep


  • Feng Shui principles suggest against placing a desk in the corner

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By the Window

Bed and desk in homely girl's room

A desk by a window sounds like a good idea at first, especially if an influx of light from the outdoors will keep you energized and feeling positive. However, over time a desk by a window can lead to distraction from people outdoors, changing weather patterns, or the fear of missing out when you have to stay inside at a desk.


  • Allows for plenty of natural light from outside
  • Helps visually divide your work and sleep space


  • May cause too many distractions from the outside or make you feel cut off from the rest of the room

Nestled by a Wall

Bedroom for a teenage

If you are going to keep your desk against the wall, consider setting it up so you can face away from the wall and feel less claustrophobic,  or keep it next to a sidewall. You want to avoid having your back face the entrance to your bedroom, so get creative with your desk placement and the nearest wall. Consider a perpendicular setup for your desk so you can see most of your room from your chair.


  • Naturally, divide your workspace from your bed
  • Enjoy decorating a wall next to your desk for inspiration and increased productivity


  • Need to have accessories, plants, and mood-enhancing decor on the wall or feel isolated and low-energy

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Hideaway in the Closet

Children's furniture storage system with two built-in desks

If you can't find a way to get your desk out of the bedroom thoroughly, look to your closet for a solution. You may reduce the amount of storage space, but you can transform your closet into a mini-office. When it's time to sleep, you can close the closet doors and have your bedroom all to yourself without staring at a desk.


  • Ultimate space saver and naturally separates workspace from the sleeping area
  • Maximize the usage of your desk with a hidden space within your bedroom


  • You lose precious storage space in your closet for a bedroom office

What Feng Shui Has to Say About Your Desk in the Bedroom

If you have any nagging concerns about how having a desk in your bedroom will affect your sleep patterns, health, and habits, look into Feng Shui. The principles of Feng Shui want humans to have a clear division between their work and sleep spaces. A desk in the bedroom should never face the bed or expose a computer display or cell phone screens that can interfere with getting restful sleep.

Try to avoid keeping furniture like a desk or bed in the corner of a room. If you have no choice, decorate a desk in the corner with green plants. Whenever possible, opt to keep your desk closer to the door and use bookshelves, curtains, or a screen to hide away the bed from view.

Get comfortable with the idea of playing around with furniture size and focal points to give your bedroom a better sense of visual flow and organization. You can pair a high-set desk with a low-lying bed, and use art, plants, or curtains around a desk to reduce stress and increase positive energy.

Is it Bad to Have a Desk in Your Bedroom?

Ideally, your bedroom should be a place to sleep and relax, not be reminded about work or handling a task at a desk. However, some people like having a desk in their bedroom because it is where they work best, or when space is limited. Anyone who is easily distracted or has sleeping problems may want to avoid keeping a desk in their bedroom. Desks that face the bed or are close to the bed may interrupt sleep or encourage people to work and neglect their health.

Should Your Desk Face the Wall?

If you are considering having your desk face the wall, consider utilizing the principles of Feng Shui and have your desk face north or east for good luck. You can have fun decorating a wall that your desk faces with living plants, art, photos of friends and family, or other accessories that will brighten the space. Do be careful when having a desk facing the wall as it can lead to lowered productivity and leave you feeling cut off from the outside world.

Should Your Desk Face the Window?

You should have your desk face the window if it exposes you to natural light and has a pleasant view. As long as its not distracting you from working at your desk, indulge in looking out at your garden, or a stunning skyline from your bedroom office. Similar to facing a wall, facing a window can leave you feeling cut off from the rest of your bedroom and may lower your productivity levels. Remember to be mindful when you place your desk facing the window if it presents a problem.

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Where should a study table be placed in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, a study table should be placed in the area of the home that represents knowledge and wisdom. This area is usually the southeast corner of the home. It should be placed away from any doorways or windows to prevent distractions. The study table should also be placed so that the person sitting at it has their back to the wall, with a clear view of the door.

Should I put the study table in front of the window?

It really depends on your preference. If you think you'll be able to concentrate better with some natural light, putting your study table in front of the window may be a good idea. However, if you find it too distracting, placing the study table somewhere else in the room is probably better.

How do you arrange a study table in a room?

Arranging a study table in a room involves several factors, such as space, lighting, and comfort. Here are some tips for arranging a study table in a room:

1. Choose a spot for the table in the room that is free of clutter and distractions. 2. Make sure the table has enough space for you to work comfortably and that the area has good lighting. 3. Place your laptop, textbooks, notebooks, and other supplies on the table. 4. Consider adding a lamp or other lighting source to ensure the area is well-lit. 5. If you have a comfortable chair, place it so that it is facing the table and in a position that encourages good posture. 6. Place a trash can or small storage container nearby to organize and tidy the area. 7. If you need additional storage, consider adding a shelf or drawers to the table to store supplies and other materials. 8. Finally, add personal items such as photos or plants to make the area more inviting.

What should be on the study table according to Vastu?

According to Vastu, the objects that should be kept on a study table are:

1. A study lamp 2. A desk calendar 3. A pen stand 4. A small indoor plant 5. A water fountain/ aquarium 6. A small figurine of a deity/ inspirational figure 7. A notebook and a diary 8. A set of reference books 9. A world map 10. A table clock

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