Why Is My Blink Camera Night Vision Not Working? [6 Ways To Fix It!]

Do you own a Blink camera, but you can’t seem to get its Night Vision to work? Look no further. We’ve researched this concern among Blink camera users and we found out the reasons why this feature might not work and what you can do about it.

Your Blink camera’s Night Vision isn’t working because:

  • the Night Vision setting is disabled or on Auto mode
  • the Night Vision intensity is low
  • something is blocking its Infrared LED illuminator
  • there are reflective materials around the camera’s field of view
  • the camera is offline
  • the batteries are dead

These are different issues that require particular solutions. If all else fails, you can contact Blink customer support for assistance.

Keep on reading to learn more about the reasons why the Night Vision feature of your Blink camera isn’t working and find out how to fix each one so you can get a clear view from your Blink camera during nighttime. Let’s get to work!

Blink Camera Not Working At Night

Although studies show that most burglaries happen during the day, we should never let our guards down at night. The truth is, we don’t know when incidents like this will happen, and that’s why we should all stay vigilant.

Having a security camera helps give homeowners peace of mind. They can see who’s outside their house and what’s happening within their premises. This will give them the opportunity to call local authorities when needed. 

Contrary to what other people think, you don’t have to spend so much to have a security system at home. Blink offers an affordable home security option for homeowners. Their product line includes Blink Outdoor, Blink Indoor, video doorbells, and floodlight cameras. The best part is that these security cameras are so easy to install and Blink doesn’t tie you to any contract for your subscription.

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Check out this product on Amazon.

Blink cameras come with a 1080p video resolution so the image is clear and easy to see. They also have a two-way talk feature wherein you can talk to guests through the camera. You can also use the smart platform integration with Alexa and enjoy the convenience of remote connectivity. You can monitor your home from your smartphone wherever you are at whatever time of the day. 

But if your Blink camera’s Night Vision isn’t working, it’s like you’re blind to what’s happening around you and you won’t be able to monitor your home when it gets dark. Blink’s Night Vision uses infrared technology to detect and capture images even in the dark.

It’s good to know then the reasons why your security camera’s Night Vision mode isn’t working so that you can put it back in order and enjoy the benefits of 24/7 home security service. 

Here are the possible reasons why your Blink camera is not working at night and their corresponding solutions.

Night Vision Is Disabled

The Night Vision setting on the Blink app might be off. Or it might be on Auto mode which is the default setting wherein the camera’s Night Vision will only turn on when the surrounding area is dark. 

Turn this feature on by going to the Blink Home Monitor mobile app’s settings menu. Go to Camera and select the particular Blink security camera that’s not working. On the Night Vision Control setting, choose On to enable this feature. 

Night Vision IR Intensity is High

There is another setting on your Night Vision that affects the quality of clips and videos that you see. Night Vision IR Intensity can be low, medium, or high. 

When the IR intensity is too high, the images might appear too white on the screen. When it is too low, the images seem to be dark. Try to set it to medium level instead. Refer to the register of the images on your screen to know if you need to turn the intensity higher or lower. 

Blockage on the Infrared LED Illuminator

Closeup of black Blink security video camera on display inside a big box store., Blockage on the Infrared LED Illuminator

The Infrared LED illuminator allows the camera to capture what’s going on around it at night. If something is blocking its view such as the camera’s protective covering, dirt, debris, or a tree branch, then you won’t be able to see anything. 

Check obstructions along the Infrared LED illuminator’s field of view and remove them if there are any.

Presence of Reflective Materials

Reflective materials like mirrors make the light bounce back to its source, and the Blink security camera is very sensitive to light. It will be blinded by the light coming from these shiny objects and will only produce an indistinguishable white image on the screen. This is why you can’t see anything on your camera.

Check the surroundings where your Blink security camera is installed. Remove any object with a shiny surface, especially those along the camera’s field of view. You can also try repositioning your camera to shield it from light.

Camera is Offline

Your Blink security camera is connected to a base station. It is a router that’s specifically designed for Blink security cameras. It acts like a bridge between your home router and security cameras. It isn’t connected directly to your Wi-Fi to conserve power consumption so that the batteries will last longer.

Check your internet connection. If your internet provider is down or there’s no power, then your Blink camera will be offline and won’t be able to send you feedback about the situation at home. 

Also, look at the base station to see if it is near your home router so that there’s no interruption in their communication signal.

If the internet connection is good and the router and base station are close enough to each other, you might have to reset your base station so that it’ll go online again.

Low or Dead Batteries

A closeup of the positive ends of battery cells.

Almost all Blink cameras are wireless except for Blink Indoor Mini which requires a connection to a power outlet. They are powered by batteries that manufacturers claim to have a 2-yr battery life.

If you’ve been using your Blink security camera for some time, you may have already maxed out the battery life. It may no longer have enough power to control the IR emitter and the camera itself.

Take note that extreme weather conditions can also affect battery life, as well as slow internet connection and weak signal between your router and Blink devices.

You need to get the recommended replacement batteries that would work with your Blink security camera to return it to working order. You should only use 1.5V double A lithium batteries that are non-rechargeable. Using other battery types is not advisable and can lead to damage to your security camera.

Click this link to find these AA lithium batteries on Amazon.

There are different reasons why your Blink camera’s Night Vision isn’t working so go through this list one by one to identify the problem with your unit and have it fixed in no time. But if you’ve done all of the above and still can’t get it to work, it’s best to contact Blink’s customer support for assistance.

Does Blink alert the police?

Blink XT Outdoor security camera

Some home security systems are connected to a professional monitoring team that can alert the police when the need arises. However, Blink security cameras don’t offer this service. It is a regular camera that captures and records what’s happening around your home and sends notifications to your smartphone whenever it detects any unusual motion. It doesn’t have a panic button for emergencies.

You can monitor your home security through the Blink Home Monitor mobile app. You can watch a live feed of the situation at home or view the recorded videos later.

Blink has cloud-based and local storage for your videos. You must buy a separate USB to enjoy the 256GB local storage. Take note though that once you delete your videos, you won’t be able to retrieve them in all the Blink servers. Blink only stores your clips and images for 60 days and they’ll be erased permanently afterward.

Be also reminded that your Blink camera won’t work without a Wi-Fi connection. If you lose connection, you won’t have access to the live feed and it won’t be able to record videos.

Final Thoughts

Angled, selective focus on Blink outdoor cameras for sale inside a Staples store

Learn how to troubleshoot your Blink security camera so that you can rely on the quality of its videos, especially when it’s nighttime. 

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