13 Amazing Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and personal expression, an area meant to be entirely yours.

When it comes to decorating those bare walls, bedrooms are the perfect place to try something new, unique, or even dramatic.

Green blanket and gray pillows on wooden bed in floral bedroom interior with plants, 13 Amazing Wall Decor Ideas For Bedroom

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No one wants a boring bedroom, but how can you decorate your walls in a way that stands out?

We’ve looked at all the latest trends and styles to bring you the best ideas. Let’s make your bedroom the cozy dream space you’ve always wanted!

1. Light Wall

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Empty student bedroom decorated with twinkle lights and teddy bears

Twinkle lights are an easy way to add a warm and inviting ambiance to your bedroom, but sometimes, they can look more festive in terms of decor.

Curtain lights are a great way to bring that cozy glow to your room all year round. They can be hung up with your curtains or on your wall to create a wall of lights behind your bed.

You can recreate this look with your own strand of LED curtain lights.

2. One Of A Kind Art

Loft bedroom with cozy design and bike hanging on wall

Hanging interesting, unique, or even unusual art on your bedroom wall can create a stunning focal point that will have everyone talking.

If buying pricey art isn’t in your budget, why not make something yourself? For example, this room features an old bike mounted on a wooden canvas, creating an eye-catching 3D wall art piece.

3. Alternative Headboard

Cozy pillows on comfortable big king size bed in bright bedroom interior in elegant apartment

A common trend in modern bedrooms is to forgo a headboard and use other design elements to highlight the top of the bed.

This room uses a repetitive leaf pattern to imitate the shape of the headboard. You can create this using various elements, from hand painting a design to using wall stickers or hanging garlands.

4. Eclectic Shelves

Interior of modern bedroom in the sunny morning with clothes hanging on bar

Install long shelves across your walls to display books, decor, and personal trinkets.

These shelves are perfect for smaller bedrooms. They allow you to showcase your favorites without the bulkiness of traditional bookshelves.

Plus, their open design offers flexibility to arrange and adjust as needed, maximizing your space efficiently.

For the simplest customization method, you can attach adjustable tracks to your wall and then use varying wood lengths to create your ideal shelves.

5. Large Tapestry

Comfortable pale pink upholstered chair in a cozy bedroom interior with double bed and green and leaves decorations

Hanging a large tapestry to decorate your bare walls is a great way to bring color and texture into your bedroom without much effort.

From soft patterns to bold landscapes or vintage fabrics, there are tapestries to suit any bedroom style. Using a tapestry is a renter-friendly alternative to painting or wallpapering an accent wall in your room. 

If you aren’t looking to deck an entire wall in an elaborate tapestry, you can choose smaller sizes and hang the fabric in place for wall art.

6. Cityscape Headboard

Creative black and white female bedroom

Get creative with the wall behind your bed. Outline a cityscape or mountain range. These designs can be as minimalistic or detailed as you like.

If you don’t want to paint and like a more simplistic look, you can create your outline using black tape. If you’re more creative, you can hand-paint a cityscape.

7. Golden Gallery

Feminine bedroom interior with a double bed with dotted sheets, armchair, art collection and plants

Gallery walls, a trendy decor choice, let you mix various frame sizes and styles in a free-flowing arrangement. Ideal for displaying personal photos or art prints, they offer more decorative freedom than uniform layouts.

For a delicate, feminine touch, consider a gold gallery wall to add shine and texture. While mixing frame colors and styles fuels creativity, opting for matching frames can create a sleek, unified look.

8. Macrame

A cozy bedroom design in white and cream colors

Macrame has become a returning trend in boho chic interior design. These pieces are made from tying knots to create a wide range of designs and shapes for hanging wall art.

Macrame can be made from many different materials, meaning you can combine different colors and textures in your bedroom. You can have small, simple pieces or larger and more intricate designs. 

Macrame is a handmade craft, so it’s also a DIY you can learn yourself over time. 

9. Modern Lighting

Modern dark green bedroom interior

Replace bulky bedside lamps with vintage-style wall sconces to save space and add unique, out-of-the-way lighting.

You can use sconces that plug into a regular lamp, so you won’t have to worry about installing new lighting in your bedroom fully.

If you’d rather eliminate unsightly cords or don’t have an easy way to hide them, you can hang battery-operated lights.

10. Corkboard Wall

Modern minimalist eco-friendly bedroom

Whether your bedroom doubles as your office, you have tons of pictures you want to display, or you like the look, corkboard is a creative and versatile accent wall idea.

You can use self-adhesive tiles to create the perfect size corkboard for your wall and go as small or as large as you want.

You can use the corkboard to hang important papers, posters, and pictures or decorate it as you would any other wall with well-positioned and framed wall art. 

You can use square tiles for entire walls or clean edges, or you can build your own creative shape with hexagon tiles.

11. Go Green

Green blanket and gray pillows on wooden bed in floral bedroom interior with plants

Shelves full of greenery are a beautiful way to liven up your bedroom. Flowing, wrapping, and blooming plants bring a fresh feeling into the room, especially in bedrooms with lots of natural light.

12. Retro Drama

Retro bedroom interior with bike, bed, paintings and rug on the floor

If you enjoy dramatic styling in your bedroom, black walls are the way to go. Not only does it help in keeping the room dark to aid with sleep, but it also acts as a blank canvas for bold designs.

If you like a modern retro feel like this room, adding pops of gold and bright whites lighten up the dark walls to create a classic and luxurious contrast.

13. Wooden Accent

Stylish room interior with big comfortable bed

Wood paneling makes for a gorgeous minimalistic or rustic accent wall. The added texture gives plain walls a new dimension.

You can effortlessly recreate this look using peel-and-stick wood planks. Whether you want to create an entire accent wall from wood planks or an extended headboard from floor to ceiling, this look is simple yet dynamic in a bedroom.

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