17 Beach-Themed Bedding Sets That Will Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Sometimes, decorating a bedroom can be as easy as changing the sheets! And with these beach-themed sets, you’ll be able to quickly add the colors and motifs of the seaside to your decor.

We’ve been talking about beach-themed decor quite a lot lately in this blog. It’s such a great theme both for the built-in color scheme, as well as the positive ambiance it evokes right away. After all, the seaside is where you can connect to nature at its best – and at the same time, it’s also a place we associate most with a relaxing vacation.

17 Beach-Themed Bedding Sets That Will Freshen Up Your Bedroom

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Now, who wouldn’t want those peaceful coastal vibes in the bedroom?

This is where sheets, duvets and pillowcases step in. When you think about it, they are simply large canvases of cloth. It’s like introducing a huge painting of the beach – only more practical and useful!


Let’s take a look at some of the options. Any of these would be perfect in a beach-themed bedroom, or just as a fresh whiff-of-the-ocean element in a non-themed one.

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1. Beach and Seashell Bedding Set by Lebather

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What sets this bedding set apart from the competition is that it packs in everything you could expect for a tiny price. This set includes 2 pillowcases, 1 duvet cover, and 1 flat sheet. Each piece is made from luxurious materials. It is a good idea to use it with your existing comforter by protecting it from dust and it.

Moreover, its beach theme is elegant and visually stands out, taking advantage of advancements in printing technology. Maintenance is easy: simply toss it in the washing machine. Make sure to only utilize cold water under gentle settings.

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2. 3 Piece Quilter Coverlet by DOUH

This beach themed set packs a homely vibe that will transform your room into a peaceful abode. The ultra soft wrinkle resistant fabric has comfort written all over it. This makes it perfect for relaxation and napping.  The breathable fabric is designed to prevent the buildup of moist and mildew to keep the coverlet in brand new shape for several years to come.

Furthermore, it is relatively simple to wash this coverlet under a washing machine using cold water at gentle settings.

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3. Shoreline Beige Comforter Set by Shoreline

This king-sized comforter features a blend of 55 percent cotton and 45 percent polyester that is held in place for extra durability. The comforter shows the majestic beauty of some of the sea’s inhabitants including seashells, starfish, and shellfishes against a predominantly beige backdrop. Bring rich colors into your room to give it a complete makeover without breaking the budget,

You will get 1 comforter, 2 pillow shams, and 1 bed skirt to for your mattress. This set snugly sits into place due to easy installation.

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4. Sealife Fish Ocean Wave by Lush Décor

Capture the lush beauty of the ocean’s inner depths and bring them into your décor for a low price tag. This bedding set authentically captures the lush flora and fauna of the ocean and adds a lot of flair to your room. In terms of durability, this bedding set features 100 percent cotton fabric with a polyester filling, perfectly distributed for use throughout all seasons.

The high quality of the digital print is designed to not fade after rough usage or maintenance. It’s deep blues and the wavy pattern will set up the mood for a deep slumber, thanks in part to its comfortable polyester filling and stimulating design.

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5. Starfish 3 Piece Bedding Set by North End Décor

If you’re looking for a classic look, and everything in a bedding set, look no further than this starfish themed bedding set. It includes one queen sized quilt and two standard shams. To make the quilt extra comfortable, the manufacturer made use of 50 percent cotton with a blend of 50 percent polyfill. This set is made from 100 percent microfiber fabric which allows it to perform well in all seasons.

The starfish theme is elegant to look at and will give anyone a million excuses to lie down and fall asleep into a deep slumber. This bedroom set is easy to clean and can be machine washed without damaging either the print or fabric.

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6. Ocean Bedding by Sleepwish

Take your love for the ocean to the next level by bringing it into your bedroom. This 3 piece bedding set features one of the most visually appealing ocean themes we’ve ever seen. It has enough design leverage to completely transform your bedroom. The high quality of digital print includes waves, sandy beach, and a majestic blue sky.

In terms of design, this duvet cover has all the properties you would ever want, being super soft, breathable, and being an all-round charmer. The duvet cover is machine washable because the print doesn’t fade and the fabric doesn’t wear out. It’s perfect for long term use.

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7. Home Seawaves C&F Homes

Blue, white, teal, and purple waves make this bedding set a must buy. The high quality of extremely comfortable fabric makes it an instant charmer while also capturing the beauty of the flowing sea. This 3 piece bedding set contains a beach themed quilt, and 2 pillow covers designed for both functionality and aesthetics.

It is machine washable for easy maintenance and takes advantage of durable microfiber for added comfort. All in all, this is the perfect bedding set you could buy.

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8. Queen Size Beach by I-Mart

This queen-sized bedding set makes the perfect addition to your bedroom by bringing in visually striking pops of color with a predominantly beach themed print. It contains a high-quality print of sea waves gently visiting the sunkissed beach while starfish and shellfish hang out into the open. The set is made from durable material that can be machine washed using mild soap.

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9. Luxury Nautical Bedding by Brandream

This luxury bedding found a way to bring the elegant beach into your room without feeling overwhelming or too forced upon. The beach design is broidered and the starfish are drawn on for a fun, visually interesting layer that instantly spruces up your room with minimal effort. At first glance, you will be instantly drawn in.

The chic, fresh bedding set is made with super soft Egyptian cotton that cocoons you while you sleep. Furthermore, the fabric is breathable to ensure it doesn’t collect moisture or bacteria. A perfect addition to your room.

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10. Coastal 5 Piece Set by RT Designers Collection

Sometimes you just want a product that comes with all the extra bells and whistles prepackaged to save you the hassle of going over extra steps. If this statement sums you up perfectly, then this is the product for you, it comes with 2 throw pillows, 2 standard beach themed shams, and 1 beach themed quilt for extra measure.

The visual imagery embroidered is designed using high-quality print that does not fade with rough use.

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11. 7 Piece Harbor Life Quilt Set by Lush Décor

This is another bedding set that carries some extra value for your money thanks to 2 pillowcase, 2 shams, an oblong decorative pillow, a square pillow, and one reversible quilt. It’s the perfect bang for your buck bedding set that combines aesthetics with functionality. It features a predominant beach theme with starfish murals against a white backdrop for a visually appealing contrast.

The quilt is prepared with 100 percent polyester with a cotton/poly blend filling for extra comfort.

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12. Wave Duvet by Abesonne

This 3 piece duvet cover is easy to use, machine washable and printed with a beachfront for extra peaceful vibes. It contains bright, visual colors that look authentic enough. Meanwhile, the fabric is made with 100 percent brushed microfiber that feels super soft to the touch.

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13. 3 Pieces Turtle Bedding by SDIII

If you love turtles and want to imbue your room with their elegance and charm, then this bedding set is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s made with 100 microfibers for extra durability without compromising softness and coziness. It is also machine washable for easy maintenance. Durable zipper closure makes it easy to install over your duvet without breaking a sweat!

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14. Comforter Set Blue by Discoveries

Want a beach themed comforter to make your room look serene and beautiful? This coastal-themed comforter should be high on your ‘to-buy’ list, thanks to its visually striking coastal theme that features cone shells, seashells, and pops of blue to give your room a complete makeover.

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15. Queen Size Cover Set by Ambesonne

This duvet cover set contains a decorative 3 piece bedding set that includes 2 pillow shams. It’s visually striking design print features a tropical beach theme, complete with dolphins gliding off into the sunset. The fabric is made with 100 percent brushed micro-fabric for an ultra comfortable experience.

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16. Coverlet and Bed Spread by Madison Park

The cover is prepared with 100 percent cotton to make maximize comfort levels. Beach themed wildlife is embroidered on the heavily textured layout which can be paired with most bedrooms thanks to the contrasting neutral white background. The use of 100 percent cotton sateen makes this bedding set a must have for your bed.

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17. 3 Piece Duvet cover by DOUH

This duvet cover predominantly features purple layout of murals against a white background. The overall design theme does look visually appealing, although the purple might come across as strong. Furthermore, the fabric makes use of 100 percent cotton to maximize durability, softness, and imbue the cover set with extra traits such as breathability. This quilt is also machine-washable.

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