What Are The Best Blinds For Blocking Out The Light?

When it comes to home decor ideas, blinds are among the best decorative elements. If you work the night shift and need to be able to block out the bright light of the sun or live in an area that has hot sun filled-days, you may have different needs than other people. When you’re selecting a blind for your room, you can’t settle for just any window covering you come across. We’ve done the research to help you decide on the best blinds to block out the light and spruce up your living space at the same time.

The following are four of the most effective blackout blinds in the market today:

  • Solar window shades
  • Roller window blinds
  • Cellular blinds
  • Roman window blinds

If you’re a newbie in the world of window design and treatments, you’re probably questioning the effectiveness of the blinds above. Stick around and scroll down for an in-depth analysis of each blind, plus random but useful tips and tricks.

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What Are The Best Blinds For Blocking Out The Light?

Solar Window Shades

Solar shades keep out 99 percent of harmful UV rays that can fade and damage your curtains, rugs, and furniture. During the day, they offer a darker interior by filtering out excessive brightness to let in just the right level of light.

They are also valuable energy savers that reflect heat away from your room, eliminating the need for a fan or conditioner. Solar shades are available in a variety of price ranges and colors, from orange to beige and from bamboo to polyester. 

Roller Window Blinds

Contrary to common belief, roller blinds and solar blinds are not the same things. The only similarity between these two window treatments is the roll-up mechanism. Everything else – benefits and fabrics – are different.

With that out of the way, roller shades offer a maximum of four opacity levels: blackout, room darkening, sheer filtering, and light filtering. With these options, you can decide just how much light you prefer in your living room.

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Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are a combination of good looks and value. Like roller blinds, cellular shades are made of one continuous piece of fabric. They are available in four options: the bottom-up, top-down, motorized, and cordless. 

When it comes to keeping out the light, opt for the cellular blinds that feature a blackout fabric. They offer an outstanding level of insulation that keeps your home dark and cool in the harshest weather.

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Roman Blinds

These window blinds are right for you if you’re conscious of your room’s aesthetics. They’re a flexible and versatile choice thanks to their ability to block out a reasonable level of heat and light. 

Aside from filtering out the light, roman blinds are also a perfect way to adorn your windows. They have an indulgent appearance that’s brought out by the clean pleats and soft lines that are customizable based on your bedroom or living room décor.

When completely shut, the blind’s blackout fabric covers even the tiniest gap where light may pass. 

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Like the rest of the blinds on this list, roman blinds are effective insulators that also maintain strict privacy. 

How Can I Darken A Room Without Blinds?

There are lots of alternatives to blinds. These handy DIY options may come in handy, especially if you want to avoid extra expenditures:

Window Film

Window films come in various reflectivity options and shades. They’re thin laminates that you can install inside or outside your window’s glass surface. There are three types of window film: Solar control, blackout, and reflective window film. These offer flexibility in regulating the amount of sunlight that gets in.

Add Plants or Ornamental Objects

Potted plants add a touch of natural décor to any room. Houseplants with giant leaves are also useful for dimming the room and blocking out excess sunlight. If caring for plants isn’t for you, add a shelf in front of your window and place knick-knacks, books, or portraits on top.

Use Aluminum Foil

Foils work similarly to window films. All you need to do is get the dimensions of your window frame and transfer them to an aluminum foil sheet. Cut out the foil and stick it over your glass panes using sizeable strips of painter’s tape. Cardboards and black trash bags can equally serve the same purpose.

Blackout Curtains

Hang blackout drapes. Secure the curtains to a rod and hang it approximately four to five inches above your window. Make sure it covers all sides of your window completely.

Are There Light-Cancelling Blinds For Bedrooms?

If you work late nights and need to get some shut-eye during the day, the last thing you need is a bedroom filled with sunlight. Or maybe you have a baby who skips their daytime nap because of the bright glare from the bedroom window. 

Luckily for you, there are lots of light-canceling window treatments that you’ll find particularly useful:

Venetian Blinds 

They add a touch of class and romance to a bedroom. When paired with complementing drapes, these blinds provide a dark, cozy snoozing spot. On their own, they don’t disappoint as well. 

The multiple features and sleek design add a warm and relaxing ambiance that’s ideal for a daytime snooze.

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Wooden Blinds 

They fit perfectly with a variety of drapes to transform your bright room into a dim haven. The good thing about them? They never run out of style. Every year, these blinds get back into the market in newer designs and colors that fit perfectly in all environments. 

Be sure to pick the right size – one that fits perfectly on your window frame and won’t affect your room layout

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Honeycomb Blinds  

These blinds have a unique, minimalistic design that makes them suitable for both adults and kids’ rooms. With the honeycomb shade, you’re in complete control of the light that gets into your sleeping space.

The privacy that these blinds provide is incomparable to the others on this list. Go for the double cell option for a higher level of privacy and better room darkening fabrics.

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Printed Blinds 

This set of shades is beautifully designed with different printings and patterns on the entire fabric. They create the perfect sleeping ambiance while decorating your window with timeless art.

Cotton blinds are perfect for all rooms, but they stand out most when installed in the bedroom.

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How Do I Stop The Lights From Coming Through The Sides of My Blinds?

It’s pretty annoying when you put up blinds to keep out the light, but it still gets in through the sides, isn’t it? Irritating as they may be, these light gaps are inevitable for any shades or blinds.

If you wish to get around those pesky side spaces, try out any of the following three ideas:

  • Add an extra layer to your blinds. Hang two drapery panels to either side of your window to cover the gaps and upgrade your look. 
  • Hang your blinds outside your window frame. When mounting, add approximately four to six inches to your window’s height and width for maximum coverage.
  • Use quality light blocking strips. These are perfect, especially for roller blinds, since they have more significant light gaps. The strips seal the gaps and keep the light out.

Can I Use Blackout Shades Behind Blinds?

There’s no harm in pairing your blinds with fitting blackout shades. When mounted inside your window, they form an extra layer that provides added protection from the sunlight on the glass panels.

If you want to adjust the level of light that gets into your room, simply raise or lower your shades.

Before buying your shades, you need to determine your window space first. Measure the length between the blind brackets and the frame of your window. You wouldn’t want to hang a too-big or a too-small blackout shade and risk damaging your room’s elegant layout.

When installing your shade, screw the main bracket into the top of your window frame. Next, fit the top of the blackout shade into your bracket and voila! There you have it; a neat, stylish, and unique way to keep the sunlight out.

If you have shades behind your blinds, you don’t need curtains or any extra coverage on your window. 


Blinds offer a combination of durability and style to keep out excess light and harmful UV rays. Getting the right ones to keep your room dark can seem challenging, but with the wide variety of blinds in the market today, there are plenty of options!

Make the right decision and enjoy the comfort and luxury that comes with owning quality lights-out blinds!

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