18 Cream and Brown Living Room Ideas

Earth tones like cream and brown are warm, inviting, and versatile in living room design, allowing for a range of accent colors from muted to bold.


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Create a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment with these 18 inspiring examples of cream and brown living rooms.

1. Plant Texture

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Brown sofa in white colored living room and cactus plants for decoration

Indoor houseplants have so much organic texture and color. Whether you use cacti, succulents, palms, or any other type of foliage plant, you’re sure to enjoy a show! Position any number of plant stands or baskets in a room with an assortment of styles for the highest visual impact possible.

Adjustable Plant Stand

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2. Pendant Lighting

White wall living room with cone shaped hanging lamps and brown sofa

Though pendant lighting is typically seen in the kitchen, it makes for a wonderful addition in the living room. Pendant lighting provides additional light to the room as well as a touch of personal style. Choosing the right pendant lighting completely transforms the room.

A matching furniture set fosters a sense of completeness. The chocolate brown hue incorporated throughout the room is warm and inviting.

3. Wall Decor

White walled living room with painting and cream colored sofa and tables

Wall decor gives a living room great cohesion. Options are seemingly endless for the ways you can design the wall space: art prints, framed photos, floating shelves, and more. Get creative with the items you hang. The hexagonal floating shelves provide a perfect little area for succulents and other indoor plants.

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Hexagonal Floating Shelves

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4. Cozy Leather

White living room with wooden leather sofas

Without a doubt, leather offers rich texture and warmth to a room. There are so many different types and colors of leather available on the market. You can also find a variety of pieces of furniture upholstered with leather. Pair the couch with an assortment of throw pillows and chunky throw blankets.

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5. Natural Lighting

Modern rustic living room with protruding trusses and brown framed huge windows

When natural lighting floods into a room, it brings with it a fresh, bright sense of welcoming. It instantaneously opens up the room and highlights the various features around it. The tan furniture in the room matches well with the jute rug, wooden side table, and exposed beams on the ceiling.

Another great reason to have natural lighting is the fact that you’ll save money on energy costs since you can receive more light without electricity.

6. Fresh Features

Modern living room with gray curtains and brown sofas and wooden pattern flooring

In a room full of cream and brown furniture, incorporate a bit of color through various accent pieces like an upholstered bench and throw pillows. The color is enough to break up the monotony and spark interest in the room. If the room is large enough, position two aesthetically complimentary coffee tables in the middle.

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7. Seamless Design

Mediterranean living room with brown sofa and fireplace at center

Maintain a seamless design throughout your house to keep things looking consistent. A cream and brown design style looks so inviting and it’s simple to add decorative and colorful accents. Since the fireplace is composed of red brick, red is the main accent color used in this space. There’s a floor lamp with a red shade, red throw pillows, and an oriental rug full of red patterns.

8. Patterned Area Rug

Living room with triangle patterned rug and white sofas with pillows and cream colored curtains

Area rugs can benefit a room in multiple ways. For one, it helps tie the furniture together. It gives the pieces a look of belonging and having purposeful placement.  Next, the rug defines the space in the room. The closely matching color scheme of the room and the rug is subtle and calming to the eye. Lastly, the area rug helps highlight the hardwood flooring in the room. You’ll never regret the addition of an area rug.

9. Changing Seasons Decor

Living room with small tree paintings at wall and wooden flooring

Anchor your room with a careful selection of artwork. When the space behind your couch serves as a focal point in the room, everything else falls into place. As seen in this photo, a trio of framed prints are flanked by a pair of light sconces, setting apart everything in front of it.

Round Glass Top Coffee Table

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10. Exposed Beams

Living room with protruding wood colums and truss with cream colored sofas

Exposed beams accentuate the space they’re in.  The light-colored wood meshes well with the other colors and the wood used in the living room. The light color also ensures that the room doesn’t look too dark or claustrophobic. All the tones and shapes used throughout this room complement each other.

Even the shapes and sizes of the small vases on the floating shelves match. The plants bring in organic texture and color to the room.

11. Accent Wall

Living room with protruding decorative cabinets and wooden flooring and sofa

Get creative with your living room and the colors used. The back wall of this room serves as an excellent accent. It features three alcoves painted a misty blue, giving a shadowbox feel to them. Highlight a few fun decorative pieces in the alcoves for visual stimulation. The misty blue hue is a nice companion to a cream and brown color scheme.

12. Cohesive Appeal

Living room with furnitures and brown colored cabinets with tv set and fireplace

Everything about this room has a very cohesive appeal to it. The color of the walls and floor are complemented by the furniture used and the accent colors picked out. The geometric design of the area rug gives the room more depth with its eye-catching pattern. In a large living room, a sectional couch does a great job at filling in the immense space.

13. Intriguing Flooring

Living room with cream inspired colors and white sofa with pillow and tv set at left

Let the flooring do the talking! Chevron patterned flooring is recognized by the “v” pattern it forms. Chevron flooring is a popular choice when you want the room to appear larger than it really is. It’s an amazing look that definitely makes the room look unique. A room that’s rich in a variety of complementary patterns won’t go unnoticed.

Tassel Shag Rug

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14. Built-In Bookshelves

Lively living room with black sofa and bookshelf filled with books and brown curtains at windoe

Built-in bookshelves utilize space in the living room that may have otherwise stood empty. Fill the shelves with all kinds of color to contrast beautifully with the cream and brown color scheme of the room. Organize books according to the color of their spine to create a rainbow effect or display them in a random order. Sprinkle in other trinkets on the shelves, too.

15. Conversational Set Up

Cream living room with three sofas and fireplace at center

Set the living room up in a way that’s conducive to conversations by positioning it in a U-shape. The room features all the cozy earth tones, truly turning it into a relaxing and inviting space. Pick out comfortable throw pillows, too. The fireplace at the forefront of the room adds to the overall cozy aesthetic of the room.

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16. Monochromatic Aesthetic

Cream colored living room with dark brown colored sofa

A monochromatic color scheme doesn’t have to be ordinary and boring. Rich textures and an assortment of furniture add the much-needed dimension. Notice the interesting yet cohesive items used in this room: modern light fixture, mixed-material coffee table, and textured wall to name a few.

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17. Eclectic Inspired Design

Cream colored living room wall with brown tiles and leather sofa with pillows

An eclectic inspired design brings a lot of life into a room. While cream and brown can serve as base colors for the room, experiment with bright accents and a variety of textures and patterns. Incorporate a range of styles to the room to make a strong visual impact.

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18. Wall Color

Brown walls with sofa at the middle and minimalist divider with picture frames

The color painted across the walls can make a big difference in the overall look of the room. The mocha tone is wonderfully contrasted by the white sofa and other variety of white accent pieces. Flank the sofa with a pair of mid-century style side tables.

Rectangular Side Table

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