17 Beautiful Blue Living Room Color Schemes You Need To See

When it comes to adding color to your living room, sometimes this can be tricky without a bit of help. Do you want to cover the walls of your room in blue, or is a bold piece of art or furniture more your style? 

Regardless of how much blue you choose, you’ve got to follow a color scheme. From what we found, going with a statement piece of art or furniture is an easy way to add some vibrance to your living space. Blue is a popular color in home design, making it a good choice for any living room style you might be working with. 

As we dive into this topic, we will share our top 17 blue living room color schemes and tag a few related products. So, whether you want to transform your space into a nautical paradise or add a splash of color, we’ve got you covered. With that said, let’s get started!

Classic royal blue color interior with armchair, fireplace, candle, floor lamp and carpet, 17 Beautiful Blue Living Room Color Schemes You Need To See

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1. Soft Blue Accent Wall

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Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall

First up, we have a softer blue living room concept that has a Boho feel to it. Although this room is not extremely bright in color, we appreciate the softer pastel wall color and the blue accents. An easy way to add some blue into your space is to incorporate throw pillows and even a piece of blue-accented artwork.

Here is a set of two blue velvet pillow covers from Stellhome. These throw pillow covers are machine washable and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

2. Nautical And Woodsy

Blue stylish elegant retro living room with sofa

Second, we have this super bright blue living room that catches our eye. Typically, you don’t see too many living rooms with so much blue color, but we feel it works well in this space. Another detail to note is the wooden theme throughout the room which helps break it up a little.

3. Ultra Modern Blue

Modern living room with gray sofa, fireplace and carpet rug

Next up, we have this sleek, modern living room idea that we love. The sky blue color scheme throughout this room feels bright and cheerful while not overpowering the space. Although this living room has industrial decor, the lighter blue accent wall and side table make it feel more livable and cozy.

4. Navy Blue Accents

Gray and navy blue living room interior with comfortable sofa and armchairs

Our next blue living room color scheme is for anyone after a more subtle look. This navy blue accented space feels modern and charming while not having to use too much color. Regardless of your preference, navy blue is a great shade to achieve a more mature and classy look. 

Here is a navy blue area rug from Unique Loom to try out in your living room. This rug promises to be stain-resistant, easy to clean, and measures five by eight feet.

5. Dark Blue Den

Drawing room with high ceiling, hardwood floor and brown leather sofa

Following a unique design, we have this dark and intimate blue color scheme. For those decorating their den-style living room, dark blue is a great way to add color without standing out too much. We especially like the way the deep blue compliments the leather sofa and rustic decor in this space. 

6. Contemporary Beachside Blue

Large living room with elegant sofa and modern kitchen on background

Coming in at six, we have a bright and modern beachside blue color scheme. This living room has a very open-concept feel to it and uses blue throughout the space nicely. Although this design feels very blue-dominant, the yellow pillows and wood accents help add variety to this room.

7. Royal Blue Hues

Classic royal blue color interior with armchair, fireplace, candle, floor lamp and carpet

Next up, we have this stunning royal blue color scheme to consider for your living room. Typically, royal blue and velvet have a luxurious look to them, so this is a great option to elevate your current living space. Another detail we like is the slight difference in wall color versus the chair, which gives this room a unique feel.

Here is a blue velvet accent chair from Edenbrook to help you get the look. This chair has a high back design and features luxurious tufted padding for extra comfort.

8. Vintage Color Scheme

Fashionable vintage styled living room

Following a deeper blue theme, we have this gorgeous vintage blue living room. This living space has an eclectic vibe to it, which we like, and uses many fun colors. We also want to point out how well this shade of blue goes with pink and green hues throughout this living space.

9. Deep Blue With White Accents

Interior of modern living room with white fabric sofa over blue wall

Coming in at nine, we have this jaw-dropping modern blue and white living room that we can’t get over. When it comes to matching blue well, white is one of those colors you can’t go wrong with using. We especially like how this room went with a white light fixture to brighten up the ceiling and add some variety in color to the area.

10. Blue Beamed Villa

Cozy holiday villa interior design with high quality model of stylish furniture and home props

Next on our list, we have this vacation-worthy blue villa-style living room. Although this living room has a seaside theme, it doesn’t feel over the top or corny, which we appreciate. If you want to give your room a similar look, consider painting your ceiling beams a blue color.

11. Blue, Blush, And Gold

Modern dark blue living room interior with pink color couch and golden decor

Switching gears, we have this modern gold and pink accented blue living room that is a favorite on the list. When it comes to colors going well together, gold, pink, and blue are easy and stylish to work with. So whether you choose to add a blush-colored sofa and gold accents, or the complete opposite, this is a good color scheme to follow in a blue living room.

Here is a 78-inch velvet buttoned sofa that will go perfectly in a blue living room. This sofa converts into a futon for extra guests and holds up to 700 pounds.

12. Aquamarine Elements

Home interior mock-up with blue sofa, wooden table and decor in blue living room

Coming in at 12, we have this bright and cheerful aquamarine-colored living room that feels like a vacation. Typically, aqua is a great color to use in smaller spaces because it opens them up quite a bit. Although aqua is a brighter color, it is something to consider if you want to make your living room feel bigger while still using blue in your space.

13. Elegant Spanish Design

An elegantly designed Spanish living room with plush navy sofas, a patterned area rug, exposed dark wooden beams, and a grand arched window inviting natural light ar 3:4

Next up, we have this elegant blue living room idea that we are obsessed about. When we see this shade of blue, Spanish architecture and design often come to mind. This beautiful blue color scheme has a classic look to it that we appreciate and doesn’t feel too overwhelming in this living space.

14. Incorporated Earth Tones

A cozy room featuring a vivid blue wall contrasted with an earth-toned leather sofa and an array of green houseplants, complemented by a geometric blue and white rug ar 3:4

Following a greener look, we have this vivid blue and earth-tone color scheme that pops. The live plants and rich-colored blue wall pair perfectly in this space and give it an eclectic feeling. We also noticed the darker blue accessories throughout this room that help tie it all together without fighting for attention.

15. Various Shades Of Blue

A chic East London living room adorned with a deep blue wall, soft pink ceiling, a plush emerald green sofa, and vibrant floral curtains creating a modern yet retro ambiance ar 3:4

Coming in at 15, we have this retro East London blue living room that stands out on our list. When it comes to using multiple shades of blue, we say go for it as long as they all fit into the same aesthetic. A detail to note is the subtle similarities in color between the curtains and sofa and the wall art and throw pillow that make this room feel cohesive. 

Here is a teal blue darkening curtain panel from Deconovo to help you get the look. This thermal curtain measures 42×63 inches and promises to block out sunlight and help balance temperature.

16. Matching Colors

A bright and airy living room with soft blue walls, elegant cream drapery, and cozy light blue furniture, complemented by natural light and a serene view of greenery outside ar 3:4

Here we have a bright and airy blue living room color scheme that matches perfectly. Although this room is not entirely blue, the matching walls and sofa make it feel extremely colorful without excluding the other decor elements. In addition, we love how the darker tone wood compliments the pale blue accents and the pops of red in the curtains so nicely.

17. Grey And Blue Moods

A sophisticated living room with a moody color scheme featuring deep blue walls, grey furniture accents, and a contemporary fireplace, creating a serene yet stylish space ar 3:4

Last but not least, we have this moody grey and blue living room color scheme that adds plenty of drama to this room. Blue and grey tend to pair well together, making this a perfect idea for a living room design. We especially like how this room went with various shades of grey to lighten up the dark blue painted walls to give this space a more open feeling.

Here is a grey fleece throw blanket from Exclusivo Mezcla to add to your blue living room. This blanket is 50×70 inches long and has a jacquard-wave pattern.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you can’t get enough blue in your living room or want to add a little extra color to your space, you’ve got options. One of the benefits of using the color blue is that there are so many different shades you can choose from.

Although blue usually translates to a light sky color or navy hue, aquamarine and greyish tone blue colors are also perfect for the living room. Adding in a blue sofa or statement piece is an easy way to get things looking colorful without overdoing it. Regardless of how much blue you want in your space, make sure to follow a color scheme and have plenty of fun while decorating.

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