Can You Add A Toilet To A Laundry Room? [Yes, But Here’s What You Need To Know!]

Adding a toilet to a laundry room is a great idea for a home that has limited space. You might be thinking of doing this and wonder if it's actually possible. After much research, we have the answer to this question as well as details to share about adding a toilet to your laundry room.

Although it is possible to put a toilet in a laundry room, there are things you need to consider before doing so. Here are some of them:

  • Design
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting

Continue reading as we discuss these factors in detail. In this post, we will also discuss other things that you need to know about putting a toilet in a laundry room and answer some frequently asked questions. Let's get started!

Modern washing machine, shelf unit and toilet bowl near white wall in bathroom interior, Can You Add A Toilet To A Laundry Room? [Yes, But Here's What You Need To Know!]

Adding A Toilet To A Laundry Room

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High gloss bathroom with basin cabinet, mirror, toilet, bidet, washer and clothes dryer

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a toilet in a laundry room because of the benefits it can provide. It's very convenient for the whole family and can help you save space. The toilet-laundry room setup is perfect for houses that have limited space.

It's important to consider different factors when renovating a house or a room. This will help you as a homeowner not to make mistakes and have costly repairs.

Here are some things you need to think about before putting a toilet in your laundry room.


As we mentioned above, putting a toilet in a laundry room is ideal for houses without a lot of space. One thing you need to consider before doing the project is the design of the space.

You need to take a look at where to put the toilet so that it will not be inconvenient for use. You also need to make sure that the space is large enough to accommodate all of the necessary elements, like the toilet and sink.

Finally, design is very important for the space to look good and to make sure it serves you comfortably.


One of the most important considerations in putting a toilet in a laundry room is plumbing. Proper plumbing is needed to make sure that the toilet, laundry area, and sinks will function properly. You should contact a professional plumber to make sure the job is done properly.

Never do plumbing yourself because you want to avoid the costly plumber's fee. If you fail to do the job properly, then you might end up paying more down the road due to repairs. Also, if you have a professional plumber do the work, the project will be easier and go faster.


If you're planning to put a toilet in a laundry room, proper ventilation should be a priority. A well-ventilated room will ensure adequate airflow and channel odors and moisture out of the room. 

Moreover, if you properly ventilate the room, it will prevent the accumulation of mold, which can be a common issue with bathrooms and laundry rooms. An exhaust fan is used in many bathrooms, but you can use other types of ventilation, depending on what makes you comfortable. 

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Appropriate lighting is also important. Lighting can create the illusion that the room is large. It will also make the room feel bright and inviting.

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Cost Of Adding A Toilet To A Laundry Room

White bathroom interior with a washing machine, wooden floor, a tree in a pot, a sink and a tub.

If you're planning to put a toilet in a laundry room, you might wonder how much it will cost. The cost will depend on whether you're going to put the toilet in an existing laundry area or add on to the room. Adding an extension to the room will cost more.

The cost will also depend on the materials you want to add, such as lights, tile, paint, or doors.

Some homeowners who did this kind of renovation spent $500-$2,000 without adding other fixtures. A typical half bathroom will cost you between $5,000-$30,000, including plumbing works and other add-ons.

If you're only concerned with the cost of the toilet itself, a single new toilet costs $210-$680, including labor. Replacing the toilet is more expensive since it can cost you $600-$1000 for the overall project cost. 

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Areas In The House Where You Can Put Toilet

Know that you know that a toilet can be added to a laundry room, you might wonder if a toilet can be installed anywhere in a house and what the options are for this addition.

A toilet can be put in various parts of a house, depending on your preference. Here are some of the areas where you make this addition:


A bedroom is the most common area for adding a toilet. The addition works especially well with large bedrooms. Small to medium-sized bedrooms can also have toilets with the proper design and dimensions. Make sure that the area you choose will have enough space to fit the necessary accessories.


Putting a toilet in the vicinity of the kitchen will provide added convenience. Installing it near the kitchen means that it can use existing water supply and drainage systems. 

Beneath Stairs

If you have a graded house with limited space, you can opt to put a bathroom below the stairs. This is an excellent way to maximize the space. Of course, you need to make sure the toilet and sink will fit inside the designated area.


Installing a toilet is a great way to use extra square footage in a house. If your house has a long hallway that's going to waste, you might consider renovating it and adding a toilet. This will give guests easy access to a bathroom.

Can A Washer And A Toilet Share The Same Drain?

Modern bathroom interior design in wooden and gray finish.

When installing a toilet in a laundry room, you need to consider proper draining. This is important because it can prevent leaks and clogs.

We don't recommend that your toilet and washer share the same drain. This is because the pipe diameter of a toilet should be at least three inches, which is bigger than the average washer drain pipe.

Do You Need Permission To Install A Toilet In Your Home?

On the desktop are notebooks, a pen and a red folder for papers with the text PERMITS.

Many homeowners are concerned about obtaining permits when renovating or adding to their homes. Building permits are important because they ensure that a home is safe.

Certain building projects do require permits. Any undertaking that involves plumbing and sewer lines will likely require a permit. Additionally, if you're altering the layout of your bathroom, adding a sink, new flooring, or a bathtub, you may need a permit. 

If you're simply switching an old toilet out for a new one, you may not have to worry about applying for a permit. Before moving forward with any major project, you should research your city and county building codes.

Final Thoughts

Adding a toilet to a laundry room can be an efficient way to use the space in your home. It increases your home's functionality and provides added convenience. 

If you're planning to do this project, you must take into account several factors. Make sure to check the plumbing, design of the room, ventilation, and lighting. Also, planning the process and materials involved in the project is important so that you have an idea of the cost.

Additionally, you have to keep in mind the necessary planning when it comes to plumbing and draining. You should call a professional to help you with these aspects of the project in order to avoid repair costs down the line.

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