What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls? [5 Suggestions with Pictures]

You recently decided to repaint a room in your home an appealing yet neutral gray hue. You’re super happy with the finished product, but now you’re suddenly rethinking whether you need to update the color of your carpeting. Which color carpet best accents gray walls?

While it’s ultimately your decision, the following hues are generally the most agreeable carpet colors for gray walls:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • White
  • Darker blues

In today’s post, we’ll answer all your most pressing questions about gray walls. From which color to choose if you painted your walls a lighter gray versus a darker gray to how to accent your living room or bedroom with gray walls, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Black and white themed living room with black sofa, throw pillows and a patterned black and white rug

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Best Carpet Colors for Gray Walls

Does Beige Carpet Go with Gray Walls?

We’ve already established that beige is a safe carpet color choice, but did you know that can sometimes include lighter-colored gray walls as well? Just check out this photo.

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Modern living room with wooden furniture and house plants

To tie the beige carpeting together with your room’s look, it helps if you have other light brown accents throughout the room, much like this homeowner does here. From their plant shelves to the wooden accent tables and even the pillow and blanket on the couch, the colors here are deliberate yet work beautifully.

Does Brown Carpet Go with Gray Walls?

Beige is a lighter version of brown, so you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that yes, you can use brown carpeting with gray walls. Brown and gray are colors that occur in nature, so they partner well together. Harnessing both colors in your home is a great idea.

Interior of a gray inspired living room matched with a brown sofa and a leather reading chair

If you’d like to forego the carpeting entirely and use brown hardwood in the room with gray walls instead, that will also look phenomenal.

By the way, in case you’re curious, brown furniture instead of brown carpeting also accents gray-painted walls as seen here. 

Minimal loft style living room with brown fabric sofa, polished concrete floor and gray plaster wall

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Does Cream Carpet Go with Gray Walls?

If you want a somewhat lighter-colored carpet for your gray walls than beige, cream is a lovely carpeting color, especially for darker gray paint.

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Does White Carpet Go with Gray Walls?

Given the similarities between white and cream, the same rules apply with white carpeting. Opt for darker gray walls with a lighter carpet like white.

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Do Blue Carpets Go with Gray Walls?

The fun part about blue is, depending on the color, you can decorate a wall painted lighter or darker gray with blue carpeting. Darker blues look best with light gray walls, while lighter blues might complement darker gray.

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Should Carpet Be Lighter Than Gray Walls?

Perhaps you haven’t painted yet, but you’re about to. You selected a gray in the color family that you love. Before you go to your favorite home improvement store to get the paint mixed, you’re wondering if your carpet should be lighter or darker than the gray on your walls.

The answer depends on which shade of gray you want. If it’s a darker gray, then it’s better to create a sense of balance in the home by introducing a carpet color that is much lighter than the walls.

Here’s a great photo illustrating dark gray walls and light gray carpet.

Modern interior living room with gray sofa, throw pillows, coffee table and gray wall

With a light gray paint, you could try lighter-colored carpeting, but the whole room can look a little washed-out. That’s why many homeowners opt for darker-colored carpeting, as it creates a great contrast.

What Color Carpet Goes with Light Gray Walls?

Okay, so you decided to paint your walls a lighter gray after all. Now you’re curious about which color is the best to redo your carpets, especially since you’ve meant to get them replaced anyway.

We’d suggest blue. Although you like the thought of gray walls and blue carpeting, you’ll want to choose your blues carefully. Lighter, paler blues such as sky blue or baby blue match the wall color a little too well and again create that washed-out effect.

Living room with gray board and batten wall and a laminated flooring with a white round carpet

Darker blues, though, including even very dark black-blue, will augment the beauty of the gray and transform the look of your room.

Here’s a great visual example to inspire you.

Elegant living room interior with a blue sofa, armchair, coffee table, patterned carpet and paintings on gray wall

What Color Carpet Goes with Dark Gray Walls?

Perhaps you thought darker gray was the better option for your home, so that’s the color you painted the walls. Now you’d like to update the carpeting to complement the fresh paint job better. Which colors should you opt for?

Bright multicolored living room with gray walls, laminated flooring and gold plated furnitures

You have more options for darker gray walls, including beige, cream, and multicolored carpeting.

Beige carpet in a room with dark gray walls creates an almost tropical, beach-like effect that makes the wall color anything but gloomy. Please take a look at this bright and cheery living room to see what we mean.

Posters on gray wall above white cupboard in bright living room interior with sofa, plants and carpet

While you wanted to avoid carpets that are too light with a light-colored gray wall, since your gray is darker, you can embrace cream, white, or off-white carpeting. This adds freshness and vigor to your space.

If you can’t settle on just one color, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating several. Multicolored carpeting should have some gray in it. You can also use colors in the gray family and still have your home look good. See this example of a home’s black and white carpeting against a dark gray wall.

Black and white carpet in spacious living room with shelves, posters, gray sofa and house plants and contrast color walls

What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls in a Living Room?

Your living room is one of the largest rooms in your home, so you want to make a statement with it. That’s why you decided to paint the room gray. Now you’re on the hunt for an impactful color for the carpet.

Interior of a dark bluish gray themed living room with spot lights and a gray sectional sofa matched with a blue carpet

You can stick with the safe colors we’ve discussed throughout this article, such as darker blue for lighter gray walls or brown, beige, or white for darker gray walls. You can also do something far bolder, getting an eye-catching patterned carpet using one or more of the above colors for a living room carpet that will be a conversation-starter.

What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls in a Bedroom?

Your bedroom is an oasis of relaxation and calm, so it’s not exactly the place to choose bold colors and patterns (unless you want to). Lighter hues, such as beige, cream, or off-white, would uniquely accent the dark gray walls in a bedroom. For lighter gray walls, beige can also work, as can a muted but darker shade of blue.


Lots of colors go with gray, be that beige, brown, white, cream, and varying shades of dark blue. Whether you’ve painted your bedroom a dark gray or your living room a light gray, you now have all the info you need to complement your new walls with wonderful carpeting.

And why not go beyond the carpet?

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Living room interior with gray sofa, throw pillows, coffee table, carpet and gray wall, What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls? [5 Suggestions with Pictures]

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