What Color Couch Goes With Blue Carpet? [7 Excellent Colors]

What color couch is the best when you have a blue carpet? The good news is, you have choices because blue is a color that goes with almost everything. We’ve researched to put together a great list of colors for your couch upholstery to coordinate with your blue rugs. Let’s take a look.

These couch colors will go super with a blue carpet:

  • White
  • Navy
  • Yellow
  • Tan or Beige
  • Black
  • Emerald Green
  • Grey

Now that you have this list of color ideas, let’s take a look at some examples of how they look with blue carpet and rugs. We’ll also answer your questions about carpet matching the furniture, what complementary colors are, how to brighten a room with dark navy carpet, and if blue carpet shows dirt. So, please keep reading to find out all of the details.

Young Man Cleaning Blue Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner At Home. What Color Couch Goes With Blue Carpet [7 Excellent Colors]

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Great Couch Colors To Go With Blue Carpet And Rugs

White Couch With Blue Carpet

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Large Living room with elegant sofa and modern kitchen on background. white couch with blue carpet

A white couch is a beautiful choice to pair with a blue rug or carpet. Here we see it decorated with tannish-orange throw pillows. There’s also an ottoman in the same color blue as the carpet which is a nice design choice. A similar color blue is used for the paint color on the accent wall.

Navy Sofa With Blue Carpet

modern living room with a dark blue sofa next to a brick wall, navy sofa with blue carpet

We adore this rich navy velvet sofa. It looks great with the lighter blue rug. An accent wall at the entryway has been painted a similar shade of deep blue and a range of greys have been used to round out this rich and lovely palette of colors.

Here’s a similar style navy sofa. The clean post-modern style with a single cushion and round bolster pillows make it a design standout.

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Bold Yellow Sofa With Blue Carpet

Yellow sofa, blue and green pillows living room. Bold Yellow Sofa With Blue Carpet

Yellow and blue are like the sun and the sea. A gorgeous color combination for those who want a room bolder than today’s popular neutral tones. Perhaps our favorite is this example of a sunflower yellow sofa and deep royal blue rug. A few throw pillows in other shades of blue and yellow really make it pop.

This great futon sofa has the same sunflower yellow tone as the couch in the interior above.

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Tan Or Beige Sofa With Blue Carpet

Georgous living room with bright blue carpet. Tan Or Beige Sofa With Blue Carpet

Remember when we mentioned how blue can go with just about anything? It’s so true that we almost think of blue as a new neutral tone. And here that idea is taken to the max.

A light blue carpet runs wall to wall in this modest living room. For the couch, the homeowner has used a soft tan sofa that’s been paired with other pieces of furniture in various shades of brown. The blue color is picked up in the painting on the wall and a single pillar candle on a side table to pull it all together.

Black Leather Sofa With Blue Rug

Black Leather Sofa With Blue Rug

Okay, we know that the color combination of black and blue has some other connotations besides great. But your room can look great if you choose a black sofa to go with your blue rug or carpet. Here a sleek styled leather sofa looks fantastic with a contemporary abstract blue area rug.

Here’s a gorgeous curved back leather sofa in black. It will look great with your blue rug.

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Emerald Green Sofa and Blue Carpet

Emerald Green Sofa and Blue Carpet

Can you say fabulous? That’s what we thought when we found this color combination. A rich emerald green sofa is paired with a deep dark blue shag carpet. It’s a room that screams for luxury. Add in some gorgeous brass and white accents and you’ll have a room that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Grey Sofa And Blue Rugs

Grey is another color that goes beautifully with a blue rug or carpet. And really any shade of grey sofa will work. Whether you go for a pearly dove grey or deep rich charcoal. They each will look good with blue carpeting or rugs. 

This compact sectional shown here with a greyish blue shag area rug takes the blue theme further with blue geometric throw pillows and an abstract painting in blue on the wall.

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For more on grey sofas, check out our post here: What Curtains Go With A Grey Couch?

Should Your Carpet Match Your Furniture?

Your carpet can certainly match your furniture if you’re going for a monochromatic look. But it doesn’t have to match your furniture at all. Just like your furniture doesn’t all have to match each other. Find colors that go well together and create a design palette for your interior. We love to go to the paint store and play with swatches of color. This way you can easily mix and match and get a sense of the color scheme you want.

Once your color scheme is worked out, then decide if you want your carpet to match your furniture. Or if you don’t want it to match at all. We have a post on this here for more information: Does Furniture Color Have To Match?

What Are Complementary Colors?

chromatic circle, color wheel

Remember your elementary school art class? No? Well don’t worry, we’ve got a short primer for you here. There are three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. When you mix them, you get the secondary colors of orange, green, and purple. If you look at a color wheel, the color that is directly opposite it is that color’s complementary. 

Orange is the complement to blue. Red is the complement to green. And yellow is the complement to purple. What does this mean for design? That you can have a bit of the complementary color mixed into your color scheme and it will look great and draw the interest of anyone entering your home. Have a blue couch? Add an orange pillow. It’s as simple as that.

How Do You Brighten A Room With Navy Blue Carpet?

Anytime you choose a very dark color for your flooring, you risk diminishing the feel of lightness. But don’t worry, there are ways to make things brighter. One, does your room have natural light? If so, then choose sheers or blinds that allow plenty of sunlight to stream in.

Choose lighter color furnishings. Whether it’s a board room or a living room, choosing white, tan, creme upholstery will help lighten up a room with a deep color of carpeting. 

Finally, think about your paint color. Though sometimes a dark paint works with a dark carpet, if you’re going for something less heavy and bold, then think of keeping your wall colors light. It could be a very pale blue, a bright white, or a soft grey, but any light color will help lighten up a room with navy carpeting.

See more on a related subject here: What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls?

Does Blue Carpet Show Dirt?

Navy blue armchair with golden frame standing in burgundy room with wooden cupboard and Monstera Deliciosa

With any color carpet, the lighter the tone, the more likely it will be to show dirt. If your carpet is in a high-traffic area, then it’s probably best to go with a medium to a darker blue. But keep in mind that very dark carpets, in this case, a navy or indigo, will make fuzzies and light-colored hair really show up. 

Carpet with a bit of texture is better for hiding dirt than a smooth low pile carpet, so that may be a consideration too. You can definitely find blues that will help you hide a little dirt, though. Colors like periwinkle, denim, and royal blue are nice medium tones that should work quite well.

Your Perfect Match Is Out There

This list is by no means the final and complete list of colors for couches to go with your blue rug. But it’s a great starting point to gather some ideas. Be sure to browse our site for other posts on sofas and living room colors and if the exact right spark hasn’t happened yet, we’re sure you’ll find it here at HomeDecorBliss.com

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