11 Color Schemes For Living Room With Brown Sofa

Decorating your living room can be the most challenging task if you don't do some planning. You have a beautiful brown sofa but don't know what to decorate the rest of your room with, until now. 

Styling your brown sofa in your living room is very simple: stay neutral and warm. We recommend staying within the realm of earth tones and neutral colors while decorating your living space. 

contemporary brown sofa with mix of white and brown throw pillows. 11 Color Schemes For Living Room With Brown Sofa

We will show you our top 11 brown sofa color schemes that you can use in your living room as we continue this post. Now let's find you the perfect living room inspiration!

1. Warm And Cozy 

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Luxury living room with stobe fireplace and leather sofas. warm and cozy living room

First on the list is this super comfortable and warm-tone living space that uses a brown sofa.

You can see how this room has a brick accent wall and a warmer color wood floor that makes this feel like home. We also would like to note the use of brown paint that complements the sofa very nicely.

2. Neutral Walls 

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Large family room with fireplace and Neutral Walls 

Next, we have this upscale brown sofa living room that utilizes a more light and neutral paint that looks amazing.

Using white and cream paint in a room with brown sofas or chairs will make them stand out even more while maintaining that classy final look.

You can also see how the designer chose lighter brown shades for the pillows and decor in this room, which is a nice touch. 

3. Pop Of Color 

modern living room with a Pop Of Color yellow on the throw pillows

Here we have an example of using bright colors with a brown sofa to give off a more retro living room look.

The use of yellow pillows makes the room feel very personalized and has a great feeling to it. Matching your lamp or artwork to your pillows will also give your room a finished and high-end look. 

4. Modern White 

Modern White living room with brown sofa TV cabinet, rug, and floor lamp

Our next color scheme follows an ultra white and modern aesthetic and is for those looking for a super clean living room look.

The glossy white floors paired with the brown accent wall and sofa make this room look upscale and out of a magazine. Choosing a long decorative rug can also elevate your space to the next level. 

5. Desert Chic

Desert Chic modern living room with brown sofa and elevated fireplace

Coming in at five on the list, we have this desert and straightforward chic design that looks great with a brown sofa.

The glass coffee table and the long brown bench give this room a very resort-like feel that looks great. Try adding some greenery to your living area as well. 

6. Beachside Paradise 

Beachside Paradise modern spacious living room with brown sofa, large doors, wood floor

Following a more organic and earthy vibe, we have this color scheme for a brown sofa living room.

You can see how this room uses an off-white paint color and various shades of warm colors for the decor and furniture. This is another room that uses a yellow splash of color, and we are just as obsessed as you are. 

7. Blueish Grey 

modern living room with Blueish Grey walls white doors and frames, light brown floor. brown sofa

Next on the list, we have this elegant and straightforward brown sofa living room that follows a blueish-grey theme.

The walls in this room make the sofa pop out as well as the decor in the space. We appreciate the light wood floors and white trim as well. 

8. Hint Of Green 

beautiful green-accented living room, light jade color of pillows, rug, Hint Of Green

Eighth on our list, we have this beautiful green-accented living room concept. The light jade color of the pillows, rug, and art makes this space feel classy and well designed.

We recommend choosing a color that follows an earth-based theme and implementing it all around your room. 

9. Brown Accents 

brown accented living room color scheme, brown ceiling, wall area, light fixture

Next on the list, we have a brown accented living room color scheme with a contemporary feel.

The use of brown ceiling and wall area ties the room together in a cohesive and upscale way. We also would like to note how even the light fixtures follow a brown color scheme (and look awesome). 

10. Las Vegas Red 

fabulous las vegas living room color scheme, red pillows, art deco style lamp

At ten on the list is this fabulous Las Vegas living room color scheme that we are living for. The use of red pillows and the art deco-style lamp gives this room a resort feel and a modern look.

The marble coffee table and beautiful wood bowl also add an element of elegance to this ruby red living room. 

11. Bamboo Inspired 

bamboo inspired living space, earth tone materials

Last but certainly not least on our list is this stunning and eclectic bamboo-inspired living space.

The use of earth tone materials and decor give this room a very modern and livable final look. The pop of blue in the bean bag chairs and wall painting draws the eye in the best way possible. 

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