What Accent Chairs Go With A Brown Sofa? [7 Excellent Color Options]

When you need additional seating to complement your brown sofa, a stylish and comfortable accent chair is an excellent solution. But, are you feeling a bit lost about what type of color or style accent chair would look best with your couch? We researched some of the best accent chairs to place in a space with a brown sofa that should delight your senses. Continue reading to discover how to make your sofa and new accent chairs a dynamic and visually pleasing ensemble.

It might seem like an impossible challenge, deciding on what accent chairs to pair with a brown sofa. However, we put together a list of colors that are surefire winners for your home. Opt for chairs in the following colors.

  • Brown
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Blue
  • White
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Red

Once you have figured out what color chairs will work best with your sofa, you can always add some tasteful throw pillows and other accessories to complete the look.

A brown leather sofa next to a white accent chairA brown leather sofa next to a white accent chair

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Pairing Chairs With Brown Sofas

Color is a strong element to be considered when selecting furnishings and accessories for your home. Not only do certain colors influence our mood, but they immediately create a unique vibe when put together with items in a complementing or opposing color. Check out the following colors for accent chairs to pair with a brown sofa.

Brown Chair

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Living room interior with antique furniture. brown chair

Make a classic home decor move and stay in the same color family when choosing an accent chair to go with your couch. You don’t have to select a chair that is in the exact color and pattern as your sofa but opt for a chair that is a shade or two darker or lighter than the couch for best results. Whether you have a brown couch made from tailored leather or a brushed fabric, accent chairs in milk chocolate brown, burnt sienna, tan, beige, and dark brown can look amazing.

Check out this contemporary faux leather chair on Amazon.

Check out this chocolate brown accent chair on Amazon.

Mustard Yellow Chair

Living room with brown sofa and mustard yellow chair

Go bold and bright and choose a structured accent chair in mustard yellow. Yellow invites the sun’s warmth and summer into your home with an uplifting energy that is exciting and not domineering. Yellow is a color that brings out the best of a brown sofa, especially if it is in a darker shade of dark chocolate or made from vintage tanned leather.

Check out this contemporary citrine armchair on Amazon.

Check out this modern yellow chair on Amazon.

Blue Chair

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Focus on pairing a chair that is available in navy blue, royal blue, or a more brilliant peacock blue to complement a warm brown sofa. The cool tones of blue shades help soften a sofa being mid-shade to darker colored brown. If you have a lighter colored sofa, it may be better to stick to a pastel shade of blue not to overwhelm the sofa.

Check out this wideset navy chair on Amazon.

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White Chair

Elegant green living room with brown sofa, white chair, and wood floor

If it feels like a struggle deciding on the right accent chair to pair with a brown sofa, a neutral color in the off-white family is a safe bet. You can unify your living room and anchor your brown sofa with accent chairs that are cream, eggshell, linen, or even a bright white hue. Be mindful about details in your chair like tufted sections, whether they have arms and the style, and the upholstery fabric for optimal results.

Check out this cream-colored chair on Amazon.

Check out this modern ivory chair on Amazon.

Green Chair

Urban jungle in beautiful living room with grey, orange and green chair

Make a visual impact with an earthy accent chair in emerald green, grass green, or seaweed colors to anchor and connect to an equally earthy brown sofa. Green is almost as cool as blue, but it is the natural choice to complement a sofa in sandy, chocolate, or tree bark shades of brown. Create even more balance and unity by using throw pillows on the sofa and chair with similar shades or patterns. 

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Check out this light green fabric chair on Amazon.

Gray chair

Flowers in vase on wooden coffee table in fashionable living room interior with brown corner sofa with pillows and gray chair

Another great neutral color to pair with a brown sofa is gray. It adds a bit more visual interest than white or off-white but still has cooling, earthy vibes like green. Tone down your brown sofa and give it a more structured, sophisticated vibe with a gray accent chair in soft, brushed fabric, leather, or painted wood. Try to find an accent chair with complementing brown tones in the arms or legs if any parts are made from visible stained wood.  

Check out this plush gray chair on Amazon.

Check out this chic gray accent chair on Amazon.

Red Chair

Small living room with red armchair and TV

Give your brown sofa the warmth it deserves by adding an accent chair or two in a rich, resplendent red color. Opt for jewel tones like garnet, crimson, or wine-colored fabrics, or choose a softer, pastel red if you have a light-colored sofa. Red gives a fresh burst of vibrant energy that makes us think of autumn, life, and the comfort of the hearth.

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Check out this retro-inspired red chair on Amazon.

Should Accent Chairs Match?

There is no definite rule that states your accent chairs have to match. Taking a home decor plunge by not matching accent chairs can create a visually appealing and dynamic space you’ll love to be in anytime. Homes with an industrial, contemporary, or bohemian look work well with a mix of different accent chairs.

Interior of a rustic themed living room with hardwood flooring and a leather sofa

One rule to follow is that the chairs should either be the same height, be within the same color family, share architectural details, or fit the room’s overall aesthetic. Whatever choice you make should create visual harmony and balance, not fight for your visual attention.

Can You Sit In Accent Chairs?

Chairs are another form of seating and not solely visual eye candy. If you have accent chairs, it is perfectly acceptable to sit in them or offer them to guests as seating. Of course, if you are going to frequently use your accent chairs, make sure you maintain them and watch out for cushioning that has fallen flat and lacks support. Adding a throw pillow or two can help reduce wear and tear on the back and the seat of an accent chair. 

Do Accent Chairs Need Pillows?

A brown leather sofa next to a white accent chair

Accent chairs do not absolutely need to have pillows, but they do enhance your chair and room’s ambiance if you choose to add cushions. Pillows tossed artfully onto an accent chair can be used for additional lumbar support and make your chair feel cozier. Also, if you choose cushions with patterns, colors, or accents in your furniture or wall treatment, it can help tie-together the room and elements.

What Color Rug Goes With A Brown Sofa?

A classic brown leather sofa with a blue painted wall

The best color choices for a rug when you have a brown sofa is gray, beige, brown, or white. Keep things visually interesting by choosing a rug with lots of texture with a high pile, or choose a patterned rug that has brown or beige dominant throughout the textile. A gray or white rug is the most neutral option, and it can create an aesthetically pleasing impact if it is in a lighter or darker tone that appropriately complements the sofa.


living room with brown leather sofa, large windows, indoor plants

Spruce up your space and elevate your brown sofa with the addition of elegant and tasteful accent chairs. Choose your accent chairs based on their color, architectural details, and comfort level for the best results. Your accent chair’s color should anchor your sofa and complement its color and style, enhancing your space. No matter your sense of aesthetics, you can find visually stunning accent chairs and help balance and unify any room with a brown sofa.

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Rug and brown leather sofa with pillows in white interior with plant. What Accent Chairs Go With A Brown Sofa [7 Excellent Color Options]

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