What Colors Go With Yellow Tile?

Yellow tile is a good eye-catching choice to add some warmth to a space. But, in order not to overwhelm your space with too much yellow, you have to incorporate some other colors that could go well with it.  Yellow plays very well with a range of tones. That is exactly what makes it tricky. It leaves you with several great options, which can be very confusing. If you decide on the color to match your yellow tile with, this well-researched post is for you. 

Though yellow is versatile and can be matched with any tone, the following colors can bring out the most outstanding results when paired with the vibrant color.

  • Gray
  • White
  • Brown
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Purple

Yellow tiles are very inviting, bringing in warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere. However, the color yellow can be strikingly bright, especially in a vivid shade. Thus, it's important to balance the tone that also preserves its energetic and happy vibe. 

a photo of a yellow tile on the wall, white table, yellow plate on the white table, What Color Goes With Yellow Tile?

Colors That Perfectly Match With Yellow Tile

Aside from toning down the brightness of yellow, each color you match it with creates a different impact on the room. Let's see how the colors mentioned can help the yellow tiles pull off the result you aim to achieve.


Gray and yellow make a classic combination. The color gray contrasts with the sunny shade while also toning down its brightness. While the yellow tiles pop in such a way that makes the space look energetic, the gray wall also preserves its sophisticated and clean look. Gray and yellow are undeniably a great pair for any space in your home. 


White goes pretty well with yellow tiles in achieving a radiant ambiance. Surrounding the yellow tiles with neutral white is a great pick to get a vibrant space that is sophisticated but still inviting. The yellow tiles catch the eyes in a very pleasant manner when matched with white, and its cheerfulness is emphasized even more.

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A combination of brown and yellow in the mustard shade makes a space warm and cozy. The pairing is also described as the color of autumn. Brown and yellow may not be everyone's favorite combo, but you can always play with these colors, especially if you want to set your own space apart from other common schemes. 

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Turquoise is the perfect choice to pair with your yellow tiles. This combination is eye-catching as the two come from opposite sides of the color spectrum. The cooler tone of turquoise balances the warmth that the yellow tiles bring. This combination makes any space look eclectic and full of life. The yellow tiles and the turquoise accent can never go unnoticed.

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If your tiles are in the pastel shade of yellow, light green can be a great match. While yellow brings brightness and warmth, the green tone gives off a fresh atmosphere in your space. It is exactly why it's called the lemon and lime combo.


Yellow is commonly matched with contrasting tones. However, its versatility goes beyond expectations. Surprisingly, it can be paired even with the same undertones, including beige. Beige tones back up the warmth of the yellow tiles. Pairing the two results in popping yellow tiles without a huge transition of hues.


Black is a no-brainer. It plays pretty well with almost all colors and is good at making other tones, especially the lighter ones, pop. Black welcomes the cheerful vibe of the yellow tiles in a very elegant way. The black and yellow combination is always in, no matter the season. It makes a space look both sunny and sophisticated.

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Purple and yellow are complementary colors. Even when they are opposite, they don't clash when paired. Instead, they help each other's tones pop in a way that's very pleasing to the eyes. 

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Selecting The Exact Match

up close photo of a yellow tiles on the bathroom walls, mustard yellow wall tile

Interior design nowadays has greatly evolved. It aims to captivate people with a unique statement. With so many options, whatever you aim for is possible.

These techniques can help you choose the exact color to match your yellow tiles with.

Know The Final Outcome First

Before you jump into a decision, think first of the kind of vibe you want your space to exude. Colors are associated with different emotions. Once you already have an outcome in mind, it will be easier for you to pick on the right color to match the yellow tiles. 

Positive Energy

We all know that yellow is already a cheerful color. But to get happy energy, you can match the yellow tiles with colors that will make the space look even more eclectic. These colors can be purple, turquoise, or green. These colors are known to be optimistic.

Sophisticated Or Luxurious

Yellow works well with white, gray, and black in creating a sophisticated ambiance. Black particularly highlights elegance and power, while white is the color that represents meticulousness. Relatively, gray is the perfect neutral that is in between white and black. If you find black and white too overwhelming, you can still achieve a sophisticated and luxurious look with gray.

Bold Statement

A bold statement is associated with strong colors such as purple and black. If the yellow tiles are not bold enough, you can play with these colors to achieve adventurous results.

Nature Reminiscent

While the yellow tiles already give the space a touch of nature by being the color of the sun, you can further enhance the vibe by adding some green, turquoise or brown. Turquoise brings in the aura of the sea, being the color of the ocean, while green and brown are tones that represent the earth.

Know The Color Effects

You already have the desired outcome and probably an idea of the color scheme you want to go with. Now, it's time to know the effects of each color. Any color from the darker side of the spectrum can dominate the light, which can make a space look smaller.

Although the yellow tiles are already bright, if you use more dark colors such as black or brown, the room may end up looking shrunk. For small spaces, brighter colors such as white and beige are the best to go with to create an illusion of a bigger space.

What Mood Do Purple And Yellow Represent?

A combination of purple and yellow represents boldness and confidence. The pairing of complementary colors is generally avoided as it usually creates a visual conflict.

However, yellow and purple are the exemption. These opposite colors highlight each other without clashing. The secret is using the correct proportion. One should be a dominant color over the other.

For instance, if your yellow tiles occupy a huge space, you can add just a bit of purple accent. In this situation, the purple makes a bold and eye-catching statement while not overpowering the yellow tiles.

What Colors Go With Yellow Tiles To Achieve a Vintage Bathroom?

photo of an empty room with yellow wall tile, and yellow floor tile, checkered ceiling

A vintage bathroom is particularly charming. The style is old but never goes out of style. If you wish to renovate your yellow tiled bathroom into a vintage one, turquoise and green are the perfect matching colors.

These colors are delightful and are widely used in traditional bathrooms, which is why it makes sense to use these colors for retro themes.

In Closing

a photo of a yellow tile on the wall, white table, yellow plate on the white table

Yellow is very versatile and can be incorporated into any theme you want. It goes well with any range of shades, from neutral to striking bright colors. The key to picking the right color to pair your yellow tiles with is knowing what character you want your room to have.

Yellow is a naturally bright color, hence the need for a matching color that would tone the brightness down while also preserving the happy vibe it brings in.

We hope that this post helps you find the perfect match for your yellow tiles.

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