Curtain Ideas For Living Room/Dining Room Combos

Open living spaces where the living room and dining room flow together can pose some exciting design challenges. One of these is how best to dress the windows to create a cohesive look. We have scoured the internet to find the best ideas so your home can be everything you want it to be!

As you scroll through the inspirational photos below, you will notice a common technique. The same curtains are used in both the living and dining areas. This simplifies the decor of a shared space, making it easier to match the curtains with the furnishings. One could choose to use two different types of curtains to help define the 'rooms,' but it is essential that they work together without clashing or distracting from the overall decor.

Modern style living room and dining room with matching curtains, cozy leather sofa, nightstands and trendy desktop lamps, Curtain Ideas for Living Room/Dining Room Combos

1. Creamy Muslin With Simple Ties

Gold and navy tones in the living room and dining room are complemented by simple cream-colored muslin curtain panels that are tied back with delicate black strands. The pale color contrasts the warmth of the gold tones.

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Brightly lit model living room with dining area in the background

To recreate this look, look for simple, yet elegant curtain panels in a cream or linen color.

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2. Light and Bright

White sheers that match the walls blend seamlessly into the background while allowing precious light to filter into the small space, keeping things looking bright and open.

Modern bright living room interior with white walls and white curtains

These sheer curtains are super easy and match with almost any decor.

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3. Neutral Tones

A neutral greige linen fabric frames the windows without clashing with the white and pale gray walls. The curtain fabric matches the color of the accent chair, tying the look together. The flowy ceiling to floor look defines the height of the room as well.

Open space living and dining room interior with gray sofa, wooden tables, white chairs and plants

To create a similar look, hang your curtain rods high above your window frames and let the fabric pool slightly on the floor. Use dual rods to layer with white sheers so you can frame the window with the color while providing privacy with the sheers.

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4. Whisper Thin Sheers

Layer barely-there sheers against a dark wall color for an unusual take on the concept of a sheer. Here the slate gray wall gives the curtains an ethereal tone.

Modern luxury black style apartment with leather sofa

The key to this look is to choose an ultra-sheer fabric, such as voile in the same color as the wall. This creates the illusion that the material is less substantial than it actually is, which is necessary to create this effect.

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5. Match the Carpet to the Drapes

White is the primary color of this open flow space. Choosing white curtains in substantial cotton anchors the black-framed picture windows while providing a contrast to the beige walls.

Fresh and modern white style living room interior with dining table

White cotton duck fabric is the perfect choice to recreate this look. The heavier fabric is more substantial that sheers and curtains made from it are not see-through, so it also provides more privacy. They are also durable and easy to clean.

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6. Color Match the Walls

Choose curtains made in drapey, luxurious fabric in the same color as the walls. This will create texture and visual interest without drawing too much attention.

Try pairing silk dupioni curtains in a rich gray against gray walls. The sheen from the silk will add subtle elegance to the room. These faux silk curtains are machine washable, making them an excellent choice for a shared living and dining area where the family often congregations.

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7. Set the Tone

Here the curtains are the busiest part of the decor and present the color scheme that the rest of the accent colors are pulled from. Floral curtains flank vertically striped shades in the same color palette for a sophisticated mix of patterns. Mixing patterns may seem complicated but can be done easily, so long as the color scheme is simple and the scale of the patterns do not compete with one another.

For those who are not quite so brave, try using black and white to create a similar effect. A small black ticking stripe is a perfect foundation piece for black and white toile curtains.

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8. Bold Prints Add Drama

Spice up a so-so living area by adding floor-to-ceiling curtains in a fun print that compliments the color of the walls and furniture. In this case, bold modern trees in shades of brown and green go well with the gold walls and gray furniture.

Try adding curtains with a bold modern floral print as a contrast to gray or light blue walls. These curtains boast vibrant red poppies with blue and green foliage. They are room darkening as well, so you can layer them over sheers to make the most of the sunlight during the day while providing ample privacy at night.

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9. Bright and Colorful

If your decor is white and light, add richly colored curtains for a pop of color. Here a neutral colored living space is brought to life with vibrant blue drapes.

Royal blue jacquard drapes add the royal elegance to any domicile. Deeply scalloped valences with tassels adorn this drape set, and it is available in several colors, in case blue is not your favorite color.

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10. Bright White

Simple cotton curtains in the brightest white over natural rattan blinds drape off of black iron rods as a contrast to the snowy walls and furnishings in this modern farmhouse. This is an incredibly simple look to mimic as both items are easy to find and install.

Clean and crisp, cotton duck curtains have a perfect weight, so they drape beautifully, yet are durable and easy to wash. Just toss them in the washer and dryer whenever they get dirty, and you are all set!

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Try using these cord-free roll up shades in a naturally variegated wood. They filter light naturally for a soft glow in any room where they are mounted.

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Hopefully, these photos inspired you in your quest to decorate your open floor plan living space. For more decorating ideas, check out the following posts here at!

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