11 Dining Room Recessed Lighting Ideas

Deciding what to do with your dining room lighting can be tricky without some help. Are you going for a modern aesthetic, or is something more classic better for your space? 

There are plenty of recessed lighting ideas that work perfectly in the dining room, from what we found. Whether you want to create a dramatic spotlight look or keep it minimal, recessed lighting is relatively easy to work with. However, we suggest you choose a dimmable lighting option so you can set the mood without needing candles. 

As we begin, we will share our top 11 recessed lighting ideas for the dining room and tag a few related products. Regardless of your style, it is essential to have enough lighting in your space and keep it intimate. With that said, let's get right into this post!

A modern home with white walls, beautiful clear glass doors and stylish furnishings in dining room, 11 Dining Room Recessed Lighting Ideas

1. Farmhouse Chic

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Exquisite dining room with double barn door entrance

First up, we have this gorgeous farmhouse idea using recessed lights. Although this dining room does have plenty of natural light, we love how the recessed features accentuate it. If you want to try this at home, try a bright cool white light bulb for your ceiling.

Here is a cool white LED bulb to try in your dining room. These bulbs are 75-watt equivalent, 1100 lumens, and last 25000 hours.

Follow this link to see them on Amazon.

2. Minimal Look

Luxurious modern dining room boasts a black dining table illuminated by a rectangular chandelier

Next, we have another bright dining room with subtle recessed lighting. The recessed lighting here has an effortless look and blends right into the ceiling, which we love. This idea is perfect for anyone with already bright space and adds plenty of light for the nighttime. 

3. Dramatic Wall Spotlight

Modern home with stylish furnishings in dining room, white walls and beautiful clear glass doors

Third, we have a modern and bright recessed lighting idea that is super dramatic. For anyone after a contemporary look, we suggest a similar design to this idea. Typically, bright LED light is standard in modern spaces and is usually dimmable as well.

Here we have a dimmer switch from Cloudy Bay to install in your dining room. This switch is in-wall, has a 600-watt max, and is a slide switch design.

View it on Amazon here.

4. Ambient White Backlighting

Modern dining room with hanging lamps on, chairs and table setup with fancy items on the wooden floor

Another recessed lighting idea we have for the dining room is an ambient white design like this. Generally, kitchen and dining room combos feel off-putting, but this room here turned out amazing. We especially like the bright white kitchen lighting that shines into the dining room without feeling too intense.

5. Elegant Coffered Lighting

Formal dining in spacious room amidst elegant glass windows

Following a fancier theme, we have this stunning recessed lighting idea. If you have coffered ceilings, recessed lighting alongside a chandelier is the perfect pairing to try. We want to note how the spacing of the light keeps it minimal while still shining plenty of extra light throughout the room.

6. Warm And Traditional

Beautiful dining area with yellow curtains and chairs accent

Sixth, we have this traditional and warm feeling dining room option. Usually, recessed lighting is on the brighter and whiter side, but we love the warmer look here. If you prefer a more cozy dining room look, try choosing a warm white bulb for your space.

Here is a pack of six LED warm white bulbs from the LE Store to check out. These lights are 15 watts, 1500 lumens, and last 11000 hours.

Check these warm lights out on Amazon here.

7. Bright Large Spotlights

Another recessed lighting idea we have is this bright and larger light design. Although smaller recessed lights are the norm, we surprisingly love how bright and cheerful the larger size looks. If your space needs plenty of light and has enough ceiling space, this is the perfect idea to try at home.

8. Very Dim And Intimate

Switching gears, we have this super dim and intimate recessed lighting idea for the dining room. Although the theme throughout this has been a fairly bright light, we love how this looks. Even if you aren't one to sit down and enjoy dinner at the table, this lighting is just gorgeous to chill out in and enjoy.

9. Random Placement

Living and dining room with elegant interior design

Ninth, we have a modern and simple recessed idea that works great with statement lighting. The random placement of the recessed lights is not your typical design but does create a unique look and provide light all around the room. We especially like how the recessed lighting is on the smaller side, making it less noticeable.

Here is a 16 pack of recessed lights from Esenior to try in your dining room. Each light is six inches, 110-watt equivalent, and is energy star certified.

Check out this recessed lighting on Amazon here.

10. Evenly Spaced Out

Layout of the main floor in brand new custom family home

For anyone after a pattern, we have this recessed lighting idea. Although your lights do not have to be perfectly spaced apart, the world would be better if they were. We love how simple and clean this lighting looks and think it will fit into most dining room spaces nicely.

11. Spotlight Border

Warm dining room area design, wooden table and chair

Last but not least, we have this spotlight border idea that is great for smaller dining rooms. Although these lights border the dining room, they work nicely with the hanging fixtures and keep the modern vibe going. If you want to add brightness to a smaller space, try going with bordering recessed lights similar to this example. 

The Wrap Up

Whether you love them or are curious about installing them into your home, recessed lighting is perfect for the dining room. From the ideas we saw, soft white light is ideal for a dining space and gives it a modern touch. Another good option to choose is a warm light for those wanting a more classic aesthetic. We recommend hooking up a dimmer for your lights so they can change along with the natural lighting and occasion. Regardless of what lights you choose, make sure to find what works for you and have plenty of fun designing!

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