37 Double Front Door Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

Double front doors are a fantastic addition to any home, especially larger homes. There are many benefits to using double front doors, though some of them can depend on the style of double doors that you decide to use.

If you use double doors with large windows, you'll be able to increase the amount of natural light that flows into your home. It can also add architectural interest to the house, which can increase a home's value.

Let's go over some examples and style options to give you some double door inspiration!

Front door entry to a modern luxurious skylight home by the ocean, 37 Double Front Door Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

1. Classic

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A simple but grand entrance to an old church

Bringing to mind ancient Arthurian castles and towers, you can't go wrong with these dark wood double doors framed by light stone and held together by dark metal fastenings.

2. Blue

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Blue front door and two windows

These blue doors certainly are not the norm, but they are eye-catching and complemented beautifully by the frames of the windows to either side. Add a faded wash and you have something unique and seemingly time-worn.

3. Intricacy

Wooden double door decorated with Christmas wreath

Having double front doors is fancy and eye-catching enough, but if you feel the need for more, try selecting a fancier type of door. There are many natural wood options that can add appeal and character to the front of your home.

4. Welcome

Two small decorative trees either side of a front door entrance to a European cafe

Double front doors are used in many storefronts, which makes people think of being welcomed. Using them on your home can help you increase a feeling of welcome, as well as adding unique interest.

5. Natural Wood

Two Christmas wreaths hanging from an elegant brown double front door

Accentuating the front of your house by keeping the natural wood instead of painting over it can be a great way to draw attention to the front of your home. The natural whorls and layers in the wood can add more interest than a layer of paint.

6. Paint And Fixtures

Townhouse red double door entrance with ornate railings and gate

The design of the door and the color of paint you choose to use are obvious customization options, but don't forget the fixtures! Add something special to the doors by hand-selecting the knobs, handles, hinges, and locks.

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7. Coordinated Aesthetic

Terrace at night with front door entrance of a house with pillars

You can choose doors that match the outside of your house if you don't want them to draw too much attention. Even if the doors themselves are unassuming, you can always add windows for a little variety.

8. Symmetry

Red glass double doors in an Aztec styled home with peach coloured wall and glass lanterns above the door

Double doors almost immediately present you and your visitors with a level of symmetry. You can push that further along by using symmetrical decor on either side of the doors.

9. Function

Modern front double door surrounded by brick walls

Not all doors have to be fancy. Sometimes it's just nice to have the extra space to move things through the doors and into your home.

10. Style

Modern double door decorated with Christmas wreaths

There are many different styles of doors that you can install, making it easy for you to further personalize your home and entryway.

11. Accessorizing

Modern black double doors on New Jersey home decorated with Christmas wreaths

Use light fixtures to help shake things up outside your doors. Whether you decide to use a central fixture, ones to the side, or both, it's up to you!

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12. Framing

Modern black double door entrance with purple steps and black railings

Having special framing like wood or metal on your door can make it particularly special.

13. Modern

Glass double door entrance of a modern luxury home with stone brick walls

There are many different kinds of front doors, which makes finding a set of double doors even more fun. Pick a design that you like, and incorporate it into your doors.

14. Pillars

Front white double door entrance of a modern suburban home with pillars

Doors can be framed as well, using different architectural points. These pillars that match the double front doors help add a dimension to the front porch.

15. Glass Doors

Front door entry to a modern luxurious skylight home by the ocean

Using large frosted glass doors is a great way to add space, light, and visual appeal to the front of your house that a solid wood or painted door just can't do.

16. Reflections

Entrance of a modern home with decorations on front brown double door

With large windows on either side of the double front doors with windows, there is an almost uninterrupted reflection along the front of the house, adding visual interest you wouldn't get otherwise.

17. Arches

Elegant front door of an expensive townhouse in London

The double doors here open up an option for an arching effect, one that matches the nearby window. This draws the overall aesthetic of the exterior of the house together.

18. Elaborate

Elegant double wooden door of an upper class apartment building

Instead of using paint of surrounding decor to draw attention, you can use an elaborate set of doors. One elaborate door? Great. But two of them? Even better!

19. Wood And Stone

Elegant brown wooden double door entrance with transparent glass

Using a combination of wood and stone is a great way to incorporate an elemental aesthetic to the front of your home.

20. Whitewash

Decorations at the entrance of nordic white house

Multiple colors are not always needed. In this case, the monochrome of the front of the house focuses the attention on the dark windows and the surrounding plants.

21. Visual Interest

Contemporary stone timber and glass architecture building facade and entrance

If you have a lot going on outside your home, adding large double doors with lots of windows will help add visual interest inside and outside the home.

22. Black And White

Black double door front entrance of a modern luxury house

Using contrast is a great way to decide on a system of colors to use that won't clash. You can't go wrong using classic black and white!

23. Worn And Faded

Beautifully crafted and painted old double door with pillars from an old house on the Norwegian countryside

Double doors can be used as great attractions, almost like items of decor. Choose a set of doors with the aesthetic you want in order to further your favorite designs.

24. Mirror Image

Even though the colors are different, the framing for the glass on the windows in the door and the windows on the wall is the same. This helps everything blend together seamlessly.

25. Utility

Most sets of double doors have just one door that is frequently opened, with the other generally staying locked shut. You can decorate in front of that door, as these people have.

26. Wide Open

In addition to being a wonderful aesthetic option, there is a lot of function that can be added to a home by installing double doors.

27. Wood And Brick

Using a combination of light wood and glass on your double doors will give your entryway a very open, well-lit appearance that can help light up your home.

28. Interior Aspect

Having double doors helps form a focal point on the entryway, and you can use that to coordinate with your interior decor.

29. Vertical Reach

Using vertical architectural designs is a great way to add height to your doors. Drawing your eyes upward in that way visually lengthens your entryway and makes it seem taller.

30. Natural Appeal

These glass and wood double front doors with the wreaths made out of leaves give a very rustic and natural appeal to the front porch, which is accentuated by the surrounding brick.

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31. Antique Aesthetic

These checkered, faded, and slightly chipped double front doors give the whole porch an antique appearance, and they match the surrounding blue walls quite beautifully.

32. From The Inside

Double front doors don't just add a presence to the outside of your home but the inside of the entryway as well. They make the front of your house a focus, which you can then frame with trim or other decor of your choice.

33. Matching Shutters

Shades on either side of your windows can give off an impression similar to that of double doors. If your double front doors and your shades all match, you give your house a certain level of cohesiveness that will make you the envy of your neighbors.

34. A Wreath

A wreath is a great way to add interest to your front door without implementing any permanent or long-term changes to the structure of the door itself.

35. Door And Trim

Painting your doors a different color than the surrounding trim is a great way to get them to stand out, even if it's just in a subtle way. Using neutrals is a great way to start out if you're worried about clashing colors.

36. Color Combinations

Having double front doors is enough of a statement in itself that they don't need to be fancy in order to be effective. If you're not satisfied with just having double doors, you can add in some pops of color to the doors of the house around them to make them stand out.

37. Open Space

These white wood doors not only have large windowpanes, but they are also surrounded by large windows with white trim, which opens up the room, helps make it seem larger than it is, and brings lots of natural light into the available space.

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